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[Re:Build] New Class: Assassin


New Class: Assassin. This is a Scout class (the new base class).
[Assassin on Tos Guru]

Master: Rashid Zabanya.


Allows you to drink a Hasisas Potion, improving your physical abilities at the cost of adverse effects to your health. Increases attack speed, but causes you to lose 1% HP every 10 seconds. Lasts 5 minutes with a 30 second cooldown. Has an enhance attribute to boost the attack speed gain, an attribute to cost you to lose HP every 20 seconds instead, and an attribute to also provide 20% evasion. Requires a reagent (Hasisas Potion) to use that you can buy from the Scout Master.

Attack the enemy’s neck, causing them to Bleed for 1 minute. If used in PVP, you teleport behind the enemy. If used from Cloaking, it deals triple damage. Has an enhance attribute, an attribute that silences enemies for 5 seconds, and an attribute that causes enemies to take additional Bleed damage based on a % of their max HP. Cooldown of 25 seconds.

Instantaneous Acceleration
Accelerate forwards instantly, cutting down enemies in your path. Has an enhance attribute, an attribute that causes it to hit twice but for less damage, and an attribute to stun for 3 seconds. Has a 20 second cooldown and 2 overheat.

Hallucination Smoke
Create smoke that lingers on the ground, causing enemies to see hallucinations. This reduces their evasion and critical resistance by 20%. Any enemies that touch the smoke are debuffed for 20 seconds. Raising the skill level increases the duration of the smoke. Has an attribute that causes enemies to take damage when the effect ends(?).

Piercing Heart
Take your dagger and strongly pierce the heart of an enemy. This causes them to enter cardiac arrest, preventing them from being able to recover HP for 10 seconds. Has an attribute to increase the duration of the debuff by 5 seconds and Heartbreaker, which increases your critical rate by 50% for 10 seconds after use. Has a 30 second cooldown and 5 overheat. If used after Keel Hauling, it is a guaranteed critical hit.

Immediately hide and quickly cut down all enemies before you. Strikes all enemies in a wide area 14 times. Has an attribute to give 10 seconds of Stealth after use (with +5 increased movement speed), and an attribute to double critical chance against Bleeding enemies.

New Class! Outlaw and Assassin revealed

It teleport behind the target (very nice for PVP)



Thanks for share this.


Anyone knows if assasin skills consider the main hand damage or the off-hand. Maybe both?


Does Assassin really have 5 costumes + 1 helmet instead of the usual 4 costumes + 1 special accessory? image


Oh my god !! What an injustice!


Are all assassin skills based on the dagger damage?


All the attacks require a dagger and seem to use it to attack, so it is assumed so, but the descriptions of the skills don’t specify.


I am currently testing this class as a focus on ktest, if anyone wants me to test something, be it synergies, make a video of some skill at an specific scenario, just ask.


can any of the outlaw/'sin skills be copied by shinobi?


No, currently shinobi is only coping its own skills.

Might be changed later, as everything is still WIP.

As far as I tested, it seems to be all dagger based. Tested all skills with and without main hand weapon and nothing changed.


Please could you show me how pyromancer is now? I want to see if something change on the class skills.


It’s nice to hear this, probably the main weapon (sword) will be used mostly for stats, in some builds

There’s some videos using Corsair > Outlaw > Assassin,
I’m wandering about other good Sin builds, maybe with Rogue…


I believe five hammer and other weapons that has more focus on secondary stats will be more common with Scout in general.


Confirmed scouts can use mace?


Good point, they can’t.

So no five hammer then.


Do u think link-thaum-assa will be a viable farmer?


the hood is the special accessory


I believe Outlaw will be better because he has a taunt.

But the linker-Thauma part seems to work fine.


outlaw is also tanky (accuracy shred and evasion boost)