[SEA - Telsiai] Aurum (moved)


Thanks! :blush: ā€¦ 20 chars ā€¦


Welcome :slight_smile:


Back to topic !
Aurum recruiting ~ !
All are welcome to join ~ !
PM or add Mienz in game to join :slight_smile:


New to the game? Looking for a guild, then Aurum is here for you!

Leave a message here, or directly PM Mienz/Wintersharp in game.


Looking for a guild ?
We got-cha covered ~ !
Personal Message ( /w Mienz ) or friend list me in game to join ~ ! :wink:


Bump ~ Bump ~ Bump ~
Come join us now ~!


The amount of white here is even brighter than my future ~ !
Bump ~~~~


Bump ~ !

Looking for active members for guild activities such as Dailies, Saalus runs, missions, crystal mines farming, questing etc!

Come apply now ~ !


Looking for newbies too! Come invite your friends.


Bump bump bump bump ~ !


Bump ~ ! :diamond_shape_with_a_dot_inside:


Iā€™d like to join! Tho Iā€™m a newbie, my char is just lvl 26.
Team name: RockPaperScissor



No worries we will guide you the way :ā€™)
My IGN is Mienz and will contact you in game !
Do accept my friend request from Friend tab (F7) so that I can find you :wink:


Come join! Bring your friends, classmates, waifus, husbandos, even your neighbor!


Bump ~ !

Looking for players so we can form our dailies guild run ! :slight_smile:

Saalus ? 290 dungeon ? Missions ? Practo quest ? We can do it together !


Still recruiting? Just a low level players who came back after the recent patch. :blush:
ign : lmaogg


Hi. Iā€™m 3 days new level 102 Iā€™d like to join the guild. my ign KnoII( two caps i)


Sure you can join no worries :slight_smile:
My IGN is Mienz and I will try to get in touch with you in game, but first do accept my friend request in game :smiley:


You can join too!
My IGN is Mienz and do accept my friend request in game so I can find you :smiley:


Aurum is back in business! Bring thy friends over~