Sapper guide: Sapping the world


Team Name: AlphaLegion
Server: [EU] Fedimian

Hello! Have you ever asked: “What is the best way to deal damage in this game?” I hope that this post will be your answer.

Introduction to sapping

This short guide is all about dealing damage. Why sapping? Because sapper class in ways of dealing damage is mandatory because of how broken the sapper damage per second is.
You thought that ice wall is OP, well… not really.
Inquisitor have alot of dps? Nop. Not even close.
Bullet makers can deal alot with silver bullet under capella? Nah, not even half of what only sapper, without supplementary classes or dedicated supports does.

Sapper skills

All sapper skills use whatver weapon you have on you and can deal critical damage.
Sapper is not weapon restricted class, and that makes sapper even more awesome.

Stake Stockades I put it to 10. for filler dps and exploding.

This skill puts a stake stockade before you and whoever is stupid enough to step on it will get 3 ticks.
2 overheat
CAN EXPLODE ( it’s important)
Damage - moderate
Amount of targets - not limited
Every target will be only hit once by stockade
Attributes - only enhance.
Damage - moderate. 1212 % damage on 10 lvl 100 atribute per stockade.

This skill puts a directed explosives that can be triggered by pressing the button again.
Damage is low, amount of targets - 1 can be used only once. 1 overheat Bosically it is the only skill we do not lvl up. Even it has some synergy with canoneer smoke bomb - the 100% crit on 600% skill factor is nothing to write home about. Make it x4 IMC and we will have a second thought.

Punji Stake 15, filler dps and Feud/GTW trolling
Some sticks, a spring and leafs to cover the deal. “Dutch” Sheffer used it to battle high tech alien. You can use it to deal whooping 2897 % SF(15 lvl 100 attri). Bosically it’s a 999999 skill that kills around 80% of players stepping in it. Also launches your target into space.
CAN EXPLODE ( it’s important)
1 overheat
Disappeares when triggered
Active for 105 secodns on 15 lvl.
Attributes - enhance only
Damage - high 2897 % SF(15 lvl 100 attri)

Spring Trap 1 point for explosions
New skill for a sapper. Very low damage but can be exploded. When stepping on it targer is thrown away.
CAN EXPLODE ( it’s important)
2 overheat
Stays for around 15 seconds after used.
Attributes - enhahnce only
Damage 371% 1 lvl 419% 15 lvl. 100% attri.

Detonate Traps 1 point max.
This skill explodes up to 4 traps. And with attribute decreases CD of all sapper skills by 2 second per exploded trap. Up to 8 seconds. Not a “Pass” but helps. Bosically - 2 stockades 2 springs - detonate.
1 overheat 20 s cd
Attributes - enhance, and -50% damage and -2s cd for every trap.
Damage 776% , 388% with attribute 1552 % with 4 traps.

Broom Trap 10 points. Quality skill.
Trade mark skill of a trapper, revolves, deals some damage ( DOES NOT HIT FLYING MONSTERS ) And slows down. Around 21 hits per target (will count the exact amount later) It’s a good dps skill and also decreases enemy speed by 75%. Witch is important. Trick in using this skills - is not to explode it too early.
1 overheat 45 s cd
Attributes - enhance - speed up relovling - slow Bosically - take all.
Damage - 336% per hit. 7056% for 21 hits. That’s alot of damage.

Conceal 1 point max
It’s pvp skill that hides your traps, How exactly works and what traps it can hide - no idea. This guide is about dps, not pvp. But you can spare 1 point and test yourself.
No attributes
20 sec cd

Leghold Trap 1 point ( 10 points if you don’t take punji)
3 bear traps per skill PvP demobiliser. Useful in pvp. But we’re not for pvp here.
In pve can also deal some damage. Even a bit more than Punji strike, but mostly on boss with aiming.
Useful if punji strike hits cap - this way legholds can really do more flat damage.
3 overheat 35 s cd 20 second trap duration 5 second immobilise duration.
Attributes - enhance only.
Damage - 428% x 3 traps x3 overhit. If all traps hit the boss it’s 3859 %

Spike Shooter - 5 ( i would drop all 45 there, if i could. )
Behold ladies and gentlemen: Damage incarnate. This skill puts in front of you a line that shoots arrows. 6 arrows on 5 lvl 7 arrows on 6 lvl (with gem) and 8 arrows on 7 lvl. ( gem and divine might).
ALL AROWS CAN HIT 1 target ( if it big enough or it’s size is increased by aiming). Per deployment 1 spike shooter shoots 27 times. Every 1.5s 468% per each arrow. Once deployed ( almost instan animation, like other traps) It keeps shoting using your attackd and buffs to deal damage. That’s 3744 % damage every 1.5 seconds.

