Rng wall, feelsbadman


Problem now is getting those golden anvils. I remember finding them constantly while leveling up my characters before and I had a good stack before the solmiki catastrophe. Now the only ones I get are expirable ones which I never need at the time I get them, so +5 0 pot will have to do unfortunately.


An option to toggle on/off would be nice.

I’m not a fan of the effect/color they went with either. Why the color red? Why not white/black, or even yellow? Are my weapons angry at me for consistently risking their existence?

I’d rather a sparkle, aura or some other visual effect than have my weapon constantly flashing red at me. Also, it’d be nice if weapons with high elemental attribute values had an additional or alternative visual effect.


I have played maple story 2 and in this question the developer has given best answers to the players, changing various mechanics of the game in relation to eastern version including refining equipment.


Let’s share my story too
Staff 380
+4 0pot
+10 3 pot[sold]

380 Bows
+9 full pot
+7 3pot
+8 8 pot
+11 3 pot
A new untoched droped monday

+8 3 pot
+12 3 pot(Nice +12, but trash stats =/)]
+10 380 2H sword, 3 pot[ Solded]

Dagger, Pistol and shield
+12 380 dagger 5 pot(Lucky)
+10 Pistol BREAKED
+7 Shield, for now, full pot

I just hate RNG, I mean, All thats weapon are 3 months farming resources, the money I spend in this I can fully equip a char(well, Primus weapons, berthas gear and add some atributes points)


During rank9, I upgraded something like this all at once: 20 Shields, 6 Staffs, 5 Rods, 6 Rapiers, 4 Maces (everything primus). Guess how many got to +16? A big, round ZERO

The best one got to +12…

I’ve been playing since the release of the game, and so far, the only things that got to +16 were and Emengard Shield, a lvl315 primus spear, and an event Regard Horn Xbow. And I only got those 3 during r9 content, which means they were already outdated…


merry christmas everyone!


Honestly, that was completely your fault, +16 it’s already amazing.


That’s on you dude. Don’t know what you’re trying to prove or show.


Stay strong. We are with you comrade.


i think he isnt the same person as the uploader, he even comment on that video comforting the uploader.

here is the prequel

and the happy ending


Well my 6th rapier gone without pass +10 though. The shiny rng system so stupid.


I just see a man slowly dying inside there. :tired:


at least it is not staged



It was +8 0 potential, But RNG gods decided its fate long ago.


I don’t blame him, I had a +16 velco staff with 9 pot left. My gut feel was to try attempting to +21 since pot is still high (I’m sure we all want a red shine haha), but same with this, failed until +8 0 pot. I dismantled it along with my deepest regret lol


This is why I always stop at 6. Yea I’m a scaredy cat living in poverty. In the game of course, I’m not that poor in real life XD


People shouldn’t upgrade items they are afraid of messing up breaking. Considering +16 is regarded as a really good spot for anviling, one where most people aim for.

Should’ve gotten a second staff.


벨 코퍼=velcoffer


So if yellow is success and purple is failure, I see 15 successes for 13 failures, which is still a good ratio for 51% chance success… :prince:

If the RNG was always like that, there wouldn’t be any highly enchanted weapons, as you would deplete all potential before that extra 1% kicks in, otherwise items would need over 100 pot to simply have a chance to reach +10 or +11. This means success streaks happen. Unfortunately, this also means failure streaks happen too… and there’s no way to counter that. If only that was a way, the system wouldn’t be that bad.

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