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<Re:build> Sapper-Wugushi

Do you want a flashy, cool build?

Do you like seeing those crits fly on your screen?

Do you like erasing a boss monster quickly?

Then this guide is not for you!

Archer Sapper Wugu Falconer

This build is:

  • all about DoT (damage over time)
  • laying down traps to deal damage for you
  • mainly for land mobs
  • elemental damage plays a big role
  • having fun by applying debuffs easily
  • playing with less stress as you’re a tanky archer that lays down skills and mobs die

Skill distribution:

currently testing this with minor changes post patch. There is no wrong distribution, just need to know which skils you use more than others

Gear set up:

  1. Plate gear or preferred, (poison can’t crit)
  2. Crossbow with Masi xbow ichor
  3. Shield or dagger with Wastrel dagger ichor (I prefer shield)
  4. Stack STR gears and ichors


  1. Velnia Monkey for red slots
  2. Gazing golem x1 for purple +2 others
  3. Nuaele or Zaura x3 for blues (3x Armaos really works well in CM too)
  4. Netherbovine for greens

I use these for gems:

  1. Top & bottom: yellow for more pdef
  2. Glove & boots: green for crit (sapper falco skills)
  3. red gems for weapons

Update post SFR changes:

the patch brought out a stronger version for this build overall. I cannot ask for more other than more skill points which is impossible.

If you play ToS and want to farm CM outer15 conveniently, this is the build for you. You run around laying traps, applying poison which is a breath of fresh air versus just spamming OP dmg skills.

Hoping to see more people appreciate this build some day! (especially with upcoming new xbow class?)


*Will try to breakdown the skills in the future. The build is fun to be honest, not just having crazy SFR% to kill stuff. A lot of mini-mechanics can be utilized and some hidden mechanics too wink.wink

Update as of 24/12/2019

*Will most probably go replacing Falconer with the upcoming new class the Arbalester when it comes up.*
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No one running this build? That’s quite sad, the build is really good but underappreciated as it seems…

i do have sapper wugu falc just for sake of cm7 :satisfaction:

Yeah too bad not many appreciate the build though…

yeah, but too bad in the following months anyone can cm7. well we still have around 2 to 3months to make most out of this build :smiley:

Yes, perhaps… But what can I say, I faceroll cm with this build…

Soooo… Still no love for this build?

I took a break after the coin event. Logged today and did CM with the new arts + SFR patch.

I cleared both cm6 and cm7 mobs in outer 15 in 1min30secs, and another 30secs for the boss with no upgrade on my set

That is 2 mins each, both for cm stage 6 and cm stage 7 solo and still no love for this build…?

Sad, but I find that interesting :sweat_smile:

Oh and a certain arts has a great feature, one that I was predicting and very glad it works!

Btw farming at almost 21k phy attack, sitting at 1600 str

what arts works for this build? new changes have fixed the flying enemies weakness.

Wugu latent venom arts make you gain +50% of your str

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Anyone playing this build yet? :slight_smile:

Still no love for this build? 23k physical attack on crossbow clearing outer15 stage 7 in more or less 2 minutes

After the SFR changes, there was nothing but buffs left and right to this build making it stronger, more solid, less stress to play and more fun with its mechanics…


can you include your skill allocation. thanks :slight_smile:

Done :slight_smile:

You can tweak depending on preference

can you make skill distribution again using ? is too bandwith-heavy for me

You’re right, changed it to tos.neet this time :slight_smile:

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Thanks man! Would definitely check this :slight_smile:

why wastrel dagger? it doesnt give additional line of attack like cafrisun set does

+elemental damage @7aniki

So still little love for this build? Thinking of merging this thread with another thread regarding Sapp - Wugu…

The new CM farm maps seem to be promising, with very high defenses and very high crit resists making crits less and harder to acquire. I’m predicting this build will again prove how underdog it is + how it still remains viable as a CM farm build even with upcoming new CM farm maps.

May you post a video doing cm 6/7? This build looks promising