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Rebuild Feedback Compilation


Every build is functional in Rebuild, it is very easy. You will need to upgrade your really old 315/350 garbage gear like you should have done 6-12 months ago.

Then put your extra stat points in CON and gear for it.

Lycan is absurdly good, you are just very bad and have very bad gear and are incapable of understanding its potential. Your entire frame of reference about balance is, again, based on the fact that you refuse to get better gear on your main–and are only capable of exploiting a single bug on your alt in Gemstone Feud which gives you a messed up sense of damage comparison.

Every single one of my builds has more CON in Rebuild than it does now, with the obvious exception of any char I went full CON on.

Nah, they’re literally as useless as they always were, because IMC (and most devs) are far too afraid to take risks and balance PVP around anything besides gear because “people earned it” or something asinine. Which, would be true if all gear in this game was BoP/account bound.

Picking up 1/3rd of your build for stats is probably not what they intended, and I think anyone doing it is going to quickly find that it’s a waste.


Did you forget that clerics can heal themselves? Having a healer with 1.5 Con modifier would be op.
Imagine a priest-pala-inqui, having so many heals, a ton of hp and amazing dps on top of that?

And you can always stack an specific stat by getting the right gear. Ignas plate set gives 59 Con on each piece, make them into ichors. Solmiki necklace+2x bracelets give 69 Con. 3x Blut cards give 30 Con. Get HP awakenings on all equipment, thats an easy ~10k hp. And ~6k hp from hats. And all of that is without adding the collection/title/hidden quests status.

Wrong, Pardoner is a good support class now. Indulgentia is a good heal, Discerning evil is great, Decatose has decent damage, 3 OH and low cooldown. Sure, the class is not as good as priest or kabba, but it’s in a much better state than before rebuild.

P.S: The only thing I’ll miss from transform is making myself into a table, that was fun.Table%20head%20lunch


Okay so first, any gain a Druid, Wizard or Archer can get, a Swordsman can get as well, and better. Since HP is the most important stat, the difference in hp is what is really important. Not that this is the case, but if at max 1 class has twice the hp of another, that makes them better barring a few bullshit mechanics (Joint Penalty, Reti Net + Damage which I’m told is caused by a bug)

So don’t give me any of that “CON from other sources” crap, Wizards and Archers, and most of all Druids are getting ■■■■■■. There are a few that will be good, but it will be because of insane skills, Bokor - Shadowmancer is gonna be saved by the stuff you mentioned, because it helps it get to a decent amount of hp that allows it’s bullshit to take over and make up for the hp disadvantage. (Mostly anyways, some Swordsman are also BS)

I get that Pardoner is better than it was, but again compare it to the competition, it’s ■■■■, it may or may not be better than itself, but taking it is still basically trolling.

Transform is what made Druid so cool, it was the Cleric version of Sorcerer, because it had so many options that changed how it played, Druid was what you wanted it to be, whether you used it for the tank stats, the summons, the movement speed or the disruption ability and CC (not thorns, pre-rework CC) There were tons of un-viable choices and some were clearly superior options for specific content, but at least it had options. Now you basically take it for Haste. Either turn into the Bunny, or you’re trolling.

@Csiko You’re just being contrary and you don’t know much about me. I have always intended to better my gear, and not being as strong does not hinder my ability to understand how things are. Lycan WAS complained about in Rebuild by the few who played Druid for it’s duration, whether people accept it now or not, the duration was and kind of still is a problem. It’s why we got the attribute to extend it’s duration, it’s also why when it first came out the META was Krivis Druid to extend at the very least the half wolf form.

IMC buffed every single character you made bad decisions on, but the few you got right get nerfed.

@Umineko Thanks, I didn’t know about that, and it does make things a lot better, you’re right about how Cryo functions to, it’s not unreasonable for it to have slightly lower durability since it makes up for it through a unique style of “tanking” and it is a Wizard after all. I also think that buffing the rest of the classes CON ratios would also do a lot to fix the issue, but I think it’s easier to convince IMC to buff Cryo’s than it is to buff all the wizards that suck. Either way they would achieve the same result.

Druid CON value is still bullshit though, of all the classes that need the boost, this is the one that needs it most. Everything is wasted into the worst two stats, the ones that do nothing but damage, and you get far better damage from literally everything else. IMC is even trying to force them into the whole Crit Attack bullshit, where is their DEX and SPR? Those skills give Crit Attack, those are the ones you would want on a Druid if you were willing to accept that skill. :frowning:


i hope that they consider to put attributes to change monk double punch as normal attack style (that still eat sp ) or just like nak muay class. . . . .repeated spam on keyboard is really hurting hands.


