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[SEA - Telsiai] Reichsgebiet Armee


if you read the fine print, it’s mogs that’s trying to keep peeps awei frum teh guild XD

I also put a lot of memorable stuff in our guild cover Owo

I think people tend to scroll down with how little you fit in the screen :tired: but no worries, I got you covered. I mean, literally :distinguished:


I do remeber mentioning it on another place xD

I edited it a little xD


Here we have our resident fisherman, Nimstick! Who recently got a statue for catching the biggest fish Owo

Why does this photo look so wrong? :heeey:


Well i"m here blue :tired:


hi rusi Owo/ am glad to hear that your doing well with your guild Owo of course if you need help, we will try our best in helping >__<

more like our guild is likely to need help :prince:



It’s been a fun 5 months, however even good things come to an end.

I was a part of this guild for quite a while, and I really could not recommend it due to a lot of glaring issues:

  • Lack of management. I found both guild leaders to be very lacking in guild management. From hosting guild events, to managing their own members. It was honestly a pain trying to get inactive people kicked to make room for newer members, though with the turnover rate the guild is experiencing, I don’t think it’s a problem anymore.

  • Lack of conflict resolution. Issues within the guild always wrap around themselves, with a lack of solution presented by both of their guild’s managers.

  • Lack of priorities. Lack of a goal within the guild is cause for a lack of any events happening within the guild. It seems that the priorities are on making the guild look good for outsiders, without first resolving internal issues.

  • Lack of management skills. Some of the members complaints get funneled to me, due to the inaction, or actions taken by their guild managers.

It was honestly a fun few months, however these glaring issues are a turn off to some of the members, and as such, a high turnover rate has been experienced.

I hope that I would not have to make these points any more clearer, before reeling in more members.

As for feedback from ex-members, here is a summary of their feedback, as any kind of personal talk regards to fixing these issues didn’t really come to anything productive, I decided to add it in.

  • Some of the members have been very appalled at how certain issues were solved, with ‘resolved’ issues being “talking it over but doing nothing about fixing it”.

  • Nitpicking details. Some of the comments the guild master says are based on nitpicked tidbits of information, and as such, come to conclusions that were deemed idiotic.

  • Harrassment from the old guild master has been reported, with an ex-member receiving messages from multiple platforms when they have already said clearly that they did not want anything to do with them.

  • Events that have been discussed, were canceled due to lack of materials/people to start the events themselves. As such, one of the ex-members found it “a waste of time”

Apologies for the paragraphs of feedback. And I hope you will take this into heart instead of calling me your “Drama Squad” :slightly_smiling_face:


So to clarify things,

1.)Yes, its true that this guild doesnt have proper management, conflicting ideas on how and what should, but again, i already told everyone who joins this lazy-ass guild that this guild is for people who are taking it easy, casual, lazy, or newbies.

2.) Priorities, of what? events? players behavior? this is the problem now, i do encourage my guildies to discriminate anyone on the guild, specially when he/she did something illegal, u can insult said player to quit or you quit the guild. Why would we not kick him? The other leader is too soft dats ze problem, but again knowing that this guild doesnt have any redeeming points to any players outthere so i have to agree with him. Besides no one even know if he really doing something illegal until proven. =w=
Also, i have this issue of people blaming the guild for wat our member do, lmao, i dont care, he/she can bot, double account, watever illegal or inappropriate things he do, like killing weeds. Look, just because his an ■■■■■■■ doesnt mean the guild have to blame instantly, cuz we dont know what he/she do, also in-game related issues can be talk over thru PM’s or in case on one said problem kick(rather he quit lol). Also i like to point out what he/she do outside the game(like tos forums/discord) is not our concern, what are we? a Police?

3.) Events, ok uhm… i cant deny this dat we have dump some events, like uhh… oh wait, THERE ARE ONLY TWO EVENTS which is weekly raid and album.
Thou i must admit that after dat “incident” things wasnt it was, we rarely do raid boss now, (bully the kimerleech lol) and album prices are soaring, Should have encourage the guildies to start without the GM’s, dat way they can have their fun.

In the 1st place i didnt expect people will join, im pretty sure dat we already indicate it to our banner dat we are not a serious guild, specially with that vague bulletin dat doesnt even have any requirement. lol


Why hello, Mogs. I definitely did not expect you to be the one answering.

Did not expect people to join, yet open a recruitment page both in game and in here? Is this actually a joke?

If you really didn’t expect people to be joining, you would not have put in the effort to create this, or a recruitment page in game.

Such behaviour shouldn’t even be expected from what you yourself call, Guild Master. Yet you yourselves are the people who shouldn’t even be promoting such. Actions such as that impact the guild itself, not just your own name or theirs.

