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RO mobile hype (and how to play it on your PC using Android emulator)! 🗡


open beta 19jan



Hahaha you’re not alone. Missed it too, but as @haukinyau1 said, it’s already open beta this 19th. Just make sure you register with your phone number at


yep i saw the stress test but didn’t post it here because its just a short test. 19th Open beta is the real deal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


It is necessary to register on the website? My account is already logged on the ro mobile app.


I’m not sure, but it’s better to be sure I guess. Also, I hear while they will keep the stress test server, it will be separate from the OBT and eventually release servers IIRC.


Thank you!
When you say to register my phone number, you mean to put it here?

With my country of course.


Yes /20charrrrrrrrrs


1mil player has subscribe for 19jan open beta


each player throw 1usd, the game earn 1mil usd!

much potential

who need english market

go to hell tos


my emulator is ready for 19th



already ?? /20charschars


They started up the servers early, you can play the beta now.


y100grand u can read chinese?

im inside, name kinyau



Dang, the one I have was the old APK. Seems like I have to download a new one via Taptap so downloading now. See you guys later!


You can also join the RO Mobile Discord. Here’s the link :slight_smile:


damn name only 2~8character

i cannot use my nick haukinyau (9letters)


where to get the latest APK? play store?


as much as i love RO… not going to play some dumbdowned mobile ■■■■ just because of nostalgia

gameplay looks aids


Hahaha TOS need this button so that people won’t complain about bots and macro users anymore. XD

@haukinyau1 add me “Biskee”. I don’t understand ■■■■ about Chinese so I just botted my toon for the time being lol. I’ll look up guides when I have time.



and this aids thing is our future.

all mobile rpg almost the same shits , just different topping

if u enjoy tos this shits, i enjoy ro mobile that shits

shitty future, right?