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RO mobile hype (and how to play it on your PC using Android emulator)! 🗡



then i installed bluestack china again, i’ve been playing on bluestack china since

erm… i did played on bluestack2 english, did not notice any issue.

should be fine~


i can play now, thanks…

you can add me, my IGN is ‘SCAMMER’


I started playing recently on emulator because my phone is old, I’ll probably get a new one soon.

What’s weird is I kinda have better performance here over tos despite it being on an emulator lmao

the good thing is I know how to read chinese a little which helps at least when trying to talk to some npc, but meh I need to relearn chinese if I want to fully understand everything


Dang, you lucky. I stopped playing for the time being since I really like to play on an English version as the quests seems fun to do and not understanding my interactions w/ the NPCs got boring so fast.

Try running multi (need to create another game account) and make an acolyte. Always nice to have a healer / agi-up buffer following you around in a party. :slight_smile:


Kinda minor understanding only
things like

Wo - me
xiexie - thanks
Yi/er/san/etc ge - number quantity you need

at least that helps me progressing without reading guides too much

Might be a little late on an acolyte, swordsman is already level 30 :<


This somehow annoyed me too. I had to go back-n-forth with the translated guides. XD

Main the aco for a bit and let him catch up.


guys, we can meet up ingame, no?

im on channel 33a… lv65 agi knight

i play 3 id, so i have knight, asasin, hunter, wizzard, 2priest



3 ID? Stop playing like a bot


ro mobile is a botting game, its an ingame feature~


Hehe as hau said, it’s a feature. Some phone and tablets that can run multiple apps at the same time in windowed mode can open multiple instances of this game.

Botmaster simulator 2017 9/11 IGN


Is there any announcement for a international version? kind of wasted opportunity if they don’t go global. Or did they not acquire a global license for it?

Any community-made english patch?


They’re working with gravity to have all the rights to launch an English/Intl version. Hype has built up quite a bit lately, but no update on that since December.


Was it an official statement? I admit i never checked their forums for info.


Thanks for the update. I stopped playing it for now since around lv.40 there were quests that really confused me and it kinda got boring at that point due to it. I got bored trying to sift through the guides/translations as well.


Same here. @TermsOfService yes they mentioned during the official unveiling event


Why the zeppelins are heading to prontera if the airport is located in izlude?


Tell me pls how i can record the game progress on Android?



Better late than never hahaha. See you guys there!