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RO mobile hype (and how to play it on your PC using Android emulator)! 🗡


well very nintendo switch game i have seen so far looks smoother:D


you guys playing RO on emulator ?


hi is this on emulator?


played for about 5 mins, the game look very nice but the emulator is too heavy for my ancient PC :sob:


what emulator are you using?


I’m using Nox emulator


im in ch33h if u guys wanna party

name kinyau


OK I’m picking the game up again (hiatus on TOS again I guess) and already a Swordie!

@haukinyau1 how do I access the friends list or add people?

Built-in bot actually isn’t too bad. I get to do work and other stuff while glancing at my character doing his stuff. :smiley:


Tree of forums and real life stuff got me busy these days, 4am here so I won’t try to download it now since I have to get up in 4 lmao.

But is it possible to still enter? And lag? Looks awesome by the screens you provided.

Edit. Reading the whole thread looks like you are all from Asia, thinking that will be better to wait for obt or I’ll have so much lag, I guess.


alot mobile have autobot for casual gaming n strictly no player-to-player trade to avoid abuse.

all trade through market auction house n is shared globally to prevent inflation

to change channel, talk to izlude npc (located 1am north from map, theres a magical glowing magic warp/ball there)

im in ch33h


well, most of those can read chinese are in asia anyway~ still, theres no ip restriction… just language barrier~

now its obt since 19jan n is quite laggy~ but who cares~
autobot all the way~


Got really hyped about this but saw that it’s full chinese… At least I can understand japanese just a little, but here I won’t understand a thing uh.

I find it hard to play when I can’t even understand what shows up on my screen…


Yeah, I’d recommend not playing it for now if you can’t take not understanding what you’re doing or should do. I feel like it’s what makes the current game not good for non-fluent in Chinese.

I kinda felt that while I was still in novice grounds, but once you get the hang of it, especially questing and just following the markers on the map (you can click on map and your character will automatically run to that location) and eventually changing to your 1st job (I searched for the guide online) it’s actually quite fun as long as you’re familiar with the original RO. Just focus on the nostalgia - the music, the sfx, the art. :slight_smile:

This is by far the most faithful remake of the original RO.


How long does it take to learn Chinese? Can I use the game as a tool for learning?


IMO Korean and Jap is easier, at least the basics.

There was a common suggestion in Clo’s FB page that English speakers should move and stay in a single channel for better communication. It was ch11 I think.



∴ OBT Server Maintenances ∴
===Emergency Maintenance===
Date : 24th January 2017
Time : 6pm~8pm (18:00~20:00 ,GMT+8)
Solve the blackscreen,lag,and delay problems.

Date : 25th January 2017
Time : TBA (Midnight, will update as soon I got the news)
Compensation : Old blue box x 5
1.Upgrade the database of the game to solve the feedback delay problems.
2.Optimize the social system to avoid the delay of top up and auction.
3.Alphabet of the channels name will start to merge into number channel only gradually…
4.Chinese new year event will be start.

Already does events even if still in beta. XD


and almost every maintenance have compensation

i like getting pampered~

such feel, much appreciated, so nais~



stuck on this, any possible solution?

using NOX app.


Just wait it out. If after 10 minutes it’s still like that, close it and run it again. Only solution I have for now. XD The same happens with meMu.


first installation could take up to 1hour

i let it install n wake up next morning, i can play on my bluestack~


Does bluestack run smooth now? Haven’t checked it in awhile.