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[Re:Build] New Class: Assassin


Translation is wrong, piercing heart gives 50% bonus crit rate, not chance.


Fixed, thank you. In a lot of situations IMC is ambiguous on this even in text, so testing is required to confirm the functionality.


so does Hasisas skill buff physical attack? since it says ‘improve your physical abilities’. Also does attack speed affect skill casting speed or just auto attack speed??


Can you please edit the OP with the animation,CDs,OHs and if the duration or damage increase per skill level?

Thank you :grin::blush:


@crevox @migliole

What’s the scaling of Hasisas per skill level?

What’s the CD of Hallucination Smoke?

Piercing Heart stop you from restoring HP does that mean the target effected will no be able receive HP recovery,potions,Heals from the cleric classes,Alchemist potion toss and FF Blood Bath for 10 seconds (+5 seconds with the attribute)?

What is the CD for Annihilation ?

I don’t understand the purpose of the Instantaneous Acceleration attribute to hit twice but for less damage.The 2 hit is to proc the buffs from other skills?Because I don’t see the purpose of hitting two times with low damage versus 1 hit with high damage.


15 per level (255 at max)

30 seconds

35 seconds

I will answer the other later when I get to test things.


did you make a lot of assassin videos that i can binge watch? lol


is there any vid for Assassin - Rogue builds ?
actually curious if these would work well together


did assassin or outlaw using dagger for something ? or just sticky stat ?


As far as I’m aware it’s hitting twice at 75% damage versus hitting once at %100. So while each individual hit is 25% weaker than without the attribute, since you’re hitting two times instead of one you’re doing 75% *2 instead of 100% *1 for 50% more damage over all.

If you’re still taking requests I was wondering, if you use the Rogue Backstab’s massive bleeding attribute on a target bleeding from Assassin’s Behead does it remove the bleed to apply massive bleeding? I’d hate to remove a percentage based bleed for a lesser debuff.

I’d also love to know if the level of Cloaking modifies the damage of Behead while cloaked. For instance, does level 1 Cloaking effect Behead the same as say level 5 Cloaking with the Cloaking attribute maxed?

Lastly, I was wondering if the attribute from Annihilation (that increases movement speed while cloaked) effects the Scout Cloaking skill or if it only effects the cloak granted by Annihilation?


This is the only one I’ve come across so far:

I’m also very interested in Rogue + Assassin class builds. Melee Scout sounds like fun to me and Rogue has always been one of my favorite [soon to be former] Archer classes, along with Scout and Hackapell! I just hope daggers can compete when compared to pistol-wielding, ranged Scouts.


thanks !

personnaly i think assassin + rogue could be similar to what stalker / rogue was on RO, also tbh i can’t really think of anything else besides assassin + shinobi (pretty much only played archer on ToS)

i think it could be fun, and you’d have 2 skills to hide as well, might be good for PvP stuff ?


I mostly played Archer as well. I’m going to be trying Scout + Rogue + Assassin + Corsair. I wanted classes with multiple dagger skills and synergy. Hopefully all of Corsair’s buffs will work on daggers and not just pistols.

PvP has never been good in ToS, so I’d mostly be going for PvE. Here is the build I’m considering.


does assassin - shinobi worth building ?
shinobi’s kit kinda looks disappointing, katon doesnt seem that strong, and raiton range is kinda weak.

what would be best for assassin - rogue - X ?


i was thinking about trying assassin rogue corsair and assassin rogue outlaw. I really like assassins, I liked rogue too, lachrymator is 1 of my favorite skills in game, next to capture, too bad capture got removed in rebuild tho, from the translation, it looks like it was giving them too many problems.


I hope Linker/Thauma/Enchanter dont work well with assa…

I go simply with Assa>Shinobi>Corsair

Corsair buffs oierce atacks and JR buffs Physical dps in Fever mode.
Should be the moment to unleash all the shinobi clone skills.

Iron hook+keel hauling for pvp.(Kh gives a pierce debuff)


I like how they try to reference the anime culture, particularly the Fate series.
I know ‘Zabaniya’ has its origin by it own (a group of diabolic creatures who torment the sinners), but it became known world wide thanks to the light novel.

Anyway, back to the class, it has a Strong PvP kit with fairly long cd. A nice combo with Shinobi. For PVE, looks kinda meh due to the lack of more overheats and lower cooldowns. Maybe is really good thanks to Hasisas, particularly if the increased attack speed affects any weapon, including pistols.

Maybe Bullet Marker-Assassin for big invulnerabel aoe combo? Investing in 3 weapons is kinda hard, but if the 1-h sword is just a filler…

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