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Returning player after after a 1 year hiatus. Any changes worth coming back?


Legendary gear isn’t too hard to obtain, just takes a lot of time since the instance is limited to 2 times per week. Ideally you have 2 or more alts that can run either solmiki or velcoffer (based on their level/strength) to maximize returns.

Re-rolling the cubes you get is very worth it, but very expensive (10m per cube for velcoffer, 6m per cube for solmiki). You don’t have to re-roll, but if you have the funds you will get the gear pieces 3x as fast.


Makes sense. I just have to see the situation Fedimian is regarding players online!
I don’t think I’ll be able to reroll, but I have many alts, I’ll just have to gear them.


There is new content along with Rebuild: One new raid (Ignas), and a GVG/PVPVE type of boss (Boruta).

It’s a tough balance, but I think adding more layers of complexity only makes things worse. There can be multiple systems for improving gear, but they can’t all be completely random. Hopefully IMC takes feedback like that into consideration, but I think the biggest struggle there is major cultural differences between the Korean and International communities. If the Korean players don’t mind RNG systems, it’s unlikely to get changed–even if iTos players abhor it.


You will want to find a guild running the content instead of trying to PUG it.


Yeah, I’ll try to convice some friends to come back as well. Or I’ll have to find a new guild, depending how the situation is in Fedimian.


Yes, unfortunately. But not for long: with re:birth, all base values will be increased by 70%, which means anviling will have less impact, and you will be able to play fine without going through the frustration of your shiny weapon getting ruined to +5 0 pot. At this point, the only RNG-heavy content will remain the Velcoffer stuff. And unless you plan on being supreme ruler of the server doing PvP, World Bossing and videos of soloing CM stage 7, you won’t really need that.

Subjective stuff. Each day I try to connect and play, planning stuff to do, and each day I don’t manage to do everything I had planned. Missions, dungeons, TBL, events, CM, Uphill, raids, alt leveling, mats farming, fishing… lots of things to do.

Well I’m there and I’m still alive :stuck_out_tongue:
If you connect, you’ll see a LOT of new players and new guilds. A lot of old timers have left though…

Re:birth is more aimed at new players. It will allow to choose the classes you like without having to follow a designed pattern. If you want to be a Matador or a Shadowmancer, you can become one at level 15 and not wait for the edngame to do so.

Imagine the poor guy who farmed Velcoffer fragments for weeks to get the items, then has to farm for more high level items for the ichors, then RNG decides to break the items without generating ichors and has to farm for more, then has to farm for the set bonuses, and in re:birth will have to farm for “seals”, which is like a transcendance system with a failure rate, and on top of that has to transcend everything and make the result prone to become +5 0 pot with anviling. If you don’t like RNG and frustration, you will definitely NOT like this at all. The good part however is: you don’t have to go through all this to play the game! I did Velcoffer raid twice (almost the day it got released) and never did the raid afterwards… but I still enjoy the game a lot!

Rejoice! If you look at the daily “abuse” posts from the staff, you will see that very few bots/gold sellers remain. In fact… I have not seen a gold seller on Fedimian in weeks! And last time I did some quests with an alt in Solitary Cells, there were no bots at all!

Test more builds? Do “non-RNG” content? Find the secret of Kateen Forest? :wink:

We’re still waiting for the “real” endgame, and it should not be far after re:build is released. Next content patch will see the last revelation arc released, and it will be time to put an end to Giltine’s evil doings! :smiling_imp:


Thank you for the articulated answer :slight_smile:
Yesterday night I logged and started doing stuff, as usual :smiley:

Fedimian is half dead right now, but I hope with Rebuild some players will come back. A lot of veterans that I knew aren’t there anymore :frowning:

Now, I have another question to bother you all :smiley:
When I left I had 6 or 7 chars resetted, ready for new build. At this point it’s a pity to leave them like this, it makes more sense for me to build them using very cheap build. This way I can do challanges and dailies, leveling up them for Rebuild. Can you guys point me out some cheap build, similar to thauma/ench (in terms of investements), for swordmen, clerics and archers?
I’m checking the forum as well, but it’s complicated to separate Rebuild and very old builds from what is actual.

@Remiri thank you for the suggestion. Luckily enough I already got a couple of offers for guilds to join :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:


archer: archer1ranger3rogue1falconer3mergen2


Hey, thank you :slight_smile:
Atm I have one ar2 > qs3 > Falco3 > BM moving to rank 10, which is why I prefer to pick something different than Falco on the second archer I have to build. Sorry for not pointing out earlier :frowning:
Do you have any other suggestion?


other non falco build will need to be a DPS build for easier to get party, which is a heavy investment. Your purpose is max level before rebuild right? ergo, you must maximize your dialies with minimum investment


mmm your logic is… logical. So, your idea is that having a falco it would be easier to find challange/dailies parties, maximizing my exp. It totally makes sense and I will do it for sure.

Do you have any suggestion for wizs, clerics and swordmen?
For wiz I wa thinking a simple w3 > link3 > thauma3 to provide buffs to parties.
Clerics the only one I know which is pretty cheap is Chap > Inq (and I already have 1), but I’m open to suggestions. Maybe something with diev > miko > something useful.
Swordmen I have no idea :smiley:



most sought LFM wiz is a buffer link3thaum3(+RC).
for cleric, any great healer+kaballist (druid is imba atm)
for SW, it is a squire beside raid NPC… joke aside, maybe you can change reti for anything else if you have not unlocked it yet
Dont forget to have fun, because fast leveleing all 7 character will be hectic


The same player who has left the game for a year has spent a few days researching the new revisions. It is completely uninteresting in the content of the new revision.
This is just to simplify the content of the game transfer and to force the fifth occupation system from the original four professional systems.
In the setting of skills, or to maintain the skills of the corresponding occupation.
Therefore, most of the players will still go to the original transfer path and not like the official changes.
In addition, the ability attribute setting in the game is too complicated. It is not suitable for casual players.
Looking back at the game. How many players were forced to leave the game because of their own game character occupational popularity. How many players left because of the weakness of the profession and could not produce enough damage to the monster.


ok, for wiz we are on the same page. Luckily enough, all my wizs have RC, which means that I’ll be fine. Is it full INT or CON?

How come druid is so strong? Did they change something? When you said healer my first idea was c2 > p3 > Miko > kabba3 > anything. But if druid is easier I’m open to change.

Swordmen will be hard :smiley:

@wildfire2000ff ehm… what?


wiz: i think full INT or CON doesnt matter as long as you not forget to use thaum’s transpose, mine is full SPR, to maximixe thaum’ swell brain

cleric: druid because chortamasta which grow grass:
-can heal any player who stand at it
-can damage any enemies who stand at it
-combine with sterea which gives invicible buff at that grass area


thank you very much for all the info. Thanks to the bonanza event I’m resetting all chars to be viable: I just have to farm all of them to r10 :smiley:

One last question: can you share with me the link of the planner you used to give me the falco build? Both tos neet and base are pretty outdated.


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