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Question: retarius dagger guard

Skill description says: Grants the ability to block without a shield. Grants increased block when receiving damage while equipped with a dagger.
The buff is removed when the dagger becomes unequipped.

However, it can be used with any weapon, and the block activates even without a dagger.
My question is that if leveling the skill, affects the block chance without a dagger, and if the block to evasion attribute works without dagger, despite it saying that it doesnt.

What you equip on your off hand? If shield for sure you can block.

I had a 2 hand sword, and it was automatcally blocking with dagger guard buff

Oh wow I think you’re right. It’s probably just like enchanter’s enchant armor which enable your default block without shield while increase block as below description when using dagger.

Additional block against incoming damage: +[150]%

Before this changes, dagger guard lv15 still block a lot as long as you have dagger in auto swap slot. I think the new changes fixed this “abuse” but you could test. The evasion attribute also emphasized only when using dagger.

Don’t think you’ll get much input cos standard reti goes with hoplite, which finestra already give extra block while using shield.

Did some tests not so long ago when they reworked dagger guard, so what it does is:

  • possible to cast without having a dagger equipped, not even in autoswap
  • “unlocks” your block stat, allowing you to block with any weapon
  • gives you a 25% CC resist if you max the attribute

All that and for just 1 point, if you do not have a dagger equipped, your block/evasion does not increase, but if you do, the increase does not show in the stat, except for the evasion buff that seems to be bugged and does not increase it at all.
IMC featuresTM

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Did you stack any evasion gear?

Kinda did some tests. at max level dagger guard, I was blocking a lot more using a dagger than a 2H sword. So it does seem that it only unlocks auto block with any weapon, but the increased block rate per level only applies to daggers. Also tried activating the evasion attribute, I was still auto blocking with a 2H sword.

I have 762 evasion without any buffs, so with dagger guard evasion attribute (and enhance attribute level 100) it should give me a 144% evasion buff, result: I wasn’t dodging any more hits than before, with or without dagger equipped.

So the way it is now is basically nothing more than an abusable level 1 CC resist buff, since you can still use a shield with it.

Reason I asked because it could work like finestra which increase crit chance instead of direct raw stats. Finestra only affective when you already have decent crit rate. Oh well, can try again soon once we have class point event.

Suddenly not seems worth as a defensive option for 2H sword build

If you do dg 50 for coin event, you will notice mob hardly hit your max char which debunked the 50% evasion cap. Similar post below

Default Spear+Dagger then? You’ll lost some style point (and dps) but Reti have 1h spear mastery to offset a bit.

Finestra adds Crit Rate, not Crit Chance.

Read the whole thread then argue from that.

I’m aware of that thread, the conclusions are incorrect. To test this, go to an enemy you’d otherwise have 0% Crit Chance against, then use Finestra to bring yourself over that enemies Crit Resistance.

If Finestra increased Crit Chance you’d still have a 0% Crit Chance, if Finestra increased Crit Rate, you’d begin Critting.

In my example above you can see this to be true:

Yellow Leafnut’s have 638 Crit Resistance, I have 500, so I do not Crit.

After using Finestra, I have 785 (+57%), and begin Critting at about a 13% Chance.


I’m specifically trying to build a 2H sword swordsman though. I just felt too squishy with HL>Barb>Dopp which is why I tried going Reta>Barb>Dopp

Thanks for the video effort, this changed a lot. I’ll do some test sometimes. But finestra must hae been gone many changes. Sometime it work 2h spear, sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes the 50% doesnt even feels like any increase.

Squishy in terms of which content?

PVE in general XD…

You can always not using dov until you’re good enough cos some content, survivability is better than damage. Max bear with durandal should help or get used with utilizing knockdown skill like cleave and bash.

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Any way I can CC or defend myself against a boss?? I’m not sure if knockdown works on them (regular bosses). With my mage I usually chain freeze bosses.

You can’t knockdown bosses. Just don’t facetank some of the boss if you know they hit hard. Can also ready 1h weapon+shield in autoswap in case you met such boss.

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