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Preliminary beginners guide to Clerics

Forgot that silence was a rank1 debuff. Prophecy then also counts for this scenario.

  1. Sure, can be a bit annoying to level though since OoB/Possession are easily interrupted. But it’s got enough skills to scale dmg with.

  2. Bokor/sadhu/krivis/dievdirby all seem very good options with druid and cleric2. (And yes you need cleric2 to heal properly.)

  3. transforming/shape-shifting is simply in a really bad spot. The only uses i’ve seen were from the oracle change exploit. One is a outright permanent invuln, and the other is simply a speed boost. Nothing worth building around.

Okay thanks, I guess I will just have to wait for transformation to be buffed before trying to make a build for it.

As for other options than the one I am already making, do you have a good build with Druid c2? Since you mention the one I have might be annoying to level due to OoB being easily interrupted. Like what would you do?

Sadhu will always have that issue to some extent, druid2’s sterea trofh really helps to prevent it but obviously that just take time to get to.

And i’m not quite sure which of those builds i’d recommend over others atm, i need to test their performance a bit more first.

I mostly want to test how good a r1 bokor is, that could enable some interesting builds.

And ofc i’m working on a diev3/druid2 build atm, i’ll report back later as to how i like it. (currently at diev1 only.)

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After killing time at work reading builds (lol) I decided that I’ll go monk for now.
I’m planning to solo a lot and duet with my wizard friend now and then.
Looks like my fallback safe choice would be Priest3/Monk2 + Monk3/PD.
Is Priest2/Paladin2/Monk2 not worth it? Is that a jack of all trades master of none?
Why are there so many Diev builds? something that looked interesting to me is cleric2/diev2/monk2/plague doctor - is this good or just for fun? Is this for parties instead of solo?

Lacks healing, and paladin2 is pretty much worthless when you get monk2.

Paladin3 works wonders, paladin1 may be nice for restoration x heal bonus. But that’s about it.

Monks have pretty good dmg anyway.

Diev is a very good allround package to support other builds with, cd reduction, physical dmg and magical dmg all in one go.

It’s decent for solo and for parties in pve, but not as good in pvp.

Thanks for the advices~ Kinda wish I played beta, this will be a hard choice if I take pvp out of the picture…

I am interested in your [Str/Dex] Cleric2 | Dievdirbys2 | Monk3 build,

Why havent you maxed Carve Attack?

is it good for pve solo? By the way, how it would be the stats?

Not sure if I should do something like 2:1 ratio of DEX/STR and others on SPR. If I am wrong, tell me it please.

That’s still old info, carve previously only scaled the material drop chance.
Now it improves dmg as well, so it’s well worth maxing.

It’s decent for pve, but might be a bit lacking vs earth tower.
Statwise full str with a dash of con is likely the best.

But part str/dex should be a option, i’m not sure what ratio is good for it.
Only take spr if you absolutely need to improve your sp regen.

Thank you so much, I will try that build then.

I have a question just of out curiosity for my own understanding
Why is something like Priest3/Diev/Monk2 or Priest2/Diev2/Monk2 not popular?
Is it because they don’t exhibit enough strength of the classes?
Is that they can’t serve as a specific role so they get overshadowed by other more optimal builds?

Delays monk by 1 rank, and that makes leveling much more annoying. And there’s frankly better r7 options like plague doctor or kabbalist.

Lacks healing, doesn’t get a r7 option since it requires cleric2 if you do want proper healing.
And very annoying to level.

You should always aim to get your main offensive skillset asap, for monks that means r5 and r6 should be monk1 and monk2.

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Most people like to pick monk up the moment it is available for the added damage so going either of those 2 routes would make rank 5 a bit of a chore. Im sure it would work to some extent though.

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[Any] Cleric2 | Priest3 | Chaplain | Plague Doctor

Running this build what kind of armor would be best for leveling/end game. Both cloth and plate seem to have benefits.

Plate is typically best due to the bonus health.

Cloth gets better magic attack stats, but that’s usually on gloves only anyway.

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Oh I didn’t realize the order I listed them matters - but you gave an answer too in the case that order didn’t matter :smiley:

A question, is Divine Might worth? That only gives 1 level to your current skills, is not Deprotected Zone better? Talking about atk cleric->diev->monk

Divine Might is nice. As an attack monk you aren’t going to get much mileage with deprotect zone since you will not be high SPR.

+1 level may not seem like much, but give it to 5 people for 5 of their next skills and the added damage will pile up.

I just heard that Sadhu has been nerfed? Does this effect a Druid c2 build with Sadhu c2 in it? Something about circles not giving hidden damage bonus?

It has been nerfed quite a bit, but most were aimed at Out of Body.

Possession should still be quite good, same for astral body explosion.
And honestly OoB was rather overpowered to begin with.