There is a difference between shirking one’s duties and being casual.


Reichsgebiet Armee is based on free will here’s why:

  1. you can do whatever you like to as long as it’s not bothering other members
  2. you can go online whenever tf you like, doesn’t matter if it’s months or years as long as you come back
  3. you can be whatever tf you want to be (tbh this is what I like the most, doesn’t matter how strong or weak you are, rich or poor ? doesn’t matter, you can spend all of your money into costumes without even have to worry about getting stronger or be kicked out something like that. After all what the point of getting stronger if you’re not having fun ? or enjoy the time of your life with guildmates ?)
  4. guild events ? if you think that unlocking et, free album party(we even invite other guild or some other passing by), guild mission or giving practo to members are not events then I have no idea what to say :slight_smile:
  5. we don’t push other to their limit by saying something mean or harass someone (like wth is this ?) we solve problems by talking to eachother and fixing them out, if someone felt hmmm what does it called…ah harass as you said above then that person must be having their pride taking over
    oh and we do all sort of events too not just only what I said but we would do anything or go anywhere you wanted to and all you need to do is just simply “ask” maybe that’s too hard to do because it’s “a waste of time”


btw be humble
Love, from Nimz


This is called feedback, Nimz.

This kind of thinking is the same reason why I keep on getting these messages.

Love, from Yun :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes its a joke, i cant believe it either,

Cuz I really didnt expect people to come-in, like come-on now, why would someone join a newly created guild w/ a vaguely banner and bulletin to boot, plus, there more guild who are more reputable before us,
That doesn’t mean we shouldnt let people in, hey let them curiosity takes place and judgement later on.
And i notice, you always seem forget that me and ob1 always tell the new recruits that again, we arent a serious guild.
also majority of em are all affiliated/3rd party invites,

also, I already expected that i lack GM manners so i wont argue lol


hello ‘w’/

i didn’t received any application from you tbh ‘w’;;; if you check our the recruitment cover page, you can see what the guild is about ‘w’/ which is why we don’t take it down and welcome any like-minded people who are interested to join 'w’y


Tell me,
what should i do when someone leave the guild? should I go and parade it? or maybe keep reminding people dat they left?
In my case, I dont want them to leave i want them to stay, but knowing how we manage the guild I already come to terms when my guildies will one day leave, for reasons they think is good for them, I will accept and let go, I dont want to be a burden to their enjoyment or in their progress thus the reason why sometimes i am silent or didnt react the way you would expect me to be.
All i want is the best for them no matter where they are or wat guild they’re in.
Like B1 always say “You are always welcome to the guild”

How many times did we have to say both clearly and vaguely dat me and b1 arent really GM materials =w=

I dont get how the guild gets to toxic relationship thou, do explain in details, but dont use xev and laughing octopus since those two are already known.

I kinda find it reaaaaaalllyyy interesting why these people dont just go salty towards us but rather go towards you.

this really makes curious


Why don’t you ask your ex guild members and find out then? :wink:

If your own members trust you enough to make the right decisions with regards to their issues regarding the guild, I don’t think I won’t even need to do anything about it, nor would people flock to me to stress these out. They would be the ones opening up their issues for it to be resolved.

Maybe they find the leaders unapproachable, maybe they already know what is a foregone conclusion and choose not to bother.


hi @Nimstick Owo/

did you see my photo of me with your statue? :}


It feels like you were expecting something different from what the guild was about…

hope you find what you are looking for :wink:


maybe there is a limit, but we never refuse an application when we see one. though i must admit i have been not used to checking applications since i’ve been accustomed on one on one conversations with regards to recruitment. if you see me online, you can pm me so i can hasten the recruitment process

i also don’t know how to open the application form message. since i love listening why people want to join the guild and some applications has messages with them that i cannot open ; w ;

if you cannot load the guild cover image, here are all what you need to know about the guild

i don’t see how people could have mistaken us to be your-everyday-usual-guild, nor a former gm would evaluate the guild under those criteria while knowing the nature of the guild.

It sounded like that the said person has malicious intent to obscure the facts to manipulate people on what to expect from the guild for those kind of complaints with questionable legitimacy to occur. . .


Denying that your management has issues, then lowering my points onto “malicious intentions” and “trolling” just proves my point on how (in)competently managed this guild is.

If you’re still wondering if my information is obscure, said complaints came from your ex members, now my guildies as well(as to which I trust my guild master not to fail us). Although some of them come from people now guildless as well.

Let’s just leave it at that.



i think i’m starting to understand how the lack of english proficiency is the cause of these confusion Owo;;