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Rebuild Feedback Compilation


I was going to give you a feedback for your feedback on how to accept feedback from players who possibly could have had their feedback ignored but then my head started hurting so I’ve just decided to stop :exploding_head:


That, to tell you the truth, I would not be able to tell you… Not because it’s classified info but because I really don’t know. :stuck_out_tongue: But I guess if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen further down the line because for now stabilizing Re:Build is top priority


Because transcendence will play a bigger part in gear completion and saalus will also slightly become more of a pain to do everyday, there should be an increase in shard drops from everyday things that players do. Here are my suggestions for possible new blessed shard sources:

  • Make elite mobs spawn in all challenge stages instead of 6 and 7 only
  • Increase blessed shard drop rate in challenge cubes (but reduce the amount from 5 pcs per drop).
  • Make red monster orbs spawn elite mobs with guaranteed shard drops.
  • Maybe just combine saalus with exp dungeons (like blessed shards for first dungeon run everyday, for up to X alts), since it’s pretty much the same thing with different rewards. Or turn saalus into a weekly already / put shards into uphill and then remove saalus.

Just something to consider, because if you try to count how many blessed shards you actually need to get a weapon to trans 10 and attempt to farm everything by yourself it’s simply too much.


bob i will just say this, i don’t know if it will help or not.

i brought 23 of my friends to play this game together at launch.
all of them left because of the overly restricted feeling in game.

such as warehouse restriction
trading restriction
market restriction
so many extreme restriction that it turned them off, one of them even make quite a funny joke that he ain’t going to prison anymore, deliberately trying to say that his time in ToS feels like his time in prison, he did some small mistake, don’t judge too much.

ultimately that is one of the core problem in my opinion, frame issues and stutter issues wasn’t even brought up. but the restrictions was too much for new player to enjoy, it felt so like mobile game.

on a side note, please fix whatever is causing the problem when we are trying to click a boss in a fight, its impossible to click and is very frustrating.


Ok! Let me redo my points:

  • Game looks too easy after november 25, now there is no real challenge and no need for Tankers
  • Rogue, Hackapell and maybe Squire need new class icons to follow along their new trees / roles
  • Chronomancer ended up only with skills that were always irrelevant
  • Enchanter still too magical-ish for Scout tree, please change animations / costume maybe
  • Oracle is too powerful of a support now, comparing to others. Please reconsider pros and cons balance
  • Sadhu needs more damage skill to be a proper DPS class, or a different approach for the spirit mechanic
  • Exorcist still work around Rubric, Engkrateia has a not useful duration, and Gregorate and Entity looks the same in how they work besides the reveal aspect of Entity. Also, bring Magnus Exorcismus to Exorcist.
  • Kabbalist needs more calculation-based skills, it was slowly loosing its characteristic
  • Monk still lacks in DPS performance. Please give it a combo system, a little more area and faster charge time on Energy Blast
  • Krivis is lacking performance, specially Daino for what it does and Meltsis because of high cooldown

I guess this should simplify the main points of what I said before.
I wish I could go further in details as I did… but oh well :’(
I also understand why. Hoping that this can help with some concerns that we have.

EDIT: updated the Oracle part, due to changes that happened later


I am in the camp of people that need to see and do things to really offer proper feedback on a system so I plan to hold off till I can play it.

That being said, I want to make it clear that rebuild will not get people back in the game for long. They will still see the foundation of the game which is broken, and quit.

  • netcode needs to be addressed and how it affects the performance of the game
  • your ping to the servers is way too important for gameplay, you can’t realistically play this game unless you are close to the server. Even a ping of 180-200 is a huge detriment.
  • why is quest completion and player shops impacting the FPS of the game so drastically
  • pvp is meaningless and needs a complete revamp, gemstone was a good start. We need more battlegrounds type concepts like capture the flag, and arena pvp needs better rewards as well as premade teams.
  • rampant desyncing when there are 10 or more people on the screen needs to be addressed, this is an MMO.


Bring back Dragoon’s [Big Hunt Game] 2h spear attribute and make it work with 1h spears as well!


really? this is what you ask for? really?


I’d always put my rest points here (i.e. after Maxing Rubric, Koinonia, and putting 1 point into the other skills) as it provides the best skill scaling result.
Imo it’s one of the best Exorcist skills, as it provides up to 75% damage reduction + immortality via attribute + knockdown&knock-back protection for the buff duration. With all these benefits, 6 seconds is already plenty, that’s 20% uptime or 40% uptime with Laima.

Obviously, if you would increase the duration, the skill effects would need to be reduced to counterbalance it, which makes the skill just bad again. Imo the one thing that should be changed is to enable Engkrateia on the run like Guardian Saint so you can benefit from the whole 6 seconds, not just 5 or 4.

