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Scheduled Maintenance for November 16-17

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for November 16-17’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

Bots new farming item? in the fields?

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Uh, every vaivora so far could be farmed by elites in ep12 areas. That’s how i found mines.

Let’s look at all the goodies we get this week (I’ll pass the events, they’re fine if you like costumes or growing saplings – and I didn’t understand half of the stuff there anyway):

" Leticia’s Secret Cube: November 17 is available to purchase"

That’s where the vouchers went if you’re really desperate for more CM and DS. Otherwise it’s a “bastard” cube (mix of consumables and skins/accessories that are usually in the Goddess cube) that’s not really appealing.

" New Hunting Ground Boss ‘Tel Harsha’ is added."

Probably the most notable event. However, weekly entries are down from 5 to 3, which means 40% less chance of getting useful stuff. Expect 3x AP 1000 coupons for months…

“Equipment reward from the Hunting Ground Madon Maiden, Amiss Dog/ Misrus Cube is changed from Recipe item to Complete Item”

Pretty pointless as those are now obsolete. Plus you get 40% less rewards too.

“Boruta Seal and Arch Stone Fragment is deleted from the Misrus Reward”

Enough said. RIP Misrus, your painful mechanics won’t be missed…

“Solo raids”

Well my bad, there is another useful change here. Like for Skia, having extra entries for Lepi and WW is fine.

" Every Field Boss is deleted and a new content, [Joint Strike Raid] is added"

So that’s basically a merge of every WB… why not. That ofc if you like getting ominous/wonderous garbage as reward. Only good thing is you have the Goddess Lottery twice per day guaranteed now if you need those consumables and have silver to spend.

“You can enter by selecting solo mode when entering the Challenge Mode”

I don’t get this… It seems harder than party CM where your assists are suppsoed to do better than 4 other players? And you get less rewards?

“Assister Card Album : Select, Assister EXP Tome will be given accordingly by the stage cleared.”

The Select albums are pretty much useless and we’re already crawling under thousands of exp tomes with the weekly dungeon… and they’re not discardable. Sure why not more of that trash instead of something useful…

" Silvers obtained from defeating monsters in the Field/Hunting ground are removed."

Bots will adapt. I see them doing their little dance in CM already.

“New Legend Accessory [Luciferie] can be crafted via [Teliavelis] NPC in Fedimian”

Well I guess some people have nothing else to do at this point. At least this tier of accessories doesn’t involve luck, but plain farming. For the top players that’s only 24 weeks with more things to do. Plenty of time for more stuff to come out. For the others who will never see a Karaliene accessory, why bother…

“[Incomplete Karaliene] can be crafted via [Teliavelis] NPC in Fedimian”

So the only difference is that they require half the archstones to craft (well 1 stone + 10 fragments instead of 4 stones). But for the complete set you need 3 more stones afterwards. Of course…

" Dismantle function of Arch Stone/ Karaliene Accessory is added"

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… I think I just spilled all my beverage on my desk reading that… Let the kings throw away food while the peasants are starving!

" New Lv. 430 Vaivora Unique Weapon is added"

Oh yeah we get a Vaivora per class now. The only problem is to actually get the one your class uses…

“Mercenary Badges can be obtained up to 100,000 per week, and can be obtained up to 200,000 when the token buff is applied”

That was not the case? I’m sure with DCP + Uphill + Bernice + Feud + WBR I am getting more than that… but at this moment I’m using a Token so it’s perhaps not that restrictive.

“Goddess’ Grace Brikynite Box deleted”

So yeah that’s basically 1 DS per day now without any other means to get those items to craft legend 440 equipment. Once the market will be cleared (because it will), this will be a nightmare for people that didn’t craft their sets yet.

“Goddess’ Grace Ore Box”

This on the contrary will help a ton with Magic Stones and Practonium. The number of BG inside could have been higher though…

“Main stat of Accessory is changed from Magic Defense to Physical Attack, Magic Attack.”
“Magic Defense is added to the main stat of Shield”


" Items in the Content Point Shop are changed"

This means clearing the points tonight! Need to remember that…
Also… CAT LENSES! :kissing_cat:
Hmm… getting those collections complete will require a lot of investment to get those 60k+ points.

“Areas where you can get Content Point Shop Points are added.”

I suppose you don’t get 100 points per TBL match? Otherwise you would see more love for that neglected content very soon… :smiley:

“In the Guild Territory War area, points can only be obtained if there are 5 or more characters within the Territory Tower range”

That’s a big change. No more capturing a map alone while others fight for bigger areas :frowning:

“You can now check the number of materials needed when selecting the set stat after registering the equipment on the Apply Set Stats UI”

Perfect. No need to have the mats to check how many you need…

" Crash box of every monster is removed, so characters can now go through the monsters"

Wow there are even changes I have no idea what they’re about… Does that mean they’re now immaterial so you can click on them and actually move instead of targeting them pointlessly when you actually want to move?

“Reflect Damage buff of some boss monsters is changed to Shock Absorption buff”

That’s actually nice lol. Tired of getting Tutus and Abominations in Bernice and having to waste a ton of time checking if the OS shield is on or not…

" Ranger"
" Mergen"

Wow wow wow. Big SFR increases, more points to spend… Will have to make research about how to respec Ranger/x/Mergen I guess.

