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RO mobile hype (and how to play it on your PC using Android emulator)! 🗡

Just had no idea he was close by lol

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Lol 3hours flight is totally reasonable for a good concert. But don’t worry, the tickets sold out in about an hour xD

BTW I went to vocaloid IA concert here in Costa Rica, invited for free. It was actually much better than expected as a show.


I think I read somewhere that the owner/CEO of the company who bought the RO assets was a big RO fan back in his days. I expect them to handle this new RO with love and care.

Of course, I won’t be surprised of any monetization tactic they’d add to it but hopefully nothing gamebreaking or highly P2W.


Hey guys :} New information about the pre-OBT & OBT is out on Clo’s channel !! HYPE!!!
The channel owner also took the time to explain some extra details ^^

Here’s the link to the video:


1st march OBT :grinning:


Yep! It won’t be region locked, and english players should all gather in one channel so that it makes socializing & partying easier :sunglasses:


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But you can start playing on Jam 19th.






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Guys guys!!!~

1.RO Mobile gonna have a stress test on 6th January at 12:00pm NOON (GMT+8) in Autumn test server, you can log in and play WITHOUT A BETA KEY!!!Only limited to first 20000 entries…!! You will be able to stay in closed beta server if you successfully login in time.

2.This test will only available for Android user, please use android emulator on PC if you don’t have android device.

I’ve updated my main post to detail how you can setup the game on your PC. See ya all tomorrow!

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19jan ro mobile open beta

i joined

u guys?

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Already did! /20charrrs Wasn’t able to get in the stress test beta though. Was traveling when it was opened for registration.

i get from

Wait, oh my goodness is it still possible to sign up?

no, need to wait for open beta. I miscalculated gmt timezones and lost the stress test. :T

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