Over 40 seconds it deals 468x27 = 12657 % damage per arrow. 75945% with basic 5 lvl, with gem - 88603% Aaand 101260,8 with gem + divine might.

Once again - it’s a flat modifier without any bonuses, just skill in itself. While doing this unholy amount of damage - you are free to run around the map, tank the boss, use rotations of supplementary class, run away and use Kraujas set or piper’s buff. In fact it’s 88-101k % per 1 button.
It’s not a magic circle so boss cannot steal it, it cannot be broken and you can put more than one if you have diev or chrono with you. Does piercing damage. 25% more on velcoffer or boruta. Boosted up by hoplite’s spear lunge and by highlander’s cross guard.
1 overheat 60 s cooldown
Damage - Unholy. I have yet too see anything thad deals more damage.
Attributes - enhance ( 100 it. the most effective way to spend money for dps increase)

Pve -

Pve - pvp

Supplementary classes

“Okay, sapper is good, what next?”
Next it what to take with sapper.
All classes can be split as weapon restricted and not restricted. Restricted classes require certain weapon to use some of their skills.
Restricted are :
Musket - Musketeer
Cannon - Cannoneer
Bows - Ranger Fletcher Mergen
Xbow - Quarrel shooter.
not restricted are :
Hunter Falconer Wugushi Piper Appriser

Let’s do a short crackdown on what can they give us.

Musketeer - fine choise
Snipers’ serenity minimum = maximim damage. With musket’s attack power it’s an important bonus, too bad the crit power works on missle attacks only.
Burst damage with musketeer skills ( while it’s less than sapper’s damage - it’s skill alot in a very short timeframe).

Can give us nothing except dps from it’s own skills.

Ranger - fine choise
Can give us up to 50% critical power and cut some crtitical resistance off target.
And some dps

Can decrease target’s armour by ~15%
And some dps

Nothing but his own dps

Quarrel shooter
Nope. Nope - Nope. Just nope.

-12% target def with coursing and retrive, - alot of critical resistance. Growling is for missle attacks, so no. Also 500 loot chance if it matters, and broken pet AI.

Falconer - fine choise
Aiming. Bosically if there is no aiming - you deal half of your sapper dps at best. That’s still alot and you can get aiming from other falconers, but it’s good to have your own. Also some damage from pheasant, tomahawk and preeptive ( if you like it, imo - it’s good only for pvp blinding)

Some poison dps and you can change attack type to poison, good for atribute WB, other than that - i have no idea why would anyone take him.

Pied Piper - fine choise
Kind of big deal. 100% damage buff, that you can cast twice, knockdown resists, some CC ( sleep them come close and put a pugni stake righ behind his ass) makes piper a good choise

Appriser - fine choise
Adds clean damage by adding + 7 on your weapon, extra crit roll for everyone and boss debuff. Yes, blindside is a big deal, it’s like a lvl 16 legendary marnox card for everyone. At very least one appriser is recommended in every raid. Devaluations helps too.

Long story short - restricted classes bring more dps, unrestricted - more synergy. Personally i have sapper - musk - falconer and sapper - musk - pied.


Your goal - alot of basic attack, alot of critical rate, alot of physical def, alot of magical def.

Right now aim for velcoffer weapon and armor, Armor - plate or leather. Plate for more def, leather - for more crit rate. Weapon of your choise, but i would not recommend crossbows.
In fact sapper is a tool to kill bosses and do raids, it’s a bad choise for farming HG, but it’s not like it is impossible.

If you want to do velcoffer on archer - take supporting classes, appraiser - falconer will always be welcome everywhere.


