Rebuild Feedback Compilation


Thanks for the reply! I agree in some ways, but personally I’m an avid hater of Pay to Win.

To be clear I did mean that American MMO players would pay more FOR A TOKEN, but I believe the Free To Play aspect of the game is important.

What if Token Benefits included Unlimited Gear Potential?? That might do well in iTOS.


RNG is one of the biggest complaints that I am seeing on the forum today. Many people would rather a long grind that they can predict the time of rather than layers of gambling. If a game is fun, grinding is fun.


RNG can be used properly to make things cool in an MMO. RNG should be for rare loot that is only barely better than the best easily attainable loot. The difference in a rare item should be cosmetic superiority, or a stats that are definitively better, but not so crazy that everyone will require/desire such a rare item for proper gameplay.

Basically ToS needs to take a good look at the way the implement RNG and the way they design Gear Progression/Intended Gear Use.


I personnaly think that would too OP, it might be just like Diamond Anvils (infinite potential > you can use as many anvils as you want as long as you have enough money > more overpowered equipments (+30 and above))

I kinda agree with this
RNG, by itself, can be alright, however ToS has way too much RNG in general, and RNG also affects some things in a very bad way

For example, i think that having RNG ruin a weapon you had to farm materials for more than a week (shoutouts to Aspana Pistol) is not ok
Not only does it ruins the equipments, it also negates any satisfcation from farming and crafting equipments, all the time you’ve spent means nothing, because the equipment is so bad, it’s barely worth using

Though, this might not be such a huge issue anymore with Re:Build because enhancing gives less bonus in general, transcendance has RNG, however you can just use more blessed gems to get 100% success rate, wich is good

I think that transcendance, atm, is good enough and having it give more bonus to equipments is definitly a step in the right direction

EDIT : As long as there’s no way to make overpowered equips, like +30 or above, everything might be alright now with Re:Build


-Reduce plague doctor beak mask uptime or make it a % chance to resist debuffs up to level 3 (pain barrier was reduced because it was overpowered so why is plague doctor almost 100% status immune 100% of the time? this practically makes them unkillable in pvp)

-Fix Lancers Crush skill to have a higher debuff tier (with only 1 chance to use the skill now because of removed overheats if this skill is resisted you lose all damage potential in pvp)

-Damage scaling in team battle league and gem feud needs to be adjust as per most geared players can barely do more than 1000 damage with a combo yet we have over 65k hp on average?(this basically makes this game tree of clerics because we dont actually do enough damage to kill each other if healing is involved)

-Damage scaling as a whole seems very lackluster and it seems in rebuild theres almost 0 reward in gear progression. most players at this point realised they dont even need to do raid content in order to do pretty much any content in the game(this is going to cause massive amounts of people to quit as the game feels like theres no progression at all)

  • Murmillo helmet and beak mask both cannot be removed which causes a massive power imbalance in the game (PLEASE ADDRESS THIS)


instead of givin them stupid ideas about nerfing skills and make it useless you have to point it out to balance skills/attributes in pvp like…
skill duration is halved in pvp
that attribute doesnt apply in pvp


Personally I’d ask for a restructuring for Combo skills and certain skills that want you to combo. I like the idea but it feels half complete, there should be a benefit to using skills of that nature, it shouldn’t be naturally limiting to discourage their usages.

Doppelsoldner -

  • Make Zucken and Redel deal bonus damage against bleeding targets AND shock damage

  • Give Zornhau an attribute - Reduced CD if target is hit with this skill while target is bleeding

Honestly, I see more value in Doppel being used for its non 2H skills simply because its non specific skills are quite valuable. So raising the usefulness of the 2H skills could allow for better 2H burst rotations. This should also let it mesh better with other classes that have unspecific weapon bleeds as well so Doppel’s 2H side can also mesh into others better.

Nak Muay-

  • Muay Thai - Now reduces own CD by 3 seconds per use of Nak Muay Attack Skill

I like the idea they wanted to go, a full burst followed by a reprieve time. Unfortunately, 15 second downtime is still pretty bad and overall hurts the class more than it helps. So, lets raise the potential this class could put out. If you can land your rotation while staying in one spot, you should be able to just chew through your SP while just pouring out damage. If you can’t stand still, or can’t get out enough specials, it has a backlash. If you don’t want to chance it, don’t use it.


UI keeps been broken and it freezes every time I enter dungeons :@

I cant tell how much the % is cause it stays stuck on 0% all is stuck as it was after game loaded :frowning:
even the


What honestly changed in Re: Build, im being serious, not shi* posting.

Resource management now is beyond tedious.
For every class buff there are 3 class nerfs.
Saalus is now far more tedious to run, moreso on multiple characters, for the same rewards.
Where are all the new “diverse builds and play styles”, I dont see the # of meta builds changing.

It feels like they just copied The Elder Scroll’s Online method of “balancing”, which is to absolutely gut every class to make them suck equally. From what I have seen in all the player feedback and forum/reddit activity is people wanting improvements to “RNG”, specifically the Ichor and Anvil system.

I just dont see whats actually different now post Re: Build, tbh the game as a whole now feels more tedious to me, I dont see whats improved.


the issue being its up for them to choose how they change it you dont need 100% uptime debuff immune to live through pve either the cleric tree got seriously overtuned for rebuild whereas everything else falls short once again and i did state in which circumstances this becomes imbalanced


Try to guess all that is wrong with that image :expressionless:


the black bar at lower left of the pic?


