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Rebuild Feedback Compilation


How about the fact that there are 1% of the total bots there were before?


It doesn’t mean restrictions solved this problem.


Ugh, I just assumed it would be fixed for Re:Build :frowning:

I think party buffs would fit well to squire. They could lend you a weapon/armor. From Wikipedia:


I’d love a Flag related skill.


I hope they add more skill synergies in the future, akin to what Pyromancer got. Right now, for Wizards anyways, Pyromancer is the only one with any real synergies to anything, be it with Elementalist, Onmyoji, or even Necromancer.

Sort of like how Fireball + Storm Dust works, maybe something like Frost Pillar + Storm Dust = old Frost Pillar with the vacuum, etc.



Boruta lasting for 4 hours and having pvp mechanics built in is a huge mistake. A recent bongtos video shows a reasonable sized guild with no contest taking that long

Now Imagine that with 4+ guilds fighting each other as well as the boss, it will take up to 8 hours to complete. This is ridiculous and unfun.

Adding loads of HP and defense on a boss does not make it fun or challenging. Please learn from Demon Lord world bosses. Make the boss strong thats fine, keep the PVP thats OK, lower the HP and time to complete DRAMATICALLY.

It should take a guild of 15-20 an hour, at most to kill the boss.


Or they could use their other ideas to make the boss hard. Make it invincible for 90% of the time, or add lots of lag :smiley:


Actually I think it’s worse. I don’t think PVP will happen at all, all guilds will avoid each other, and this is just another world boss that takes a ridiculous amount of time, but one guild reaps the rewards since they’re always on at weird times of day or worse–guilds actually coordinate, decide whose week it is, and let them have it.

I’m utterly disappointed at either prospect, but I can’t think of a single scenario where Boruta comes out and does what was intended. All I want is functional GVG, I’d take GVGVE… but this ain’t it.


They can remove it from PD and add it back to chrono, I don’t see why they ‘‘can’t’’ do that as they did whatever they wanted in the first place.


Because they don’t? They did not move a skill from another Class back to its original Class so they won’t do it.

  • Best way to balance monk is to make it your highest Physical DPS of the cleric tree with lower defense. Zealot, as a sacrificial class, should be more geared for Con and Inq can just be the secondary DPS.

  • Sadhu needs more magic DPS skills.

But I’m mostly going to discuss the Swordsman tree since thats what I know most of

  • Swordsman needs another Two Handed and Rapier Class to add some variety to it’s builds. Spears and One Handed seems to have the most flexibility when it comes to their builds.

  • Due to this lack of flexibility, Some Classes still feel like filler. Fencer and Mata have to be hand in hand to work together. You HAVE to use Highlander and Doppel for 2h. They would struggle without each other.

  • Templar has NO synergy with any class due to the horse only works with templar skills. Give it synergy with the mount classes (Cataphract and Hackapell) that way Templar-Hacka or Templar-Cata become more enticing to choose from.

And one tidbit about Archer

QS needs Crossbow and Shield attributes to make it worth taking. Crossbow is literally not a good option at all and we need classes to improve that issue.


Here’s my take on what could possibly be the unique thing swordsmen can have. Let every skill be usable with any weapon, but give them different effects based on what weapon is used. That should put an end to compatibility issues.


Something that its bothering me is that Corsair’s brutality only works with Pierce and missile skills, when building a character with assassin, the buff is useless due almost all skills are slash, only piercing heart being pierce… So they could:

  • Either change assassins skills to pierce and make it viable to all pierce buffs/dagger skills (keel hauling buff, brutality and other buffs like).

  • Change brutality to buff slash skills too, since the very own corsair has dust devil as an core skill.

Another thing to change is Hashiche potion of assassin, the description says it buffs physical damage but…there’s no such thing on the skill’s code, only the attack speed and its attributes to lower the damage tick time and give higher evasion.

  • Why not then give an attribute/rework the skill’s code to buff the slash damage here also so it doesn’t cripple its own class skills.


Please upgrade/fix/anything to make Tree of Saviors PLAYABLE FOR EVERYONE

Thank you


With Scout being a thing, why not just make daggers equipable for them on main hand as well? Or is it to prevent them from using daggers as well as having shields equipped at all times?



It would be too strong to have an evasion-focused class also have the option to block while keeping all of its damage.


They’re doing this now, because auto-swap exists (I mentioned this in one of my points).

The whole stat stick thing is a problem, but may just be a limitation and perhaps a future update would be required to flesh it out. Daggers can still be used on swordsmen as offhand weapons, so it would probably require a lot of weird rules/code… kind of how I imagine hacka was done but as a one off it’s probably less difficult to do than allow it for an entire tree of classes.


#738 Will we ever get another Lodge expansion / more character slots?

I have 38 of the 40 slots in use, and with Rebuild, we can re-pick base classes for our characters.
My issue is that I’m afraid that due to Scout and Archer tree being relatively small (10 and 11 compared to 16 like the rest), I’ll end up having too few Archers and Scouts when those eventually do get 5-6 more classes added.