Double Punch is already a skill that changes the autoattack animation to two hits a 50% to 80% damage (fake multihit) with rebuild. The skilllevel now only boosts the bonus attackspeed gain when activating it.

It’s not so bad, but also not very good, thinking about how Classes like Monk and Sadhu pale in comparison to Exorcist, Inquisitor, Zealot and now even Chaplain.


my thoughts exactly.
I don’t know why dragoon can’t use 2H sword. Maybe spears can have bleed % chance, sword % knockdown chance, Blunt stun % chance.
Within the classes the majority of skills should be used with every weapon while a few are locked behind weapon. Like corsair is, and you gotta choose which way to go.


Nothing got nerfed. Damage is up across the board. My primary complaint is that Rebuild is too easy.

If the uptime on lycan is 100%, then no one would have any reason to use anything else.


Only because they disabled other skills during Lycan.

Transform doesn’t disable other skills, it also doesn’t have the massive buffs Lycan got to “justify” not being able to use other skills. Transform has become a near useless ability, you can get other classes skills from it if you pick the right monster and you can get buffs to stats that do nothing but it’s low up time aesthetics.

Pretty sure the reason they’re doing it is so they can remove it without complaint.

If they took away the current version of Transform it would receive more negative feedback, they think their smart because they decided to first ■■■■ on the skill and make it as bad as possible, that way when they do remove it in a future patch instead of saying “There goes the thing that made Druid such a great class with lots of options, something to make a build around” people will say “Meh it was 1 point that did nothing but make you look like a monster for a little bit and it disabled auto attacks and locked out 1-5 skills, I guess I’ll put it in Carnivory”

Quit trying to argue against feedback meant to make the game better, unless you’re so bad that you can’t fight a Druid after all the nerfs that they have had since the introduction of Gem Feud there is no reason to be arguing this.

and since I know that yes, you are that bad that you can’t handle Druids. Let me remind you Carnivory and Sterea Trofh currently do nothing in PvP, Chortasmata can be cleansed via antidotes which you should absolutely have, and outside of that, all Druids have is Thorns, Telepathy (Which is also removed) and Lycan, which as you said, low duration, because if it wasn’t shitty duration, nobody would use anything else. The class is ■■■■■■■ garbage, why cast Chortasmata if you can’t use Carnivory and everybody cleanses the DoT? Why Telepath if you have to lose transformation for it and you can’t attack the player during it.

This class is made good by Transform and it’s access to CC.

In Rebuild it loses 1/2 CC and everything that made Transform remotely good as well as it’s best attack.

You don’t need to prevent others from preventing the nerfs in order to win, it’s literally the easiest class to beat in all of the Cleric line (Except maybe Sadhu’s of whom actually just stand still while using their skill.)


I’ll take telepath over transform. It’s super good :smiley:


That’s likely the case as circles were the only thing that allowed transform to be and even then it only served those few that stopped midway, the current iToS skill set has more value in other skills. However since that subject was brought up i’ll add my share of thoughts, as a non Druid player that doesn’t know why take full Lycan instead of demi, on it.

I personally think the whole transformation system (including Sorcerer’s Riding) should remapped to ZXCV (being toggle or disabled by recast/spacebar with ongoing cooldown) and provide, even if roughly, a basic tooltip with: damage factor; hit count; damage type and cooldown. It isn’t as practical to do but can be automated with some clever coding (tos.neet managed to get that data, there’s no real excuse). If they really wanted monster transformation to be a deal the most interesting option is to realign stats ratio based on the monster race and perhaps even overwrite substats ratio as if the character was from another class tree (as +110% Attack Speed and +150% Evasion of Scout), this may not be enough but can be finished off with some extra raw bonuses.

Aside that they could make demi lycan not overwrite the costume and release the thorned costume as a (new Druid) quest reward, it’s not that hard to change the character head only and add a tail to whatever costume you’re wearing at the moment (or they can go full greed by adding a secondary costume slot for the transformation itself). That’s all i had to say.


There was already flaws with the original transform idea because in order for it to be worth using monster skills, the monsters had to have good skills, but if monsters had good skills they’d ■■■■ on most players in hordes.

The correct answer would have been to make cards work like they do for Sorcerer with Transform.

Allowing the Druid to Transform into any Plant, Beast or Insect boss. Then apply a more equal boost to each, a DPS boost for Beast, Durability boost for Insect (Durability as in tankiness) and a more supportive boost for plants.

Instead what they did was give a flat crit rate boost to beasts, % defense boosts to insects and terrible regen buffs to plants. then Large got HP and the rest of them don’t matter.

