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Scheduled Maintenance for January 29, 2019


The fearless dragon Boruta finally awakens on January 29! Click here for the full patch notes.


What about the +2,000 loot chance buff that was supposed to have happened yesterday but was turned off?


  • Grooving Muzzle’s defense-ignoring effects will no longer incorrectly apply to skills.

oh, wait i cant kill my self, no more armor pent

better use another method, feelsbadman


Wait Monday to Friday 19:00-01:00, if that’s server time, then with Fedimian’s clock being UTC -5, Borutos Kapas is at 1am for pretty much all of my guild…

Did IMC just implement an event that starts past midnight? Who’s going to be able to play this and get up for work/school/uni/life etc?


@STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan


?? 15 Jan - 28 Jan 2019 R U KIDDING ME ???


Seems the event is 7pm-1am local time, not server time, otherwise they would have said that it resets Monday at 0:00 not 6:00.

“The Assassin’s Piercing Heart skill will no longer cause monster HP problems that make the monsters impossible to defeat”

Yes, that really pissed off people when they saw the skill was healing WBs when used, thanx for fixing that :wink:

“Ice Wall will no longer incorrectly produce ice fragments according to the effects of the Frieno set”

Will that also fix people suiciding themselves in TBL with the skill? :smiley:




Good morning, I’d like to know if IMC will do anything about my Velcoffer Weapon. I was hoping anything would come up on the Patch notes since I was told to keep an eye on the followings Patch notes. Since the Re:Build Patch, my weapon was bugges without showing its description and making itens in my inventory or storages invisible while also making my equiped gear invisible. More details on my Forum post. Sorry if it is annoying and out of context but I’m quite tired of not being able to use it.


Still no Magnum Opus fix? :confused:



Please tell me you’ve fixed the issue that Re:build Coins don’t drop in Hunting Grounds and Challenge Mode yet on Fedimian [EU server].

2 weeks of the event are already over where I could’ve earned a few 1000 extra attribute points from the daily CM and HG farming sessions if Re:build Coins dropped there as mentioned in the event description of [Re:Build] Dina’s Special Shop [Link to the event page] and there doesn’t seem to be any motion from your side to either fix the event description or the ingame status quo [i.e. no mention in the patch notes].

Since next week will be without maintenance, it would be nice if you could fix this problem during the maintenance of today [29.01.2019] so we can have at least the other 5 weeks with drops of Re:build coins in Challenge Mode and Hunting Grounds.

Thank you very much :smiley:


We’re not getting additional class balance from this patch yet? Like 300sec duration skeleton mage, slash changes to dagger and brutality and atk spd scaling on hacka skills


anyone can’t open sister aiste’s gift after the patch? i know i can’t ‘w’;;; @STAFF_Ethan


Same problem here, can’t open sister aiste’s gift. Help?


Still waiting for an urgent fix ò.ó



One thing in the patch that has not be mentioned (unless I’m blind): the HP problems of crystals, mobs and NPCs have been fixed in Gem Feud. So now only the lag/crashes problem remains…


Dear IMC,
This is regarding Telsaia server issues…

  1. When will the bug where we cannot change channel, change character or talk to npc upon login be fixed? Problem like this persist since rebuild patch. Always need change map to talk to npc. Steam already verified that all files are without issue. No addon. Let’s dub this the FPS showing 0000 bug. Before rebuild no problem. After rebuild bug appear with no solution.

  2. Aside from the above bug, gemstones feud is also another problem. Already having the 0000 FPS issue. Character don’t exit the map after round 1 for over 3 minutes. Upon exit, the miner village map channel crash. Worst case is when we talk to the portal to enter gemstones feud, we get kicked out multiple times. 9:15 - 9:25 is the time to enter round 2 but closing the client and restarting the client due to game hang takes almost 5 minutes. By the time we login and have 0000 fps bug it is already 9:50. Changing maps take 2 minutes leaving us barely 1-2 minutes and getting kicked upon entry basically tell us that this crystal mine features is a total shambles. Seriously can this issue be fixed? If we are going to video record it, the lag and the ram requirements will cause us to barely load into or miss gemstones feud altogether. I believe I am not the only person experiencing this.

  3. Occasionally when completing Saalus, we never receive any Sister Aisthe reward. If we didn’t send in any tickets with screen shot, no compensation will be given. When will this be fixed? How many players are missing their reward?

  4. Please find a way to fix Burota missing in Telsaia server. Players take time off to play this event but wasted time due to missing boss.

We do not mind long maintenance as long as bugs are addressed. These bugs really spoil the entire game experience.