So I’m wondering if I should make more of my characters Scouts and Archers than just as many as I would want to make with the current selection xD

If we knew that more slots are coming, I wouldn’t need to worry, as I could just make more Scouts/Archers once they get more classes I wanna play.


Shields should not be equippable by all classes, or should not be an auto-swap feature on all classes. This leads to every single class using a shield by default and using autoswap to swap back to their weapon.

This is absolutely wrong, while yes auto swap does make this a likely scenario, hurting others already fuctional builds should have been avoided in Rebuild, if shields stop being usuable on Archer, Wizard or Clerics then there becomes no reason for Rod, Mace or Crossbow, it was a decision made by these players to sacrifice offense for defense, don’t take that away. Which leaves only Scout based classes and as the offhand class you could limit shield use but that hurts Enchanters who want Enchanter as their main class, or current Shinobi players who have become used to playing with a shield. The classes that benefit from shield autoswap are the classes that need it most anyways. Doppel/Highlander, Shinobi/Assassin and all the archer classes that already use this feature. The only class that is gaining an undeserved buff off this is Lancer, and that’s more of an issue with the class already being too strong.

I also noticed Druid just not being talked about, which is sad, the only class aside from Pardoner (a shop class seemingly intended to be useless in combat) to have a .0 CON ratio, a full investment into stats that does nothing but damage, on top of losing out on transform stats and duration.

I get it, Rebuild lowers almost everyone’s damage, so lowering the big stat boost isn’t unreasonable (Except the fact that it was already nerfed for no reason in Druid rework) but why lower the duration on top of that?

Biggest complaint IMC got about the Druid rework was that they ■■■■ on Lycan duration, and now they’ve gone and done the same thing to Transform.

Worst of all for Transform though, the removal of Oracles Change skill lowers the amount of monsters one can use to Transform. The one good thing about the removal of Transform stats is that you can now Transform into anything you like, including Cemetary Golem or Sequioa, very cool transformations just removed from the game.

One more issue with Druid is this new Crit Attack buff, stop trying to make Crit Attack a thing, it’s such a bad stat to force onto people. It’s one thing to leave us with our best attack (pre-rebuild Carnivory) and add in an optional Crit Damage skill. However to remove something Druid players have grown to like whether it be Carnivory or Sterea Trofh and replace it with Crit Attack is so sad. There was nothing wrong with Sterea Trofh being Evasion, and just turning Carnivory into plants (Although they need some buffs, specifically to duration, at the very least through Miko’s Clap.)

Lastly on a non Druid related note. Classes are being too forced into stats, and it causes a huge gap in HP pools that is far too imbalanced.

HP is the single most important stat in PvP, no matter the game, no matter what class you play, when your hp hits 0, you lose.

The value for Peltasta in CON is 75% (1.5 using the old numbers) this is reasonable, it is a blue class, a tank class and as such it should invest heavily into durability, everyone should, but especially the tank.

Now in Cleric there is a tank as well, Paladin with a 55% CON (1.1 using old numbers) Why is it lower? Because Cleric are less tanky than Swordsman? But there was already a thing that makes Swordsman get more HP than Clerics. See this?

Swordsman get 100%, Clerics get 80% there is already a difference in the hp they get that way, there is no reason to make the individual classes worse. However my main point isn’t even for Cleric, Paladin doesn’t have it THAT BAD compared to Peltasta.

Quarrel Shooter and Cryomancer however…

On top of the fact that Wizards only get 65% oh the hp that a Swordsman gets from the same amount of CON, they also get way less CON. A Cryomancer gets 35% (.7 using old values) Compare that to the other classes values 75%(1.5) or 55%(1.1) that’s so much less. You’re basically saying “Wizards should not PvP”

Archers don’t have it that much better, QS is 50%(1.0) and they only get 70% of what a Swordsman class will.

These are the classes that give significant CON outside of the Swordsman tree, and it’s still terrible. Especially for Cryo, being forced to waste so much on INT when it could have gone to CON instead, a stat that actually matters. Especially for a blue class. Cryo was our tank and you made it not tanky.


The difference was already lowered quite a bit within a later patch (the Staff didn’t edit the FAQ yet according to the new numbers),
Clerics are now at 90% HP, which is only 10% difference.
The real problem is that on average Clerics CON modifiers are way too low, which heavily decreases the value of Paladin in the build.

55% would be fine if there were other Classes to support high CON, but since nearly all Classes have a low CON modifier, including Cleric, the average gain of Paladin is very low.

Wizard was increased to 75% or 80%, Archer to 80 or 85% and Scout has 85% HP gain.

These ratios are not so far away from each other now, and given that Wizards Magic Shield provides the greatest damage reduction (over 30% with maxed enhancement attribute) they don’t need such a high HP pool to survive in battle.

this is also why

since it can CC and takes a lot less damage than other Classes when hit.

that’s not true. The overall gain via base stats is very little compared to what equipment can do. It adds a little difference to what stats one can reach,though, which is nice, since everyone will be different.

Base stats are now a part of the Class identity, and I believe it’s fine that way.