" Matador"

Everything works vs large mobs now. Another class that will require rethinking…

" Cryomancer"

Made a casting class, so rod+shield is now almost mandatory.

" Featherfoot"

Big nerf on the healing. But of course that was needed…

“Fixed the issue that a separate instanced dungeon can be created while proceeding with an instanced dungeon”

Hmm I thought this issue was fixed long time ago, as I didn’t experience it in a while. Good to know it’s now definitely fixed.

“Fixed the issue that Malleus Maleficarum does not apply against boss monster”

I knew there was something fishy in CM when I played my Inquisitor…

“Fixed the issue that the duration of Hell Breath is reset when the target under Hell Breath: Napalm is defeated”

Oh no, they found it! I was pretty sure it was a bug and not a feature… Oh well, it was cool while it lasted…

Anyone knows if the Cointent Point Shop will reset tomorrow with the new stuff?

I mean one of the events is that there are Costume Collections that give +15 All Stats and there are four collections, so +60 All Stats, that’s pretty huge. I wonder how that works though, didn’t understand half of the stuff either. Like where to get the costumes, do you lose the costumes when you put them in the collection, etc.

The good thing I can see as a casual player playing healer is that I’m not forced to do CM only in Vien and Sajung and can do it somewhere else for a change now.

Guys any news if Turn Undead skill and scroll gonna be nerfed this patch?

also this! I think its much cheaper to dismantle 0 potential demon armor then buy 2 dark red orbs to make a recipe then try ichoring again …

This also, should I run Misrus 5/5 now before maintenance? or its another scam move of IMC? XDD …

The new computation seems wrong?

That’s pretty simple in fact: you buy everything from the Content Shop. Collection is 3k points, each costume is 10k points and you need 6 of them to complete each collection. So 63k points per collection. With today’s maintenance, two collections will be available. I just wonder how we will able to get 63k points – yesterday I spent all my points since I guess today they will reset, but was only able to get like 8k since last time I checked the shop. I just hope 100 points in TBL is per match, not per day :slight_smile:

Depends. Do you really need the Misrus frags/recipes? But yes, if you want 5 chances at getting an archstone fragment, do Misurs before maintenance, after that you will only get 3 from Tal Rasha.

Yeah, my problem was that I don’t even know what content points are or where I can find the content shop lol.

The costume collection article only talked about “points” not what kind of points they mean, at least now I have a pointer.

Seems like you only can get those points with rare items or when doing PVP, though. Nothing that I can get easily… plus I need all those items myself if I would ever get them. =/

Guess it’s easier to focus on ichors to get more stats than this.

Which they would just bring back normal collections where you explore the world find treasure chests and hunt materials in the field.

You can get collections points doing almost anything in game, you can check on them on magic association npc you can find one a bit north of center plaza in klaipeda. But the points needed to get the new costumes are a bit too high, probably it is meant to burn items to get them. Anyway I think they will reset points with the new shop but since they didn’t state anything or there was any message on the content shop about them resetting it is hard to tell we will see once servers open, if they didn’t reset you will probably have several thousands waiting.

Now that you mention it, that explains why I always get the popup “You’ve exceeded the maximum number of Content Points you can gain”. I thought it was just bad translation and referred to class change points or adventure journal points lol.

There’s way too many currencies in ToS. Silver, Medals, Popo Points, Content Points, Class Change Points, Adventure Points and probably 2 more that I don’t know about yet.

this is such irony.
its just sad.
not the person but what this person faced in game.
this guy probably have done lots of cm or ds and couple other grind stuff in game without knowing such feature like content point shop exist even though each time a content is completed a system message will gives you update about your content point amount
honestly i cant recall in game pop up introduction of vaivora wings and its stuff and also the collection lady who became jobless and turn into belorb seller and content point shop and extra point provider.
maybe you should explore the game a bit and keep the grinding aside for a while just to chill.

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As just written at the same time as you, I noticed this popup message sometimes, but it only stays on the screen for a second, too short to read it. I switched of system messages because they spamed my chat log and I want to be able to follow normal chats (like friends messaging me or parties looking for healer).

And as said the game is very convoluted and has way too many mechanics.


Where are the changes on Featherfoot? Nothing has been inserted!

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nothing changes
blindside cd still 5s
gevura still the same, ein sof doesnt give cd reduct etc etc

conclusion: the skill changes is not implemented

hypothesis: blindside,gevura,discerning,zealot skills i forgot the name are somewhat key component for an optimized pt run, maybe these pt template user succesfully persuade imc not to implement this for days or week so they can abuse it further for joint strike or any other content with everything else implemented (acc boost dmg, shielder more tanky etc etc). i highly doubt sorc dmg nerfed as well.

my question: then why the mt got extended ??

They (IMC) only care about a bug that will hinder getting money … The rest, they don’t even care.

It was supposed to have said a note of “error”, even more that they already touched the patch, added reset NPC for skills that WERE NEVER CHANGED!

Where are the skill changes? It is absurd how guild will favor with this RIDICULOUS error in the boruta guild raid! DO SOMETHING. It is absolutely unprofessional from imc, just as you have always been…

@Staff_Alex @STAFF_William @Staff_Jin
can we have a rank reset for free?
me and my friends alrdy use the reset class point for change diev out then found out the kabba isnt change

thank you for do nothing

Hello saviors, some contents of Skill Balance has been misinformed and deleted. We are deeply sorry for causing confusion. Please refer to the modified patch note.