Koinonia deals more damage. Up to 420% holy property damage (deals 50% more damage to dark property and all bigger bosses are dark property) at level 11.
Basically has 100% uptime (38 seconds at level 11, 40 seconds CD), hits once every 0,4 seconds (so 95 hits at level 11), doubles the amount of hits if 3 Clerics are in the party.

With 3 Clerics, one can reach 190 hits a 420% damage = 79800%. 119700% against dark property.
Can be boosted with Capella to deal nearly 3 times the damage for 30 seconds (2,76 x 150 x 420% = 173880% + 40 x 420% = 190680%; if used on dark property = 286020%).

The only downside is that only 1 Koinonia can be active per party at a time and that no-one is allowed to move too far away or it will break, but at least it can be moved if the boss moves in contrast to Spike Shooter that will not hit anymore if the boss moves too far away from it.


You count boosts. And party. I mean the skill itself.
Spike shooter can do more if you count skill resets, because 1 sapper can put as many spike shooters as he likes reaching stupid amounts of dps. 2 sappers 2 chrono 1 diev can hold 4 - 6 spike shooters .

Koinonia is used on random allies, not on party and in practice won’t do even half the damage spike shooter does, because will be broken by some idiot.

1% damage from cleric and 1% damage from archer - are different numbers of damage.
In practice you will never see someone trying to do it seriously, and sappers keep sapping.

Considering new sets - even the theorycrafted koinonia won’t be even close to spike shooter.


i completely, completely disagree with your “nope, just nope” comment concerning quarrel shooter. sapper>piper>quarrel is really damn solid. quarrel has “block and shoot” skill which effectively gives you 100% block rate, meaning you reduce all damage by 50%. after blocking an attack you also gain a buff to get +50% damage. stack this +50% with piper’s +100% and you’re just laughing. sapper>piper>quarrel is highest possible damage for sapper skills and you reduce all incoming damage by 50% thanks to perfect block rate. as for your section on piper, you site having both the ability to cast the +100% damage buff twice, but also having knock-back resist. you can’t have both of these together… you want to ensure that the random-song-skill always casts the +100% damage buff so you have to sacrifice the knock-back resist song. but that’s not a problem, because guess what; quarrel’s pavise skill now has an attribute to make players near it (not just party members) resist knockback.

edit: ontop of this, reducing all damage by 50% via block and shoot buff (essentially 100% block chance) completely negates the double damage you’d normally take while using piper’s double damage buff (as you can use piper’s buff twice, it’s active for 30 seconds out of every 50 seconds, so it’s pretty huge).


The biggest problem of spike shooter is being an stationary trap if the boss move to another area you will lose all the DPS, the second boss of solmik for exemple, he moves alot around it can be really anoying. Other than that, yes Spike Shooter is really OP.


it is 1 hit so it’s useless for sapper does 8 its every 1.5 second with just spike shooter. so - no. And basic attack of musket + SS will give you more damage than you will do blocking for every hit.


It’s a 5 sec buff that makes all attacks +50% dmg, and this 5 secs only starts counting down when you land your first hit.

As for steeple’s remark regarding 100% block chance, lol no. It just +100% to your block value seen at your character stat window. Eg. 390 -> 780. Because of block cap, there’s no way to hit 100% block chance, and because of diminishing returns of the block formula, you won’t even reach close to block cap when hitting enemies close to your level.


As I know its not 100% block rate is 100% of your block rate so is just the double of block rate you have (wich is really good anyways).


considering the fact that
1 - xbow has low attack and at best - you will get back the attack you lost by equipping xbow + shield
also basic attack >>> bonus attack while staying under weltbaum ( piper buff ) and kraujas set - you will probably won’t notice those 50%.
2 - you need to block ( and on boruta, where you acutally need that amount of damage - you recive no damage, therefore - cannot block ) actually to get the buff. it’s not a 100% block rate it’s a +100% block. big difference.
3 - dps of quarrel shooter himself cannot be compared to musketeer’s Because it’s just too damn low. His best skill ( basically only dps skill - scatter caltrops ) has 30 sec cd 0 oh and cannot be reset.
4 - 5 seconds. And you need 40.