No, that would be silly, simply because then you’d have to recalculate the CD and/or damage of Katadikazo.
Both skills are currently balanced around AoE and damage% with the one dealing up to 10k% and the other one 8k%. If you’d increase the CD of Rubric, then the damage would have to go up again to accommodate to the current Katadikazo modifiers, or Katadikazo would need a CD increase as well, which would cripple the AoE capabilities of Exorcist just for the sake of bringing a bad skill [M.E.] back.

Imo it would be best to leave M.E. for the Master Circle so the skill can actually be good while Exorcist can be good without it,too.


For general feedback I’d state these facts:

  • support-heavy Classes are too weak, forcing you to lose a lot of damage in return for utility skills that are ± useless outside of endgame content which is heavily limited (e.g. weekly/daily entrance limit or RNG-based spawns [Demon Lord field bosses])

  • monsters on average are too weak; this doesn’t mean they don’t have enough HP & defense but not enough attack to be a threat for people on their level if they have okish equipment;
    Monsters should still have enough of a potential so you don’t just face-tank a mob of 10-15 monsters
    (e.g. pre-25.11.2018 ktest patch values)

  • we need “Master Circles” to save a lot of Classes from the current status quo (i.e. mainly the support Classes) so they can develop and improve their unique gameplay

  • buff durations of permanent buffs should be improved to 5 minutes so we don’t have to have them on our main skill tab [very important for Mouse Mode and Controller mode players]
    e.g. :

  • Guardian Saint 60 seconds duration per skill level scaling

  • Ein Sof:Maintain Time attribute reintroduced;
    adds 60 seconds buff duration to Ein Sof buff per attribute level when cast on the Kabbalist himself; requires Ein Sof lvl 10 to learn [and remove the Ein Sof:Double Magic attribute in exchange (as it’s useless)]

  • more support-/buff skills need attributes to increase their general effects


Targetting with mouse has been changed so that when targetting a mob or NPC or object the “interactive” cursor is placed in the middle of the sprite instead of the bottom. Concerning bosses, only the bottom circle can be targetted if you want to trigger a skill, which means mouse users can’t target bosses directly anymore. Usually I simply target vaguely in direction of the boss and pray the skill hits the boss, but yeah since that update I’m pretty much useless in a party too when fighting a boss…

It’s still hilarious to see my Rune Caster targetting a huge boss RIGHT NEXT TO IT with cursor in the center using Rune of Justice and each time the beam goes above the head or below the feet of the boss.


Based on these changes (specifically to support clerics), I think IMC is still treating classes as separate entities. This is beta days mentality that doesn’t work anymore. We’ve had over 2? 3? years of this and we are getting our 2nd? 3rd? major patch yet they still insist on this outdated philosophy.

It’s not all wrong though. Flavor-wise it works. “I’m a full support class so I only ever have support skills”. That statement supports the “each class is separate” mentality. Flavor should not EVER trump gameplay though.

Why can’t support classes have something (anything) to improve the base class cleric? How about something to improve cure (or even smite) as a dps skill. Surely 1 skill slot can be reserved to improve the dps capability of cleric so that picking a support class doesn’t completely neuter your ability to do damage.


Some more short inputs after the recent 6th December patch on kTest:

  • Oracle looks really good now, but we now need some balancing with Krivis and Kabbalist skills

  • Merkabah still isn’t the tank the developers promised with Rank 8 introduction;
    maybe you could consider reintroducing the durability attribute and add a provoke effect to it so it can collect & tank the monsters [maybe remove the damage in exchange]

  • Gevura needs similar attributes to Death Sentence (enhancement & CD reduction) so it can compete with it;
    You could consider 1 second CD reduction per hit on an enemy with the Gevura debuff
    [as subtraction is a way of calculation not featured on Kabbalist yet, only has multiplication(Clone) and addition (Gematria & Notarikon)]


Gonna summarize my Monk rant so IMC can read it easier:

  • One-Inch Punch: Increase damage, please make HP/SP drain stackable with OverHeats.

  • Energy Blast: Increase Damage, bring back Knockback remove attribute, reduce charge time to 2.5 seconds.

  • Golden Bell Shield: Increase duration to 15 seconds at least, reduce cooldown, give some sort of pain barrier/protection effect while using this Shield skill

  • Iron Skin: Make it much more useful than 7.5%. Why is this skill worse than Stone Skin? Iron > Stone or Stone > Iron? Might want to make it a one-pointer. Please make the blue aura effect persist while under the debuff instead of it disappearing.

  • Double Punch: Give back Strike Debuff

  • Palm Strike + Hand Knife: Increase Damage and armor ignore. Might want to make Hand Knife usable after One-Inch Punch too

Monk lacks in everything compared to other DPS/red classes in the cleric tree. There, made this short. (borderline spam for Monk buffs).


