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Rare Resolution Problem

Whenever I launch the game, my resolution displays 0 width and 0 length. Changing the resolution doesn’t seem to work due to it changing upon launching. Playing on full screen doesn’t work simply doesn’t launch. Whenever I reset the config (delete and let it make a new one), it sets the resolution to 130 width 10 length. I’ve tried every single thing, redownloading, validating, downloading confirmed working user.xml’s/user_c’s, changing my desktop resolution, disconnecting my second monitor, changing refreshing rates, I’ve LITERALLY went through all your support topics here, etc.

I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single post out there that can relate to the problem I’m having. I’m just curious on what is causing the problem.

Well gosh darn, guess I missed a thread. LOOK HOW STUPID I LOOK, thank you.

Well now I’ve run into black screens during the character creation. I can’t see anything.

That’s only at the beginning. Log into the game with any character first. Then you can character select again to select the character you want to play with.

After toying around with the settings a bit more, I found a temporary fix for the black screen. I just set compatibility settings on the client launch(Client_tos). I’ve changed the program DPI and forced the game to use scaling. I still have to do the whole task manager to maximize window mode though.