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<Re:build> Sapper-Wugushi

Hi everyone, trying to jumpstart another thread and this time around for Archer-Sapper-Wugushi-x. A thread was made before and I will try to collate and update the ones made so far.

This is basically a Challenge Mode build, for those who want to hit 2 birds with 1 stone and that is: earn income and level up your toons. But like everything, it does have cons. For one, it is tedious and boring (CM resets daily per toon), and you need a specific setup.

The last rank can be: fletcher, falconer, or sometimes quarrel shooter.

Link for Poison elemental dmg thread:

Take note of:

  1. incoming dmg buffs for Sapper skills
  2. incoming buffs for Wugushi

*tagging @Casey for future discussions
Will update every now and then, most especially after buffs (will try to see how to allocate points).