Tree of Savior

[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee


Big time B1 unbeatable 999.96 cm but I haven’t taken a pic :frowning:


we’ll get it again next time =w=/

i mean, even i got a second chance to take a screenie of our haunted farm OAo

but i was again unprepared for it and my view was blocked by guild UI when me and mogs wer trying tu transfer back her title after resetting Owo


Here’s my entry for the weapon design contest Owo i can’t decide if a want a sword or a whip looking rod so i just end up going for both owO;;

I heard you also plan to make a Dullahan hammer, do not bulli dullahans :sad:



What? I’m feeling halloweeny owO and speaking of which, a vampire trio traveling along the shades to reach Tenet church for some trick or treating Owo/

Vampires… going to church… :tired:


normally, i am looking for this kind of rolls. but when i heard that there’s a couple of witch hats involved, i’m a bit sad with it ; w ;

The things you want will always find a way… to avoid you :distinguished:


Luckily, i found someone shouting to sell theirs Owo i wasn’t able to take a pic with the kind seller Ex-bee (i did try to look for him on the following days, but failed) ; w ; I was too overwhelmed at the time of the trade since stuffs happened, and he was considerate enough to reserve the hat for me ^w^ Here’s a nice starry blue evening fishing photo Owo/

Wait what? :hey: