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Rng wall, feelsbadman


dear kim,
today my list of failure

  • 2x velcoffer cannon, none of them reach +11.
  • 1x velcoffer shield, reach +11 with 1 pot left.
  • asio shield ichor attempt, fail.
  • 60m worth of partis, not a single kraujas.

-24 dec 2018: i failed my 5th velco weapon

months of grinding silver and running velcoffer, ruined by rng in less than a day
all i want is a +11 with 5 pots left with normal anvil


the eyes of asiomage effect is not very useful.
at least your musket doest end up in that list too.


pat pat ,




my velcoffer musket dies at +11 0pot 0socket btw, itswas my first velcoffer exchange


My delicious walls of korean rng


One year of doing ET runs without rerolling to get all the essences for a full solmiki set, to get all of them parts +5 with 0 pot left, even using all golden anvils I had stocked during that time to recover from the catastrophe to no avail, and wasting tens of millions of silver in the process… I know the pain :frowning:

Good news: re:build will increase the base value so enchantment won’t matter that much.


sooner or later everyone will go through this phase


ive played only around 5-6 months,
i got my first rng lesson yesterday, all i want is velcoffer +11 5socket from beginning//not even aiming for +15 +++, but not even close to have it


I burned through 16 diamond anvils and over 40 golden anvils trying to get my main hand from +15 (with 9 potential) to +21 and my off hand from +12 to +16 or higher. I ended up with no anvils, no potential as well as a +18 main hand and a +9* off hand. The results were disappointing, but I learned my lesson…

*I managed to get my off hand to +15, but it was left with 0 potential, so I thought I’d try a golden anvil. Over 40 golden anvils later it was at +9.


I don’t know if is only me but golden anvils always was be a bad idea to use, all my tries to use it is to go down in the upgrade, maybe the % of success is less than the normal anvils?


it could be a nocebo effect too, because nobody is in good mood before using golden anvil


Actually, I love golden anvils. I managed to salvage all my +5 0 pot items to +11 with golden anvils.


took me 30 golden anvils to get my veclof from +5 0 pot to +11. Ohh did I mention it started with +9 full potential? :rofl:


post-rebuild +11, especially for velcoffer gear, is fine. I know it sucks but getting something to +16 is a pipe-dream, even if you have 5 or 6 of the same item your chances are still slim

I agree that the ichoring and set bonus assignment is frustrating.


I really lost the hope on a possible rework of the enhancement system. There have been so many threads about it and Imc hasn’t said a word. My theory is koreans players simply dont care so IMC thinks the system is fine.


Yeah, they aren’t going to change it at this point. What they’ve done in the past and with this rebuild is slowly make it less impactful. Which is good.

After rebuild, the difference between +11 T10 and +16 T10 is about 8% increase for 2h Velc items. That’s not much.

For me, anything after the rebuild, I think +11 is fine.


It’s 8% or less for all weapon types, even Maces, which have the worst atk values and thus the best upgrade value in comparison to the base value (as all Velcoffer items have the same upgrade values, no matter the weapon type or one-handed or two-handed weapon).

A T10 Velcoffer mace has exactly 8% less average attack on +11 than +16.
A T10 Velcoffer Cannon has exactly 5.8% less average attack on +11 than +16.

So, the bigger the weapon, the lesser the actual gain per upgrade level.

Imo excessive upgrading is only worth it on one-handed weapons with low basic attack power (compared to other Velcoffer weapons, e.g. Sword & Mace).

Best to keep it low until you can actually invest in another weapon and try to overcome your first one.


Exactly, just reinforces the point more. Unless you really like glowing weapons…the difference isn’t game breaking.


for +16 i need in avg 5 weapons sadly i like shiny weapons …


dear developer, please give us option to turn off shiny effect of other, so that we wont envy them