Sapper guide: Sapping the world


Introduction is not title. Should i explain you a difference?
So give me a video of some other archer doing cm 7 solo. No ? Figures.
In that video sapper skills provide alot of dps. Even spring traps are used. And cm is an instance with alot of small targets, not sapper’s speciality but he still does it.

As i said above -

If you can show me any other class that can do that much damage - let’s talk. Otherwise i don’t get your point. As Umineko mentioned above - exo can do similar damage in theory. But in practice that never happens. Sapper can deal his damage in any situation.
You tell me that QS is useful - Maybe, but as damage dealer it is the worst choise in archer tree. Literally worst, and i explained why( tho in my opinion - that is obvious). I even explained why i care about sapper. If you don’t get it - not my problem.
Just checked bernice top QS - 21st place. Best sapper - 47 stage. Best ranger - 42. Casually went there to check how far can i go ( no preparations, buff and anything ) 42 stage in 2 runs. Also bernice is quite useless content, almost no rewards.

And i even said that i am playing sapper - pied - musketeer, so you are wrong again. And yes, i noted that it’s not the only choise.

Just to summary your answer :


also - QS is crap now. Deal with it.


Summarize your replies: OMG all responses to my guide are criticisms, impossible!

Not my problem that your guide sucks. Will be my last reply here. Continue to have your last words, cause I’m sure you like to say stupid things as a strategy to keep your guide up. But I’ll just let it sink here.


Unlike Koinonia this build’s dps was tested on in game and have been proven the best.

Scenarions where i claim that this build is the best are not situational. Because it’s best by default on paper and in the field. Got several velcoffer runs, dosens of library, ignas etc. There are some situational scenarios when this build can loose to some other builds.
Namely :
1 - WB - aggro on someone dumb - boss jumping around the map - and you lose dps.
2 - WB - non physical boss ( yet it still gets 1st rank on magical and attribute bosses way too often )
3 - no falconer and aiming on boss.

If you started atacking the boss - you will have the aggro ( or some other sapper will )
And you can conrol where boss will go and how it will move.

Many can like whatever they want. Reality is a thing - that won’t disappear if you stiop belivbing in it. Saying that it’s not the best dps is just lying. Boruta’s aggro on sappers during last 3 kills - proves that.

But some salty QS can chose to deny reality and belive their fantasy. Being ignorant is sure comfortable.


I’ll just pass by,

Best ranger bernice 52.

Solo cm is not about reaching stage7 w/ handicap because any class can solo cm7 anyway, its purpose is farming.
And farming is about efficiency, gaining rewards as many as possible (looting chance) in short amount of time (speed is the key) with the least expense made (repair cost, buff, pots, mats, challenge reset and challenge scroll)

Who know how long is to solo stage 7, but there is this one archer doing cm6 in 8-9mins for farming sake.

Best of wishes on your sapper build, it’s really powerful on party play but this game is all about who has the best item out there, and luck.


Yeah, I just lol so hard when he tried to issue the challenge of finding archer videos of other builds soloing CM7. It’s so trivial that if I took his challenge and replied seriously, it would only make me look silly. My sapper QS can solo CM7 spell tome just fine without a single squire food. And worst of all, Spell tome has flying mobs like Popup cat, where Broom Trap and Caltrop literally do 0 damage to it. But yet it’s so easy that I’m too lazy to find other areas to solo.


yeah i said ‘effectively’ 100% block chance. you can get it much, much higher than +100% of your block stat (mine, at 60/100 enhance and level 7 (+2 level from masinios xbox)) is sitting at +182%. your block rate becomes so high that you do, essentially, block every hit.


@vigelfffortz you can get a lot more than +100% block stat with block and shoot. mine is sitting at +182%. i never said it gives 100% block chance, i said “effectively” 100% block chance. if you have a few +block stat gear and throw up +182% block then yeah you’re gonna block most hits. edit: as for your claim that pavise only prevents knockback for the caster, that is wrong. the attribute description is mistranslated; the knockback prevention actually applies to all players - they don’t even have to be in your party.


block chance is really capped at 50%? i thought damage reduction was 50% when blocking. i guess i’ve just had incredible luck when blocking? because i block a lot more than 50% of the time. also try not to be such a toxic c*** about it x

edit: just tested for the sake of argument (went to HG and let 1 enemy hit me over and over). let it hit me 50 times and i blocked 44 of the hits, which means i blocked 88% of the time. pretty sure that, unless my luck is crazy as hell, there is no 50% block rate cap. you’re probably getting the 50% figure confused with the “reduce damage by 50%” effect that blocking has. there may be a cap, but if there is then it’s not as low as 50% chance.


Ahem. Block is irrelevant. Not needed. Even if you block and gain buff - you will have less damage than any other archer class. And lack of skill will increase gap even more.

There is no reason to take quarrel shooter if you want damage. Any other choise will give you more damage.


What a thread this is…

But I do have a question:

Does sapper-piper-musket or sapper-falc-musket seem better?

My impressions are having falc, as I hate having to always find one to make it easier. But piper is good for the mix of pve and pvp capabilities.


If you have external aiming - piper will be better. Because your personal damage will increase and you need only 1 faloner per raid.


It feels the opposite would be the same too…


There’s likely more benefit from having multiple pipers in a party than multiple falcon (provided you guys coordinate the songs)



Somehow managed to complete it. Astral 21f, stage 7. 19.7k phy attack, 1.1k crit rate, 18 aoe attack ratio. Rabger Falco Mergen.

Won’t be seeing me uploading a video just to prove it though. Ciao,.


with party ? No bigge.


The party was for camp buffs though

No bigge…? I want to believe it was a good achievement for me. What can your sapper do? Yours, not someone else’s…?


I tried to remain neutral but alas, you do strike to me as arrogant like you did to others as well, unfortunately.

Your “guide” is not really a guide, but some sort of declaration that this is what players should pick because you look down on others’ build just because it ain’t sapper. You’re arrogant, and if anything you’re just tainting the Sapper class as a whole.

Looking great on that “guide” as far as I can tell from your fellow players.

Sarcasm intended.

Goodluck and have fun on your sapper.


You made a cropped screenshot, that could have been done anywhere by anyone, claiming that you did the easiest cm for mergen/ranger/falconer for it has very narrow location. And calling it a good achivement.

21st floor? Well it’s far from my speciality - broom trap does not hit flying monsters ( and in this cm they are ONLY flying ) and i wear plate with all zaura cards ( character made for boruta and velcoffer killing ) But all monsters there have magic damage.
And overall build was made for dealing damage, not for doing CM ( Wich is a waste of time, farming baubas is better ).

But even with all those notes - i can do it.

With “mine” sapper. Wat can it do? As you can see - it can do anything. Some things better than others, but whatever. And by switching mergen for sapper you will only win.

Also noticed that monster damage in cm was decreased since last time i was there


Hi, after watching some videos on youtube i kinda interested in sapper… So i come here to ask some questions xD

  1. Which build do you think do more damage? Musket-Sapper-Falconer or Musket-Sapper-PP? And i mean more damage, in soloing not in party…
  2. Do you think Sapper-Appraiser-Falconer is a good choice? I don’t really care about the damage though for this point :slightly_smiling_face:



Musket PP Sapper is currently the strongest PVE dps build for archer tree. Musket is primuary dps and sapper for secondary dps PP is a support class. Falcon is support class as well. You don’t want two support classes in your dps build


Depends on situation, if you have falconer in party - piper will do way more damage and boost party. And if you don’t - falconer will do a bit more damage becuase aiming is preerty much a must for sapper.