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<Re:build> Arbalest

Who else is excited for this upcoming class?!

Jumpstarting thread for Arbalest. What do you guys think will be the good circles to go with this new red circle crossbow class?

Ranger - fletcher…?

I would like to try with
wugu - qs
qs - sapper


QS seems good too yeah

Wugu for that juicy +2k phy attack on top of the attribute that adds dagger attack

I am waiting for more info on the skills. 100% damage of dagger added on top of the crossbow sounds too OP

It’s going to be my pvp char.

Qd, fletcher, arbalest. Needa start making a shield and crossbow…

try qs - pp - arbalest or fletcher - pp - arbalest

i need crossbow :C

I hope it is not only for pvp… That strafe cool af haha

Because having a high damage with dagger converts the PA to main wep. You would need misrus crossbow if you going to use QS since you can proc it without having a shield on. I personally going to use TigerHunter Fletcher Arbalest or Tiger Hunter Ranger Arbalest

Yeh thought about that QS build too but is worth a circle though for block and shoot buff? That is the dillema…

Looking at it, looks intensely like a real red circle so I thought buffs from Ranger will benefit it like a Mergen?

Then last circle has too many other options

Seems like the crossbow version of mergen so Ranger Fletcher just like mergen.
The dagger attribute depending on how much attack you get seems really valuable. Which makes me a bit sad, cause i would like to wear a shield.
QS doesnt seem that well suited for Arbalest to be honest, theres no real synergy and QS is honestly such a bad class, i was kinda hoping for Arbalest to be able to use skills in kneeling shot, but it doesnt seem like that will be the case.
Quarrel shitter is perma doomed, even crossbow builds will gimp themselves by picking it.

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I’ll probably try Arbal and Fletcher - Wugu with a Dagger, or QS - Wugu with a Shield.
Depends on the cooldowns of the attacks, if they’re a high cd then probably the Fletcher build.

I’m hoping Arbal + Wugu have enough skills on their own cd-wise to make the 3rd class free pickings at least, anyway.

It can still have atleast a bit of Synergy, given that Moringponia shield ichor gives double crit rate

With QS Block and shoot that is like 100% uptime douboe your crit rate

If you have the proper gear i think double crit rate is just overkill, block and shoot might be decent with the damage bonus on blocking though, but honestly depending on how much attack you get from dagger i think QS just wont be able to compete. Fletcher and Ranger are both really strong picks as well that you have to weigh against.

I agree, it will depend how much this dagger +attack will give. 100%? No one knows. But if it is, that is OP af?

If it works to be ranger fletcher, that is awesome. Xbow version of mergen. I just hope Arbalest kit and its SFR are at par?

gonna try wugu-arba-pp for teh lulz

I kinda want to try Wugushi to but man Wugushi kinda slow

obviously wugushi is greenies kinda like PD
go for red if you want bursting damage

I think everyone knew that already lol I’m most likely gonna just do arbalest-tiger hunter wugushi or arbalest- tiger hunter - ranger.

Wugu Arts + dagger Phy attack?? :o:

Ludo Game

Do you want to know about arbalester? It is a crossbow multihit class for archer, and so far the most mobile archer class. The class includes a 5s channel skill so it does not fit spam builds very well (fletcher). Also, fletcher needs new vaivora bow ichor or it cannot be competitive vs boss anymore. So fletcher = bow class = go with mergen (meta build remains mergen fletcher ranger).

I did mergen-arba for fun too. It’s stronger than this build (wugu falcon arba). Mergen and arba are both classes with only-attack-skills. Arba skills are weaker than mergen skills. Skills are similar…
Fanwise shot = spread shot
Escape = homing arrow
Dead zone = AoE downfall
Shining burst = mobile zenith
Guided shot and dark judgment are the unique arba skills (not based on mergen skills), because they are used to apply the base debuff for arba combo.

Arbalest must be played with new vaivora crossbow ichor, or it will feel weaker.


Thanks for this, I did see it so yeah. Interesting, I thought it could have been mergen’s counterpart