. . . no


You got rejected because you tried tree of solo after rebuild?

Dunno why are u pointing it out now when beak mask always had 100% uptime but not many even used it cuz there was blood letting for entrie party and now u want them to even remove beak mask or nerf it so it will be waste of points invested?


you are awful at this guessing game…

maybe I should bring Dora the explorer to help out :smirk:


the problem now is with the overall downscaling of the damage in the game prior too rebuild damage scaling was high enough that beakmask and bloodletting were not issues in gvg/pvp now that people aren’t able to hit nearly as hard with hp being around the same as pre-rebuild it is balance breaking (you are literally comparing apples to oranges trying to bring in pre-rebuild vs rebuild moot point)


dead with full hp lul


they can always rescale heal/dmg and change some debuffs to rank4 in pvp
theres no pint in nerfing skills


My complains in the pvp side of the ReBuild (as an archer and scout)

  • Murm Helmet damage reduction: I don’t understand what kind of content in the game needs a 50% damage reduction , in PVE is not too important, but in PVP is at least broken, and the duration of the helmet is the most OP.

  • Pelta Buff “Hard Shield”: Too much extra Def too much uptime, buff in PvP can’t last more than the entire round, and IMC decided to delete/change almost all skills/options to reduce/ignore def.
    (One problem is if you don’t have a Pelt o Murm in your build you are like an archer or scout in survivability department so almost all swormand are forced to be murm or pelt if they want to go to pvp)

  • Cryo Shield: I guess IMC forgot to nerf the duration of the shield in PvP, is like 100% uptime and 10 segs aprox without shield?
    Now the damage reflected is in another level, I’m playing linker and the reflected damage of my 1k Electric Shock DoT (Ranged skill but count as melee lol) in the cryo was reflectected as 19k in my char, is that normal? O__o

  • Freeze don’t diminish duration: this is intentional? eternal freeze until die nightmare again -_-

  • Pull rete debuff: duration of the immobilize is too long, then they can use the other net skill to immobilize more time.

  • Archers Can’t run in combat: in PvE dosen’t really matter, but in PvP is a must, when a swordman are over you the matchs is over, you cant escape, I have QS and sapper and none of the CCs I can use stops swordmans to reach me, what is suppose to do in that case? reroll?
    the most important thing for an archer is to keep the distance, and whitout run is not easy.
    I think the only class to be able to run in combat has to be the archers no the opossite <_<
    Or archers need the buff to run faster not PDs thats makes no sense.

And a doubt: Cards effect are working in PvP? I tried with the card to reduce stun chance and not notice the diference, now I change to 3 frost lord card + 3 Marionette card and I didn’t notice the effect proc in players, in PvE I need no more than 2-3 hits to proc, someone has notice this or its just me?


It actually makes a lot of sense. Archers are not trained to take a beating. IMC envisions them to be trained in wearing leather armor, attacking from afar with high precision and critical chance.
Meanwhile Swordsmen and Clerics are steeled on the battlefield to run in every situation, and since they can simply put their weapons away without a problem, they can start running while in combat.

The Archer would have difficulties to do so because he needs to put away his ammunition and/or bow/crossbow first, let alone his Musket or mortar (i.e. “Cannon”). That’s just not going to happen in a fraction of a second. And to run at the speed of an Archer in Re:build, one needs to put away the weapon.

I think it’s fine giving the speed boost to Cleric, which is the buffer tree in Re:build.
Archers already have some of the meanest CCs in the game (e.g. Pheasant, Wiegenlied, Friedenslied, Dissonanz, Spring Trap, Leghold Trap, Punji Stake, Coursing, Retrieve, Stone Shot, Scatter Caltrops) which offers them a lot for PVP.
Of course, non-PVP builds will always perform worse than PVP-builds (since IMC can’t really balance PVP and PVE skills/Classes for PVP) so you might be in for some troubles depending on your build.

And maybe, just maybe, IMC wants Swordsmen to actually win against Archers on a few occasions.


Well archer actually have to stop->aim-> and shoot if they want to attack, to do that they need to takes distance and now with all the other classes run around is almost imposible.
All de CCs you name don’t work against a Swordsman with pain barrier and Murm helmet they just ignore it, except for Hunter Pet and the slow from Broom Trap but that can’t saves you the entire duration for the swordman buff.
The “meanest” CCs are from Rete, Kino and Cryos, archers CCs are a Laugh (PPs are decent but to much CD to count)
Only Swordman tree has not buffer class, even Archers have Appraiser to give some buff thats not a good reason to me.


I’ll just kinda repeat what I said in a thread before.


I love the idea of Hacka being the offensive side of the 1h sword spectrum, however its damage is EXTREMELY lackluster and needs an obvious buff to make it worthwhile.
Its so far my favorite sword class next to matador, but the damage is not worthwhile.

Either the SFR is broken, or it’s just incredibly low. It doesn’t do any damage.

The half barbarian synergy really sucks. It leaves us with 15 points to do nothing. Please give more barbarian skills mountable abilities to improve the synergy.

At the current moment, Hackapelle’s only good thing is it’s ability to mount. It has nothing to entice people to take the class other than the aesthetic. Please give Hacka an attribute to make the class worthwhile or something to improve 1h sword’s attack.

a good example is to give it restrain in form of an attribute, like how Matador has bleed chance, or how Highlander gets crit attack boosted for equipping a 2h sword.

Leaving it as is kind of just leaves it at a very weak state.