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Re:Build - FAQ 3


Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘Re:Build - FAQ 3’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

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Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff


OH OH! more mind food… more read :distinguished:


pls reconsider hold skill for sorcerer owO;;

the skill is very useful when covering specific areas

as opposed to a command that’s effective only when a single target’s hp doesn’t reach zero, aside from following that target and defeats the purpose


I think the Staff is forgetting the Fun factor of some skills like Oracles Change…

sure is niche and might feel worthless…

but it was fun to roll the dice and see what came out…


Random suggestion, maybe they should just converge all the red and blue monster orbs into a dead branch like item that spawns a random monster (to fill in as the replacement to oracle’s change), as well as adding a bonus to them like a decent chance for a silver/gold or other clover shiny monster or giving them special drops like gold anvils/shards.

Dunno lol


That wouldnt work there are too many orbs and lot of them are needed for collections and stuff…

maybe as a separated item/color orb maybe…

Like: Red = Bad, Blue = Good and Green = Random…


Nothing on Inquisitor?

No plans to make Iron Maiden and Pears of Anguish more useful in PVE?
And nothing about Malleus Maleficarum either?

Why not fuse Malleus Maleficarum and Judgement into a 40 second CD skill with max level 10,
max effect duration = 25 seconds [15+1* skilllevel seconds], and add the Judgement effect (i.e. turning the enemy into a demon) as an attribute: Malleus Maleficarum:Judgement for the debuff duration?

After all, the Malleus Maleficarum was the book that was the key how to discriminate between evil and good.

This would open a slot for another Torture-related skill that was planned (e.g. Lead Sprinkler to buff Chaplain autoattack builds with a ranged AoE-autoattack boost[i.e. sprinkling molten lead in a fan shaped area in front of the character] or Heretics Fork to punish enemies who try to use skills when the fork-debuff is applied by inducing bleeding stacks every time a skill is used by them).


wait,they will remove Running shot??O_O i thought that was the main point of whole Q.Shooter class…which i was playing :frowning: T_T


Running shot has been merged with Swift Step. You’ll still be able to shoot while running, but without the damage buff Running shot provided.


Why anyone bothering with any suggestions about skills and mechanics here? iToS is just a localization of kToS, so the whole mechanics will be original.


Stupid question: for a swordie that chooses Peltasta in the build, what the hell do you pick as your base skills, considering that Pommel Beat, Restrain, Double Slash and Concentrate and gone and you cannot use Gung Ho with Guardian… I need to check the remaining skills, but that would leave Bash and Thrust no?

And btw… it’s nice to remove Safety Zone and Ausrine’s invulnerability, as these per se are overpowered skills, but how do you deal now with mechanics that instakill your entire party?


They also have Bear and Pain Barrier. Guardian can also be used with Gung Ho, the skill was modified. Almost every skill has changed in Re:Build in some way.

These mechanics don’t exist. If you really want a way to deal with extreme damage, you have Foretell from Oracle, Revive from Priest, Ein Sof from Kabbalist… the list goes on.


Swordsman: Level Bear and invest in the enhancement attribute
Wizard : Level Magic Shield and invest in the enhancement attribute
Archer: Level Swift Step, invest in the enhancement attribute and stack evasion
Scout: Level Free Step, invest in the enhancement attribute and stack evasion
Cleric: Pray to god you don’t die instantly and try to actively block with C button to halve dmg

For all: Get a legendary armor set[Solmiki/Velcoffer], transcend it to T8 - T10, equip Zaura/Nuaele cards.

Extra: get enchants on armor that reduce magic/physical damage and/or increase Evasion/Block and get Evasion as item awakening on all armor parts

With the exception of Boruta every boss deals low damage now so it shouldn’t be difficult.
You simply can’t prevent underequipped people from dying anyway,why bother trying?


Inquis is fine in PVE. They have 4 excellent general skills and 3 excellent PVP skills.

A PVE-focused Inquis can safely ignore Malleus, Pears, and Iron Maiden or just get 1 in malleus for a ranged tag.

I would like to see malleus affect bosses again, but thats about it.


This doesn’t mean the other skills couldn’t be useful for PVE,too.
Look at Retiarius e.g., you can use all of his skills in PVE and PVP and they all have some kind of purpose.

Inquisitor is ± only Breast Ripper, Breaking Wheel and God Smash. Judgement is only a tool to boost the damage of God Smash and Breast Ripper, but at least it’s useful.

The rest of the skills is useless, and this shouldn’t be. With a little adjustment all skills could be viable in PVE, allowing for more build options.


Do you think that scouts shouldn’t have skills focused only on gun, or only on dagger?


Who cares about Scouts? It’s not as if the dagger skills are only for PVP and the gun skills only for PVE, is it?

This doesn’t have anything to do with Inquisitor being split between PVE and PVP.

Look e.g. at Plague Doctor who was reworked to have skills that can be useful for both PVE and PVP.
Beak Mask and Fumigate became 1 point wonders, Disenchant was removed because it was PVP only and instead he gained Haste (Modafinil).
Methadone and Blood Letting were fused into one skill, saving a lot of skill points.

If they fuse Malleus and Judgement, make Iron Maiden able to actually kill monsters (or at least be a viable damage boost against elites & bosses for God Smash), put in 1-2 new torture skills and give Pears some skill synergies aside of Revenged Sevenfold or a useful debuff effect, Inquisitor could be much better.

Imo Lead Sprinkler, Iron Boots or Heretics Fork could be great skills to complement the skill set and offer more active skills to use for PVE.


Could be argued that dagger skills are more effective in PVE and Gun is more effective in PVP due to ranged.