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Ranger Builds...!

Thanks to the new event I have tried many classes and I liked the Ranger a lot. I’m looking for a build for this great class.

I would like to know what skills should level up, what classes to combine with it and what status should I focus on, I mean if I focus on DEX, STR or CON.

Thanks in advance.

Ranger-falconer-mergen is an obvious choice.

Skill build wise, I don’t know much about ranger other than maxing steady aim and one point in critical shot. Maybe someone can fill me in on that.

Edit: stat wise, I personally just go all CON, but in this case probably full DEX.

me personally i maxed barrage, aiming. 1 pt at crit shot for the buff.

now you choose if you want max spiral arrow. i personally maxed high anchoring for its high sfr and for high aar.

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High anchoring seems like a good idea!

If interested, you may visit this thread <Re:build> Falconer-Mergen

Ok…but for ranger-falc-mergen, Where do I place the points? or What status should I focus on? (DEX,STR,CON) PVE.

If you have enough good gears, ut in STR. But if you are new and need to survive a bit more, just CON. At this stage you wont feel that much difference yet anyway

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