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[Re:Build] ToS Major Content Update Trailer



Well here it is… its on now



It is on now on Korea only though : V

Any preview of when it comes for us?


On there KR yeah, but we also have to stay frosty about how much of new… and possible… bugs comes up as well. Can’t promise but, I want this come to us in as stable as possible. I have my fingers crossed on this… wish us luck.


Much luck when bringing Re:Build to iToS! Its gonna be a lot of hard job, but in the end it’ll be all worth it! :satisfaction:



I wish you all success…

and for itos get an actual update and not outdated bug filled version of already fixed on Ktos RE: Patch…


i wish there was a full version for the epic remix of main theme Owo


Major content? One dragon and 2 Scout Classes that don’t matter for the majority of players.

GTW was already in the game before, so it’s not new content.

Also, where is the Ignas raid promo? Wasn’t it included in the Re:build update?

What happened to the raid?


remember us next year when it comes live :haha:


With new rank system it is a completely new game, duh


Honestly, this isn’t a good trailer.
It doesn’t show very well what’s going to happen with the class system, it’s just floating words that don’t make sense to anyone that doesn’t play ToS.
Please make a new trailer for when you put this on the Steam store page.

  • Show the new UI for the class advancement system and the new UI with skills and attributes, you have to make it clear that ToS class system is becoming horizontal with all classes balanced around it
  • Show the reworked classes using new skills and new animations for old skills
  • Show what’s coming with Boruta (new accessories, open GvG field boss map, etc.)
  • Show the new Astral Tower raid; why isn’t it even shown in the trailer?
  • Show the new stuff that’s coming with Guild Territorial Wars, since it isn’t new content; where are the war vehicles in the trailer?


you can see the siege tower for a very brief moment[1:07], but it’s so small that you won’t recognize it as such if not previously seen in a kTest video


it was there, they just didnt focused on it, but i see it, it was there all right? 1:06 i think its 2 of it


Re:build to 15 FPS yeah!!! :expressionless:


Guys, you must believe!


@STAFF_Yuri The video above is really really good. Do you see any way to come with a full translated version in the future? I think it will be very important for the iTos target----


Dang. and here i was about to log back in with a friend hopefully. i really wanna get into this game, but with no friends playing i always play for a bit then quit. but this update has really sparked my interest.


Thank you for the trailer.

I agree with mambojango4good.

Please be so kind and translate below trailer as well. It seems to contain much more in-depth info about Re:Build for new and returning players. @STAFF_Yuri


You can give us a date for the release of Re:Build for iToS ?
This year?
Next year?

At least a possibility, or you will transform the hype into disinterest for such waiting…

(Sorry my bad english!, not my main language)