Tree of Savior

Returning player after after a 1 year hiatus. Any changes worth coming back?


Hi all,

The title is self explanatory. I’ve gone through Re: Build and it can be interesting, but I have a couple of other questions before coming back.

  • Is the anvil system still totally based on RNG and exploit? More in general, is RNG still god?
  • Is there anything to do at endgame or is still just grinding over grinding?
  • Is Fedimian still alive?

Thanks in advance for the help, I tried to dig into the forum but failed at finding these info! :confused:




more than that, now you can get crafted equipment with RNG rarity and RNG stat, and can transfer that favorite stat with RNG chance to strongest blank weapon available


First of all, thank for the links.
Following them, however, I don’t find real reasons or signs of changes: it’s a “come back now to gather more things with the usual dailies and RNG-based activities. This way with Rebirth you’ll be quicker in restarting doing the same stuff”. Am I guessing wrong?

@myself got it. It’s becoming worse instead of getting better :frowning:
Such an amazing game, turned down by incompetent management strategies. I still remember how frustrating had been to farm an Aspana for hours just to have it at +7 with 0 potential some minutes later :frowning:


ME TOO! my 3practo-380 orange bow got downgraded from +11 pot 4 to +8 pot 0, made me rage quit for several days.
Some days later my rage subsided, i reinstalled the game and tried playing with +8 weapon, it is ACTUALLY still enjoyable


The RNG is wide spread and there is no way for a player to have a solid and definite build …





to be fair, nowadays it is easier to get +16 orange equipment than in the past, because any berthas(purple) and primus (orange) equipment are more dispensable than any practo weapon at rank 8 era

  1. get some primus orange weapons
  2. anvil them until one of them reach +16
  3. transcend it til T10

and in re:build they make rarity grade more important than anvil
be rich or be lucky


Make sense regarding rarity but I imagine we will still keep the rng + rng + rng of Velcoffer you were speaking of.

@youngvader88 honestly, I do think that rng is fine. But But a game needs to be satisfying as well and IMC seems to be focused in making ToS one of the most unsatisfying game in the market… adding bots, RMT and everything else everybody is crying of since the beginning… they should try to do something in addition to recreating the class system (which is absolutely a good thing).

As far as endgame, since nobody mentioned anything I imagine we are still at “nothing to do beside grinding equip”, right?


you dont have to if you dont plan to be the strongest of the server


This appears to be the most elusive thing for all developers at the moment, actually. Tree suffers from it pretty badly, but other MMOs I’ve played in recent years suffer from the same problem and some MMOs even decided to abandon previous, fully functional systems for a less satisfying and more random set of nonsense (here’s lookin at you, WoW).

How do you add more life to your content so as not to have such a high demand on development resources, while also making RNG failures less punishing and the successes more satisfying? From a philosophical standpoint, successes do just feel better when failures hurt so much, but I don’t think that’s the right call either.

I actually don’t know that anyone has the answer.


if mob did not drop silver anymore we MIGHT not see anymore botters on field map.

just change mob’s drop to item that have sell value only. Unless this “botters” can TP back to town and sell the item themselves. well just my 2 cent opinion. or BOT is allowed by IMC.

yea just get rid this RNG crafting … it would be much satisfying in grinding to gather material rather than having this to go through another process of RNG to make equipment.

RNG should only focus on enhancement and drop system not in crafting equipment.

it can one of the factor in different field

How about the satisfying feeling of farming material when you know this certain material drop rate like 0.1% and having to gather 40 of them. It will surely be most satisfying in playing game because we know at the end of our hard work we will be rewarded.

But to make 1st, 2nd and … don’t know how many failure it can be to achieve the said reward for that cannot be an enjoyment factor but cruel.

so which one would you guyz prefer?


problem with this, bot users can still abuse it, they’ll have to warp back to town to sell stuff, yes, but still

also i suppose making a script to do this automatically would be possible

it’s a good idea, though, that might help for some time

+1 to this, in fact, i had fun farming for Fietas boots materials, even if the drops are ridiculous
also saw some players on the maps, so that’s some interaction, i guess


@youngvader88 Bots are already programed to go to town for repair and dumping items…

I used to see a line of bots go straight to Orsha blacksmith and back to statue on the past…

Nothing would change with removing silver but piss more people and make it harder on non bots


Wow this bot is amazing… well nothing we can do about it

i also seeing bot roaming on map at tekel shelter for a week long or maybe months because when i 1st saw it,

it was equipped with TP accessory and bot still continue even the items expired.

Guess nothing we can do to stop this mighty BOT.


Its not worth it, check back at 2021.


which leads me to my other question: if I don’t take part in the RNG war, is there anything left for me to do in the game?

I found satisfying farming my 2 practo weapons. It gets frustrating when all of your weapons are set at +7/+11 and others next to you pop out a +22/+38 anything :confused:

My point of view is that by implementing layers and layers of rng (and dailies), devs don’t have to focus on really creating something new because you’ll spend time playing cards with Rngesus. On the other hand, it gets frustrating pretty quickly if rng is all a game have.

In the end it seems to me it’s still not worth it to come back. I imagine that the game will become boring and frustrating very quickly if nothing new has been added in addition to Rebirth.
It’s such a pity, considering how beautiful is this game :frowning:


You can always wait for rebuild to come out before judging it. It kind of seems like you are fishing for excuses for wanting to not play ToS.

No one here is going to go out of their way to get you to play.


Nothing so strange.
My questions were related mostly on what to do at endgame and rng. The answers were disappointing, henceforth my sadness since I like the game but not the two things I asked for.

The only fishing for ToS is IG :wink:


Upcoming changes will make RNG matter less since the base attack and defense values of equipment is getting boosted significantly.

This means that if you spend the time to farm legendary gear and it bricks at +6 it isn’t that big of a deal, you can still use the equipment and it will be good. Obviously +11 or +16 will be better, but only marginally so, and you can always get to +11 with golden anvils.

Since the odds of getting a single piece of gear to +16 is very low (like 2%) I like this change.

Velcoffer gear still has the layered RNG of ichor crafting and then set bonuses so it is still a bit of a grind. Solmiki gear will still be strong even though it is 3 generations old at this point.


Hi Remiri, thank you for your reply.
Your point of view regarding the new legendary gear makes sense. I’ll think I’ll give a try to ToS again and see how it goes.

At the end of the day, more than RNG it was the frustration of bricking a newly craft weapon that made me sad. If grinding a lot will prove worth it I’m fine with it!