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Scheduled Maintenance for June 30, 2020

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Scheduled Maintenance for June 30, 2020’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

WTF that silver limitation per day.

Why compel people to use steam guard? Is this your way of thinking that you are solving the bot problem?


Limitation for the daily acquisition of silver
-Silver acquisition amount will be limited to 1 million per day for non-Steam Guard users.

what does it mean?
I kinda worry, cz I’m not using steam guard mobile authentication. I’m currently using email autentication


I hope that doesnt force us to use mobile Steam Guard, man, how come every time theres an “anti bot” measure it ends up just bothering the actual players /: I mean, i appreciate the effort, but can ya’ll not screw us over in the process? ;u;

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this game becomes more idiotic each patch

Same issue as above. So i have to wonder if by steam guard they actually mean the mobile one, as it isn’t explained clearly. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Yes, it’s an anti-bot measure.

It has to show up in game. Mobile authentication is generally needed for it to pop up in game.

For further explanation on the feature, it was implemented in KToS last week. It limits to how much silver you can obtain from hunting monsters in the field to 1 million silver per day. It does not count Challenge Mode.

There’s always a chance it will be different in our version, but it’s a better explanation than what’s given in the patch notes there.


“Silver acquisition amount will be limited to 1 million per day for non-Steam Guard users.”

How do you activate this? I’m pretty sure I use Steam Guard and it’s not activated in game. I was under the impression that this instead was a threshold on how much TP you have spent on the game.

“PP] Mystic Tome Page Collection (x100)”
“[PP] Legend Enhancement Card Box”

Time for another month of 24/7 connected PC. Jeez.

" Guild Event will end.

  • Receive the Costume for the new users via guild tower and the guild master can receive the reward via guild tower.
  • After selecting the option, rewards will be given to the guild storage.
  • Costume Reward: Designated individual asks Guild tower and receives by option. (once) Rewards will be given to the inventory."

And in English it means?

“Sanctuary buff will now apply properly.”

End of GTW drama :haha:

“Silver acquisition amount will be limited to 1 million per day for non-Steam Guard users.”

Is this a joke? I am not going to use Steam mobile. Very risky of you to just post something like that without any further explanation.

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so it works now without using the app. adding a number and sms. annoying but not very bad.

blame the bot user, no IMC




Well the more specific, the only effected with this method is that the field drops.
Challenge dungeon and else are not effected.


theres super simple way to solve the issue about bot user by ban those bot which is got report in bot category :tired:

(i believe there will be ppl who got farm limit issue even from cm in future…)

plot twist … its IMC that’s spreading bots in every map and channel to make it look like theres actually players in those barren maps XDD more user online also and a little pocket money to RMT fufufu~!

I know IMC doesnt visit the forums so … there!

why not just ban the bots as well though? I mean it’s pretty obvious which ones are using macro (stationary or actively roaming maps in fixed pattern) and the teleport hack. Nevermind the three-strike warning you guys use, just ban the obvious ones on sight.

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Bots always find a way, sadly. Even if you implement this Silver limitation.

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But Yuri, have you seen how the bot works? Even if a person needs steam guard they can manually activate and leave the bot running. There’s a YouTube channel where a guy shows the bot working. I believe that this measure of yours will not do any good. Maybe for people using macros or a mouse recorder, but those people who are buying Tos Kore will not be affected by your measurements.

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Even after the 1m field farming limit after the maintenance, the bots ARE STILL ALIVE. lmao. Good job, IMC.

Of course. Bot owners have Steam accounts, they just need to fill a phone number to activate Steam Guard and the silver limit is lifted…

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