Quarell shooter might viable in pvp, where that block matters. But not in pve.


I’m just correcting the facts. Who are you even arguing with anyways? A ghost? lol

  1. That’s the point of a shield build; more def + ability to block. As if piper buff and kraujas are even close to having high uptime.

  2. Boruta? The content where the same 1% of the population is doing every week? Is this an elitist guide? No wonder you never even bother to highlight the flaw about Spike Shooter being stationary, nor it being unscalable with AAR.

  3. Who the heck is this thread has even come close to saying that QS can be compared to Musketeer’s dps?? And how on earth caltrop cannot be reset?

  4. It’s a 5 second that can be re-obtained as long as you block.

Till now I’m just correcting your facts / flaws of your guide. I’m not proclaiming whether QS is viable or not. This is your guide. If you want to claim why QS is a simple ‘nope, just nope’, you need to do a better job. Reading your guide from top to bottom, you seem to have written it with 1 scenario in mind - battling Boruta, or best, written it like a personal diary / reflection, rather than to help people from varying knowledge of the game to understand what’s going on.


Wat? Yesterday on boruta with the party of
2 piper - sapper - musk
2 chrono - tao
1 diev
we had it on 100% of time. sometimes even overlapped.
1 spike shoter was dropped on the average every 12 - 14 seconds. By each sapper.
With kraujas set active it was up to 320 crits from spike shooter’s each arrow.
Took us 2 hrs 14 minutes to kill it. With people bugging us and 5 channel crashes.

Velcoffer - top tier party raid can be killed with sapper solo. In party with 2 sappers - it takers around 15 seconds to kill velcoffer.
Maybe, just maybe there will be a content wihere 60 - 100 million damage per minute ( much more with right support) will be needed, but now there is only boruta.

As long as you block. And with 29+ dr tanks you never block because you are never being hit ( on boruta). And you came here to block or to deal damage ?


What’s wrong with you? There are no flaws here. You are applying wrong guide, it’s a guide about dps. Dealing damage. As much as possible. And taking quarrel shooter is not about dealing damage It has nothing to do with delaing damage. Block shoot will just let you compensate for takiln xbow as main weapon, and it’s not nearly enough because of how damage and damage buffs apply in this game.

Critisizing fish that it can’t climb trees?


And QS does help in DPS / boosting your other classes + KB prevention. Is this guide literally about best possible damage? If so why would you even include the possibility using Hunter? Can those debuffs even be compared to Musketeer’s damage output? And for the best possible damage, why so vague about class description?

How would anyone know which is better? If they know, they wouldn’t need a guide. And if they don’t, this guide doesn’t help them. Isn’t this about the best possible DPS? Is Cannoneer and Fletcher really equal?? Well, I’m sure it’s because you have barely played with different class combinations to even know, that’s why it’s so vague, especially when everything that comes out of your mouth about QS are misinformation the moment someone makes you comment more about it lol. You try to express the freedom of Sapper as a plus, yet goes about restricting things to best DPS, and furthermore in a seemingly random way.

Not only that, all you’ve cared so far is Velcoffer / Boruta, when there are so many more PvE contents. As I said, this is your personal diary / reflection at best. Not my problem, but you can expect more criticisms. People are doing you a favor by criticising it, else it will be quickly buried because no one finds it useful. Actually I’m sure you won’t mind, cause it’s a diary afterall.


From what I can tell so far… It is pretty obvious to everyone that OP is very, very impressed with his Sapper build’s potential dps.

However, the scenarios in which you can claim that this build is the best and “everything else is ■■■■” is very, very situational. Like what the others have said, not everyone would only like to do Boruta, nor the Sapper build is useful in cm farming which I personally do (just because I won’t hit mobs as Astral 21f are flying)

While I still won’t take away from you that Sapper is strong, I advise that you should be atleast more careful in saying that “sapper is the best and everything else is ■■■■ dps”. Coz from the looks of it, many didn’t like that part.


