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Rebuild Feedback Compilation


Thanks for the reply! I agree in some ways, but personally I’m an avid hater of Pay to Win.

To be clear I did mean that American MMO players would pay more FOR A TOKEN, but I believe the Free To Play aspect of the game is important.

What if Token Benefits included Unlimited Gear Potential?? That might do well in iTOS.


RNG is one of the biggest complaints that I am seeing on the forum today. Many people would rather a long grind that they can predict the time of rather than layers of gambling. If a game is fun, grinding is fun.


RNG can be used properly to make things cool in an MMO. RNG should be for rare loot that is only barely better than the best easily attainable loot. The difference in a rare item should be cosmetic superiority, or a stats that are definitively better, but not so crazy that everyone will require/desire such a rare item for proper gameplay.

Basically ToS needs to take a good look at the way the implement RNG and the way they design Gear Progression/Intended Gear Use.


I personnaly think that would too OP, it might be just like Diamond Anvils (infinite potential > you can use as many anvils as you want as long as you have enough money > more overpowered equipments (+30 and above))

I kinda agree with this
RNG, by itself, can be alright, however ToS has way too much RNG in general, and RNG also affects some things in a very bad way

For example, i think that having RNG ruin a weapon you had to farm materials for more than a week (shoutouts to Aspana Pistol) is not ok
Not only does it ruins the equipments, it also negates any satisfcation from farming and crafting equipments, all the time you’ve spent means nothing, because the equipment is so bad, it’s barely worth using

Though, this might not be such a huge issue anymore with Re:Build because enhancing gives less bonus in general, transcendance has RNG, however you can just use more blessed gems to get 100% success rate, wich is good

I think that transcendance, atm, is good enough and having it give more bonus to equipments is definitly a step in the right direction

EDIT : As long as there’s no way to make overpowered equips, like +30 or above, everything might be alright now with Re:Build