[SEA - Telsiai] Aurum (moved)


sup Aurum! ShibaMiori here from els ph :smiley:


Hello there ShibaMiori!

Interested on joining? Feel free to whisper one of the following:



3 Slots left.

Come join!


hii hii
Still got slot?


Currently 53/59!
Still interested? Leave a pm on one of the following people.



Team Name: Pheydenz
Pheydenz - 120 - Archer2-Ranger1-Wugushi1
Megumin - 130 - Wiz3-Elem1-Sorc1-???
Zafriel - 40 - Wiz-Cyro

Hope i can Join the Guild I only play at 1600 PDT (night time here in ph)^-^


5 more slots!



Bump of chickens.





do you guys have members that are on from approx. gmt+8 6am-4pm?


Hello there!

We do have members online from different timezones.
Though most people are online at 12nn onwards GMT+8 ~~


Hi…hope to join you all

IGN: Jiaozi88
Hours of playtime (make it GMT +8, T.I.A): Mostly 7pm to 11pm
Characters and their advancements: 312 - swordsman2, Hoplite3, Doppel1, Dragoon2


Message sent!



hi, im interested in joining a guild,
newbie here. currently at lvl 215.
right now im looking for guidance n help in game,
its quite lonely playing alone.
appreciate it if u are willing to accept me as a member.

team name: ZA_Familia
playing time: 8pm-11pm eveyday


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