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Scheduled Maintenance for September 15, 2020

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for September 15, 2020’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

A little too late, it is already in game:


they are just adding it again :satisfaction:

where’s the silver drop change from field?

The item updates are making me depressed.

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This will be broken for the season server, 6kk for reopen and 8 frags :venezuela:

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And we, players, are less interested knowing “in which Mystic Encyclopedia the new Arts can be found on” and instead “what these new Arts actually do”.

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Hmm more SFR but less Ignore Defense … is this a Nerf or more Damage?

So that’s the big patch…

White Witch’s Forest: Legend Raid is added

Probably fun for the 1% that can handle it. For the others, we’ll have to wait a long time…

Set stats that can be applied to the new 440 equipment is added

Those are really powerful set effects. Require 98 Pamokas, but worth the cost.

New 440 Unidentified Legend Item is added

Here are your 440 Savinose… 160 MS for each set though, hope you don’t count of this to equip your 10+ alts…

Unique Rank Demon God’s Armor which is Powerful in PvE area is added
Goddess’ Armor is added

So much stuff to choose from…

Maximum level of Crafted Ark is extended from level 7 to level 10

… which demands 2 MILLION more nucle, 6 HUNDRED more BG, let alone the mystic pages and sierra

Dismantle Ark function is added

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… sure the 0.000001% people that got an Ark have it at level 1 exp 0 and made a mistake and want to dismantle it to get back the archstones and lose the ultra-expensive Thierrynium in the process.

Brikynite Fragment

So that’s mainly the new Planium. You will need 64x20=1280 of these to make a new 440 set.

“Brikynite Fragment can be dropped at level 5,6,7 with low chance”

So I imagine this is CM level 5-7. Not in the fields killing mobs then. If the “low” chance is comparable to Planium in episode 11 area, people will probably die of old age before getting a single set.

Dimensional Collapse Point Multiply Token and Uphill Defense Multiply Token is added

“After clearing the contents, [Party Leader] talks to the [Secret Cube]NPC and consumes 1 of the items in the inventory to apply the effect to all party members”

Wat? I hope you find a party with a gentle and rich leader for these now… :haha:

Combine/Transmute system of Vaivora equipment, and Lv2 Vaivora equipment is added

First you need to find TWO Vaivoras…

“You can combine Vaivora equipment or 3 Ichor into New Random Vaivora Equipment”

Who that is not completely idiot or insane would use 3 Vaivoras to get one that has 99.99% of being totally irrelevant (or even one of those used in the process) instead of trading them for the one needed…

Boruta Seal - Common is added

I guess it’s helpful if you have unneeded seals from Boruta cubes…

New item is added in Mercenary Badge Shop

That potion is plain useless. Below CM stage 7 you don’t need it and it doesn’t work for stage 7.

[Galimive Dysnai Armor] is added in Mercenary Badge Shop

The poor man’s fixed ichor. It says “Dysnai” so probably the “magic” equivalent of level 430 Dysnai field drops.

Challenge Mode : Division Singularity and Goddess’ Armor is added

Yes, this was the most anticipated change!

“Voucher can be obtained in Challenge Mode expansion mode (level 8~ level 10) and in Fedimian Public House by low chance”

Since I didn’t see any expansion mode (wasn’t that reverted in kToS?), I imagine the only way to enter new CM is to piss millions of silver in the new lottery house…

Guild Attribute Reset Voucher which can reset the guild Attribute is added

This means guilds can remove the useless Taming and Farming levels to increase guild member count right? That would be nice…

World Map is updated

This will be really helpful. Less confused new players and less hassle for veterans.

New Arts are added.

Supposed to be in but the classes didn’t get updated yet. I hope we get the update soon.

Goddess’ Grace content is changed

Surely Brikynite is there now…
Magic stone replacing Practonium means you need to get them from ANOTHER lottery now (at the end of outdated raids). But at least you’ll get MS for the new random 440 equips…

Maximum level of Enhanced Upgrade Arts is increased to level 30.

Great. More consumables we don’t have needed.

Some of the items that were not stacked is changed to be stacked

Only for gacha rewards lol.

Materials needed for Fedimian Public House Balloting are changed.

Who the hell has enough powder to use this absurd feature… Oh yeah I forgot that you will need this for the voucher to enter new CM. :man_facepalming:

Equipment under Unique rank will no longer be dropped with transcendent done

Oh shoot, I was looking to upgrade my pengus’ equipment…

Gemstone Feud Uniform Mode is updated

Time to play with Vaivora, Karaliene, +5 seal and level 10 Ark for 20 minutes a day!!! :heart_eyes:

Weekly entry count of Legend Raid is changed

Huge thanks. No need to do 5x ET or Velco again…

Challenge Mode difficulty is adjusted

Lowered. That surely wasn’t needed no?

Defense of Weekly Boss Raid Boss Monster is increased

2x the defense for 2x less damage required, no idea how this will play we’ll see…

Contents that can acquire Arch Stone Fragment and Arch Stone is changed

For WBR I don’t get it. With the new model there’s nothing at 700 million.

"Increases damage of Rubric by 25% when Arts is activated"

My exo likes this.

Hell Breath

Sounds like a must have now.
/me breathes fire…


Oh boy, did they need to buff the SFRs of the skills? Well I won’t complain…

Blood Sucking

Deals roughly 4x more damage. Sounds like a good way to spend spare points for FF now.


Double damage and half the CD. Oh my…
(there was a thread about Tomahawk gem recently, so I suppose this was nerfed afterwards and we got the OP version first)

Energy Blast

First thing I try tomorrow is my Nirvana build in CM… :haha:

And now the list of bugfixes…

“Fixed the issue that graphic effect does not disappear after using the Magic Circle skill in some situations”

That’s the big one that was plagueing gameplay the last weeks. Thanks it will be fixed…

“Fixed the issue that the legs of Grita NPC penetrated the clothes in the Mage Tower quest direction”

What the… If you guys are able to fix such minor things why not try to fix the OBVIOUS bugs that EVERYONE experience 1000 times a day like storing 100+ items always asking for 0 as default so you have to actually enter the amount twice EACH AND EVERY TIME!!!

And of course no fix to mouse mode, let’s suffer more…

Anyway, this is gonna take a LONG time to review all the changes and to adapt in game. I still don’t know if I prefer a big patch like this then nothing in 3 months over small patches every week…


Just when scout begun back their feet…they nerf it again…thank you sooooo much…such a lovely patch

i not understand. can anyone help me explain?

Images of suffering.

Prepare for Vaivora Rapier for Templar… will give +2 lv for “Mortal” Slash

every “ignore def rate” skill from every class has been nerfed T_T

where is turn undead nerf? i don’t know why people panic with spaming DCP

Ninja Update …


Hmm noticed the new Dysnai Legend has only 3 slots?? Weapon and Armor alike … whut???

2 Hand with only 3 slots … why???

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2 hand with 3 slot but the trinket has 3 slot too (total 6 same as befero)


oh yeah XDDD didnt notice that trinket …

i was also wondering why a lot of people were spamming DCP last night. are they gonna do something to turn-undead skill?

yeah, every priest I went to DCP last week kept saying TU gonna get nerfed … any vids on Ktos on that?