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this is screencaptured today from ktest, only 60 second duration at maxed level


There was a recent patch in ktest that changed aiming’s duration, and crevox can’t really take note of all of them and update that thread. I think it would be better to look at since rjgtav updates it with the most recent ktest patch.


Pretty much the above skill point distribution, but yeah true we will seem to lack points hm…

Aspd doesnt affect PES / falcon attack as it is every 5s…

With that in mind we do need to max Sonic Strike as PES dmg is based on it (unless changed)

I am torn now for my last points but I will have to go put as much remaining points to Circling than Pheasant… Circling duration = +3 aoe attack ratio so while I lose a huge nuke im the form of Pheasant, I make up for the consistent damage I can dish out with Aiming+Circling combo

Like what imc had in mind when they did rebuild, we wont be able to do so much more of everything… So I would rather pick a great utility vs a strong aoe nuke but this is player reference :slight_smile:

Edit: while it is true and said that higher Aiming level enlarges hitbox, maybe we dont need to really max it since in places like CM they are tightly packed anyhow? Just have to keep in mind uptime


Thanks for the clarification.

Damn, that makes things a bit more touch and go. I think I will be maxing out aiming, and just lowering Circling or Pheasant. More likely pheasant will lose skillpoints just because I feel with mergen and ranger maxed, we’ll have plenty of skills to use and circling benefits so many of your skills.


which skill are benefitted from circling?

-all of mergen skills

i read somewhere that new boss will hit harder so as an archer, bigger aiming means farther distance from boss


I dont fully understand what you are asking but afaik,

High anchoring
Sonic Strike
All of Mergen current kit except Spread shot (on current version) only hits 5 max + if it ricochets

I mainly do CMs and as of currently we know they just spawn tightly packed so as of now no issues with hitbox… For maintaining distance to bosses, yeah could be taken into consideration if you got a mergen bossing build (fletcher perhaps)…


not only for world bossing, but for any mergenfalconer who are doing raid, aiming will help party tremendously. Also dont forget that max lv aiming still has 15 sec downtime too


True that brother…

Yeah kinda sad they did lower duration suddenly. Well could be part of balancing the class but oh well, whatever it ends up with I will just adapt anyway :slight_smile:


Pheasant isn’t really a nuke anymore in re:build compared to PES if you have high aoe atk ratio under a densely packed condition with help of Aiming. Before re:build, pheasant has higher base damage than PES even before factoring attribute, and it can also be further boosted by Roost. But now since its base damage is way lower and Roost’s function has changed, by using Pheasant you are interrupting the cycle of PES and may even end up lowering your overall damage.


Looking at the SFR of the skills, I have to agree with you.

I’m leaning toward taking skills out of pheasant to fill in aiming and circling, I want to have as much uptime for those two skills as possible.


Havent checked sfr but if youre right then i eill take out points from pheasant to max aiming circlibg. Ezpz :smiley:


Alright, got my velc bow ready for transcendence event. I’m super pumped about this rebuild.

What are people’s thoughts on barrage on the build I posted up in this thread as opposed to maxing out critical shot? Crit shot does do a decent amount of single target dmg.


As of now I do max Barrage… Mainly Crit shot is for the buff (for me) :slight_smile:


Does anyone known that new Preemtive strike included Tomahawk or not


Well it’s kind of expected, but scratch what I said few days ago, because today in latest ktest PES got nerfed to only 25% of your Sonic Strike damage.

Good news is Tomahawk’s mechanic is changed to ground aiming just like Pheasant and Sonic Strike.


Instead of buffing pheasant (which they should have, the SFR still seems low), they nerf PES.

Man they really hate AA builds.


Dont think it inclUdes Tomahawk…


i think it is better to let the dust REALLY settled down first at ktest, then starting theorycrafting


Yeah, true… But we are aware of that too… I did mention it was too early to theorycraft at this point, I made the thread for brainstorming coz nothing really to do now in game so… :slight_smile:

#80 how do you think about preemptive strike based on that video?