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Scheduled Maintenance for September 15, 2020

its in the ktos thread, TU will not work on DCP soon™.
it just a matter of time till we get that patch.

So its not on today patch? Time to mass dcp too I guess XD

content point shop got reset too? i believe i not see it on patch
rip my 5k point


i’m also having problems where my hotkey bar keeps taking skills off

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Same probler , game remove skill on hotbar random

Yeah, reset and no in patch notes… :tired:

And warp shop sending you to desktop instead of destination map

Opening event for White Witch’s Forest : Legend

  • Clear all the quest of ‘White Witch and the Crusader’ and get rewards!
  • Rewards: Emote Plus: Glacia Zofija and [Event] 10,000 Attribute Points (14 Days)

I don’t see how to complete “White Witch and the Crusader” part 6. Do you have to actually enter the raid? Complete the raid? If so, which one (unique or legend)?

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