In Rebuild they should have gone with the boss card idea, which would scrap the size boosts, then they should have given 20% crit to Beasts, -5 to SP and HP regen time for plants, and then 50% hp boost to insects. (HP is easier to balance than defenses since they aren’t constantly boosting hp values but they’ve inflated armor values to compensate for the stupid overloaded damage this and every other game has.

Such an easy and obvious change that should have been done ages ago. Instead we get constant nerfs and lose the identity that Druid has in order to become a worse version of like Kabbalist. With ofc far less hp.


Sry to go a little bit off-topic here. Is there a collection of all the classes changes planned so far for Re: Build? I browsed the forum with no success :frowning:


you search on news section they had offisial info and the ktos general thread has translation and info too…


thank you :slight_smile:
I already reached the news section and tried to browse over the Ktos thread. My question was intended at the specific class/skill changes (like Owls for Diev, new and removed skills for the classes).
Since the information are quite dispersive over there I hoped that anybody collected them, but it seems I will have to dig a lot ^^


[Re:Build] Class Changes but it is not up to date


Because at one point, IMC was rolling out ktest patches every few days so it was kind of hard to consolidate them all. Your best bet for more updated info is to check out skill info and attributes over at then come back here in forums if you have any questions.


I love the idea of Tree of Savior. Good job with guild-based ideas and systems in this game! HOWEVER!

In short:

  • Game feels more like playing a weak Diablo/Ragnarok baby with gambling systems.
    The Game should feel like a fun Anime MMORPG.
    -Remove Pay2Win completely. (Player-sold Tokens removed. Golden Anvils, Awakening Stones, etc removed from TPshop)
    -Improve game performance/network performance.
    -Remove Potential from gear.
    -It should take a long time to become a top geared player, but it should still feel reasonable (with no real-money advantages/shortcuts).
    -Revisit the essence and aspects of what makes Dungeon Crawlers FUN. and MMOs: FUN and RPGs: FUN
    -I will pay more, monthly.

The long version:
MMO players are opening their eyes. We do not want shitty time-wasting systems, that extend gameplay in a very artificial feeling, and boring manner.

The very seed of Tree of Savior must not be corrupted by greed:
The essence of you development must be HIGH QUALITY MMORPG DUNGEON CRAWLER.
We want you all to make money, but we are not blind to boring systems.

There are many systems in the game that extend the time needed to progress, in a very boring way:
North American gaming adults will pay more per month to play a game with less time restriction and MUCH LESS GAMBLING WITH RNG.

If you insist on keeping weapon upgrading and transcendence and all of the work involved in refining your gear, then remove potential:
POTENTIAL is one of the most obvious money grabbing schemes I have seen in an MMORPG. If it wasn’t a money grab it would be easier and you wouldn’t sell Golden Anvil’s, and awakening stone etc, in the shop or in “cubes”.


Fix the netcode:
AKA Character skills that have mobility and Hunter pet AI MUST WORK. ITS A MUST! The rubber banding on most dash-type skills is embarrassing!

Remove all Pay to Win:
Remove the sale of Tokens, by players, for silver. Hunt down RMT users. Remove bullshit RNG items from TP shop and make them monster/boss drops.

You cannot expect the average person to play a Top Down Dungeon Crawler all day, when it feels more like gambling than fun:
Frankly there are better ways to gamble than playing an old style of game that is not even as polished as older titles in the same genre.

Your game gets attention based on the potential of the idea. You will have to execute a better game to see more players (money).



You will be the only one paying for ToS tbh


That is so over dramatic. Furthermore barely ANYONE is playing in [NA] anyways, I’m almost surprised they keep the server running. Must be making just enough.


tbh i just think it wouldn’t work, i honestly can’t imagine anyone willing to pay monthly for ToS (unless the game suddendly becomes way more optimized)

also i think most people would rather spend money on costumes and other cosmetics directly (though, for now you have to spend so much money to get anything, i understand that it might be necessary given ToS’ state but still…)

anyway, some people spend way too much money on Goddess Cubes, and the servers aren’t that good (i mean come on, what’s with all the lag when barely anything happens in-game ? I doubt that it’s just because the game needs to be optimized more) so i doubt they cost a ton

I agree that Potential is crap though (maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if so many things didn’t reduce it ?)

Personnaly, i don’t mind Pay to Win as long as Diamond Anvils don’t come back (now that enhancing gives less bonus damage, i think shouldn’t be too bad, though having weapons with +30 or more still kinda ruins everything, but i believe with Diamond Anvils not being obtainable anymore, it can only get better because less of these should be made, in theory that is)

i think i’ll stop here for now, i’m not a fan of walls of texts, i’m sure most of it will be skipped anyway