Since I kinda came across the idea in a different thread, might as well post this idea here:

Stamina rework suggestion

  • Make stamina drain fast, but recover fast as well
  • Maybe change it to a % meter, and change stamina+ stats to stamina cost % reduction instead
  • Incorporate actual invulnerability frames with jumps, but make the stamina drain significant or give it some recovery frames after landing.
  • for PVP: maybe let dashing dodge lock-on single target attacks and skills as a counter to cancerous undodgeable unavoidable CC or one shot nukes (but balance the duration of continuous dashing and recovery etc.)
  • for PVP: allow jump recovery from knockdown, but again incorporate significant stamina management or recovery if used this way.
  • for PVP: maybe allow basic attacks or dashing to cut down the duration of roots or other hard CC.
  • change some skills to use stamina or prevent stamina recovery, like dragoon/murmillo helmet etc.

I think stamina could be a nice dynamic resource that would make the game feel more like an action RPG instead of a point and click tank and spank. Since most stamina related actions are accessible to all classes now it might be a good system to work with in making the game feel more engaging.


it already recovers quickly with camp fires(3-4 stamina per second) and stamina pills from alchemists. In fact, it’s nearly impossible to get an amount now that’s as high as the best stamina pill recovers[78 Stamina per lv 15 Condensed Stamina Pill] without high investment of time and/or $$$.

That would be very bad for the people who did the hidden quests and collections to increase their maximum stamina. Let’s see how much in total:

  1. you have 25 base stamina regardless of Class at max level
  2. you can get up to 20 stamina by finishing all 4 hidden quests that grant extra +5 max stamina
  3. you can get up to 7 stamina from collections
  4. you can get +10 stamina for every 10 star cyclops card you equip (so up to +30 stamina)

This means you can have up to max 82 Stamina to spend on running & jumping every 15 seconds.
And that’s before random stats on equipment, so you can get more if you really need to.
This amount should be enough for people who play the game and want to run & jump around all day long.


I support this for a tos wide mechanic for every class. Jumping while in the air from a KC/KD would allow recovery from the effect at the cost of stamina. I like it. Feels very MVC1.


That’s why it’s a suggestion for a rework, so the old outdated stuff can be made more fun. Stamina pills can be reworked too anyway, and as far as campfires go that just means stamina is another kind of SP. What I’m proposing here is turning it into a different resource and not another thing that you can just chug items for and use up indefinitely.


Two-handed swordsman suggestion

  • Please buff two-handed sword attribute, add a +3 aoe ratio similar to Paladin
  • Dopples Dov’s 33% is subpar compared to other classes. Please buff it or just remove the 19% damage received.
  • Bring back the attribute of Barbarian to maintain frenzy stacks when they switched targets
  • Make Pain barrier 100% uptime
  • Buff the skill factor ratios of two-handed swordsman classes.
  • Rework stamina mechanics
  • Please release another two-handed swordsman class, we literally have no choice other than highlander-barbarian-dopple

Some general things

  • Bring back haste to Chrono
  • Rework Plague Doctor’s Modafinil
  • Consider buffing Staff
  • Make Pistol Shot of Corsair usable while riding pet
  • Add an attribute to Hunter and Falconer for pets to have the same movement speed as the player
  • Make some Bullet Marker skills usable while riding pet
  • Buff Monk


two-handed swords already give AoE attack ratio by default when equipping, so I guess this is obviously because of balance reasons.

the buff is too strong on basic Swordsman that’s why it doesn’t have 100% uptime anymore.
I think that’s fair, given Swordsman has the best basic buff set (damage increase, damage taken decrease, knockdown&knockback immunity).
If you don’t mind it getting taken from Swordsman [like e.g. Divine Might shifted to Oracle from Cleric) and added to e.g. Rodelero then full uptime won’t be a problem.

Haste is already a Plague Doctor skill, they can’t bring it back.

Staff was already buffed since the benefit of having a shield decreased drastically with the decrease in monsters health and attack + block only granting 50% damage decrease& knockdown/knockback immunity.
I think you rather want to have a difference between rod & staff so each weapon type has a different approach to general gameplay.

It’s a well-made choice that the skillset is divided between skills that can be used while riding and skills that can’t be used, so you have different build options (e.g. Outlaw+Corsair+Bullet Marker for on-foot pistolero and Rogue+Schwarzer Reiter+Bullet Marker for firearm cavalry).

I don’t think they’ll give that difference up after making it clear that some Classes like Corsair are forced into either dagger or pistol build.



Do you have a clear proof of the restriction system we have since 2 years being useful to stop bots ? What do you chose, a world of restrictions with rules or a world of liberty with rules ?