[SEA - Telsiai] Aurum (moved)


Hi, I’m a returning player and recently created a new corsair hope you don’t mind adding me because it’s only 20ish levels i have a barbarian that is lv 103 tho. ( <<not planning to focus on that anymore )
Team name : -Reavs
IGN : Flairo


No worries the more the merrier !
I will pm and friend list you in game, my ign is Mienz :slight_smile:


Bump ~ !
Recruiting more people to play with and chat with ! :slight_smile:


Hi can me and my friend join guild? my main char is a lvl 321 shinobi, my friend is 262 doppel we are kinda new to the game. the guild name sounds awesome and it wouldn’t hurt to have friends to play with. my IGN is golroger



Leave a message to one fo the following people!


Hi! i pm the names already, hopefully i get to join the guild :slight_smile:


Sorry for late reply :slight_smile:
But sure you two can join! :smiley:
(Late because of school xD but now I start my 2 weeks semester break wooohooo~ !)


Bump ~ ! :slight_smile:
Do not hesitate to join us ! :smiley:


IGN: ResonantSou1

Main cryo-kino, making a cryo ele sage and a paladin.


Sure thing, we will add you into the guild :smiley:
My IGN is Mienz and I will whisper you in game :slight_smile:


Bump ~ !
Been pretty active recently in guild!
And my semester break just started!
Looking for more players to play with during my semester break :smiley:





Buuuump~ :slight_smile:


Hello, just came back after a long hiatus~

IGN: Basque
Hours of playtime: 6:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Character and their advancements: Cleric 2 > Priest 3 > Chaplain > Miko > Inquisitor


Sure thing!
I will PM you in game :slight_smile:


Welcome back!

Do leave a message to one of the following people:




lv269 Dragoon
hope can join the guild


You can join :slight_smile:
I will whisper you and contact you in game, my IGN is Mienz. :smiley:


7 slots open!

Come join~


3 Slots Left~

Feel free to join!