1 - kb preventions is only for QS But you can achive it with piper and/or gazing golem cards. In fact it’s irrelevant. QS is a weapon restricted class and any other class either has more dps or gives more synergy.
2 - Hunter decreases enemy crit resistance buffing your crit rate and everyone’s crit rate significantly, and secteases enemy’s defence. It is a viable oprion and 1 - 2 hunters in raid can help. Yes, those buffs can be compared with musketeer’s dps output.
3 - I gave crackdown on all archer classes that can be taken with sapper. QS can be taken, But in terms of dps will be worse than eveyone.

It’s a guide of dps, not comparing all classes. DPS difference between mergen, canoneed adn fletcher can be neglected. Mostly they are different by aoe pattern, and used weapon. This is a

Did you even read the guide?

It’s not a guide about sapper. It’s a guide about best possible dps. Saper is taken as a focus because he has best possible dps in this game.
Maybe i would condiser talking about QS. But QS’s dps output is less that that one of Wugushi.

Velcoffer and boruta is a top tier pve content. If you can do them easily and carry parties - you can do any pve content. Bosically any pve conternt here is a doing some gimmicks and dps race. If you can do dps race - doing gimmicks is simple, if you are not braindead.
Here is a sapper killing CM 7 solo with no elixirs ( not me, but i guess i can do the same if i put my mind to it) :

What kind of pve content can you name that is not either a gimmick or a dps race?
Best on velcoffer - sapper. Best on Boruta - sapper. Cm - sapper.
What else do you want? Doing some saalus, where 1 spike shooter kills 2 bosses and keeps shooting for 20 more seconds?

Target’s mobility is irrelevant, if you know how to tank it.


Interesting, I know the guy he really mains musket. I should be at the same tier of gear with him but different build. I am keen to try cm7 again but on a different map (or same for testing purposes) and let you know then.


Anyone around the pavise shares the KB prevention, even people outside your party. How many consecutive errors about QS have you reached the moment you talked about it? I lost count.

AKA a Diary. Who doesn’t know Mergen offers just DPS by just previewing the skills through the Class Advancement UI? Who needs to come here for you to tell them this?

Goodness, and now you say this guide is about Archer’s best possible dps. I really really really wonder how many people would have guessed? Would be impressed if there’s just one.

DPS don’t have to be about racing. Survivability and avoid running away so often also helps in dps. And if you want to talk about race, why are most of the top positions in Remnants dungeon filled with Mergen / Ranger combinations? And in the video you shared, do you even know most of the damage came from his Musket, while Sapper is just providing some dps and mainly debuffs to help him focus on his Musket dps?

Yup I’m done here, you clearly has barely played any class combinations to comment about them.



This is not about mergen providing dps, but about him providing only dps, no buffs, no synergy, no debuffs, mindless skillspam and SF.
Nop, class advancement UI is not showing atributes.

I said that in the introduction, if you would read it you would knew. But you didn’t.

Fedimian - 5/10 top 10 bernice - sappers. Top 2 - sappers. Went there casually with sapper - musk -
And yep, it’s a solo instance, In party raids - nothing can beat sapper.
And the better party - the more damage it does.
With 2 cronos and diev buffs sapper does just unfair damage.


Really?? Using IMC’s description to try arguing against my point? Then why stop there?

Block and Shoot’s IMC description: While the Block and Shoot buff is active, the first attack you perform after blocking another attack deals additional damage.

Why not tell me I’m wrong about a 5 secs buff that starts counting down only when you attack too LOL

Don’t worry, I might as well say I’m wrong now. Guys please trust this guy. Pavise only offers KB prevention for the caster as stated, and Block and Shoot only offers attack boost for 1 attack. Please ignore everything I said.

AKA a diary that doesn’t serve a purpose in your now-supposedly ‘Archer’s best dps guide’, and totally doesn’t help people to actually choose.


Well it helps not to choose QS and running with ruined builds for sure.


Yeah sure, for a title which reads: Sapper guide: Sapping the world. Basically all you care about is Sapper, particularly Spike Shooter, that when in a video a Musketeer is mainly doing the damage you also can’t tell.


So allow me to help summarize your personal diary for everyone:

  1. OMG look at Spike Shooter’s potential skill factor for a single target!

  2. I like Musketeer / Falcon / Sapper

  3. I hate QS

Literally, that’s all. Not that I care, just directly state so.