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bump, slots available updated

5 players joined as of today










idk what to type here


Mosaki Coridian
I always play at night.
I love to join event form guild.And
I’m alchemist.
contract me pls


yo, let’s meet at klaipeda ch 1 after reset (near tp trader)
check the picture



few slots remaining o-o¬


Hi! I’d like to join your guild, but do you accept casual players? Right now I can only play during weekends…:sweat:


you can but as of now, we’re going to expand first, just drop your guild application form below



IGN: Billet-doux
Hours of playtime (make it GMT +8, T.I.A):4hours on weekdays, 12hours and up on weekends
Characters and their advancements: Sw1>plet1. In going for hop3>doppel1>goon2 for ending
(optional) message for us: hi


Thanks! :grinning:

IGN: Aelfwine (team name)
Hours of playtime: I don’t have a specific time on weekends, but I’d play 8-12 hrs straight if I have an opportunity; I’d start playing prolly around 12am GMT or 12pm GMT. :sweat:
Characters and their advancements: Sw1>Pelt1>Barb3>Fencer-to-be
(optional) message for us:


alright, I’ll meet you two @Namie13 and @MrKeith in klaipeda, ch 1 (same location in the picture)

just send me a PM if I don’t respond


just PM me in game btw, gonna level my alts (2 alts)
IGN is already shown in the picture above


Recruitment for new members will stop for now

@Namie13 you can still join, @MrKeith has already managed to join


Ok, just waiting for the game to patch. :sob:



recruiting 2 more members


IGN: Hamsuke
Play Time: Daily around 10pm-1am(GMT+8) longer playtime on offdays ><
Characters and their advancements: Wiz3>Link1>Sorc2>FF
(optional) message for us: Looking for guiding light? Haha. I still fairly new to the game so hope to find a home where i can get tips and tricks ^


got it, if you’re available by 5 PM (GMT+8) then I’ll meet you at Klaipeda ch1, kindly check the picture in the post for the specific location and PM me



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