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Re:Build - FAQ 3


Thanks for the precisions. I hope we get a full list of changes soon so we can think more precisely about the adjustments we have to make to our builds.



The class design goal for Druid is to create a physical/magic hybrid class. In order to achieve this, we increased the damage of [Chortasmata] and changed [Carnivory] into a buff that increases physical and magic critical damage.
Despite the removal of one offensive skill, this buff allows the Druid class to have greater synergy with the other classes in the tree.

The change made to [Strea Trofh] was for the same reason as [Safety Zone]. [Strea Trofh] was changed into an evasion skill to increase the viability of melee fighting while using [Lycanthropy].

Both informations are no longer true, so does this mean we get a version of Re:build that’s based on the ktest client version of 06.12.2018 or earlier?

Because with the maintenance on 12.12.2018 the skills Carnivory and Sterea Troph were changed (Sterea Troph boosts critical damage and Carnivory now summons a horde of Corpse flowers to attack the enemy), so either the FAQ does not contain accurate information or we’re receiving an older&outdated version of the skills (the largest adjustment took place between 12th and 19th of December, so it would be sad not to have them at start)…


thank god for attentive people <3


I think you’re right. We will be having an outdated re:build patch.


am hoping for patch note release today…