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Scheduled Maintenance for November 16-17

Hello Savior!

The ‘damage increases by 25%’ in the tooltip of Sauk Savinose Dysnai Leather Armor is currently misguided as ‘healing increases by 25%’.
The actual effect of the Armor is applied as ‘damage increases by 25%’ and the tooltip will be corrected during the scheduled maintenance next week on November 24, 2020.

Sorry for causing confusion and thank you for addressing the issue.

Thank you and have a nice day with TOS!


In kToS, the skill changes were two separate patches: the one for mergen, cryo, etc and the one for FF, kabbalist, etc. This week patch contains the first korean patch but not the second.

They added the reset NPC as usual. For some classes, we even get a free art reset potion which is cool. But the NPC is a one-time deal, so you have to respec your char properly the first time…

At least we got answers this time (

thank you :tired:

yes me and my friend alrdy take the class point then change class for test. and some of us has spend point to test the other class then change to kaba build
and found out it didnt change. thats why i ask for it

but nvm i understand that gm now sure headache enough on this alrdy
just 1k point we can spam tbl for it