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<Re:build> Sapper-Wugushi

I don’t have my own, but here is from Ludo Game’s channel all credits goes to him

My farmer is literally the same overall, 23k phy attack when ignas procs and stuff like that… Imo really really underrated, because the build does not crit due to Wugu. But incoming maps have really high crit resist mobs, so I am expecting this build to be more powerful actually.

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why max zhendu over wugong gu?

Wugong just to spread more poison and to proc vm card, zhendu because this is a multi hot DoT build :slight_smile:

I play in this build, it is very convenient :prince:

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Am trying to work it out with sapper Wugu Qs.
Taking QS mainly due to +2 skill on Xbow n block&shot buff.
Also to try to see if it is possible to work with the legend set Atagal counter damage with shield to proc the xbow additional damage line.

Is it really necessary maximizing Zhendu? Reading the skill description, it doesn’t seem that impressive for me.

when i was wugu, zhendu has 2 line of stats.
1st line: around 14-16k dmg added to each of your autoattack
2nd line: around 2-3k additional dmg added to any of your attack, for example poison pot has 30 ticks (30x3k= +90k dmg). zhendu lv 1 and lv 15 only add +700 dmg IIRC

if you have 4k crit rate and plan to use ataka, dont use wugu, wugu DoT’s crit wasting ataka OH

Basically what he said. Wugu takes up ataka procs, has low SFR, and Ataka being famous set effect set backs Wugu a lot.

Guide not updated, I tried to bring this build to new maps but can only relly aolo stage 4. There are other stronger build now, wugu is a Letdown

What shield did you use?

And is it possible to use cannon for the weapon?

Hi, when I was still running this build I just used the best shield I can find, and I put ichor that doubles your crit rate whenever you block (forgot the name)

Pretty sure you can, Sapper Falco Wugu afaik are not weapon locked. Not 100% with Wugu

Yet again, sadly I stopped running this build because of many factors. They did make poison crit but it is taking up Ataka procs. Wugu still low SFRs vs other classes SFR

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Do you also test with QS too ?

I have a theory build at QS-Sap-Wugu (or Falco) to be a badass combat engineer (yep just theory)

Sorry, not tested with QS. But there looks to be hope

New ark that is designed for multi hit CM… So wugu sapper arbalester from what I can tell, can be viable but we wont know for a long time until we get new arks to iTos

Hi guys!, I need your suggestions about my build (sapper-wugushi-pied piper), because I got stuck on Quest: Intruders of Ruins (4)… The boss is too strong… I do no damage to him :sweat_smile: