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Post ur Pied Piper PVE experience

Well, i was waiting for this class for so looooooooooong, i saw it on a video in the past and i was in loved

the skills are cute, and fun, but…

I really cant find a sineergy :frowning: ive tried a lot of stuff and build, and always seems like “Pied piper is here just because i want,its beautiful and fun”

Everything i tried to do alone, pieed piper was outshine by my other ranks, i just used piped piper skills because i wanted not because i needed, and since some informations of rank10 are releasing i guess nothing new or better will happen :frowning:

A friend of mine is running Ranger3 Wugushi3 Piper2 and it is really fun to see him in action.

Sadly, Piper will only shine in crowded PvE or PvP content (my opinion), so you have to build around it. I would say that Sapper and Wugushi are good options, because you can deploy traps or spread the poison, then CC monsters with Piper to keep them at the trap or stunned, taking the poison damage.

But the struggle with Piper synergy is real

EDIT: I can also see Falconer3 Piper1 a solid support/DPS option! But you will have to say goodbye to Piper2 :confused:

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yeah… ive tried both, but ranger does not have any sinergy with wugushi and neither piper

-Ranger buff missle dmg, and wugushi its not missile…
-Ranger short and spam cd( no spacee to even play the flute)

Im sapper/wugushi at this moment…

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But he got Ranger just for the cheap spammable skills. He was always prioritizing Wugushi skills, poisoning monsters, then CC them with Piper skills and, if needed Ranger skills to finish them with spammable damage

What I could see of him playing is that you have to time your piper skills precisely, cause the cooldown can be a problem.

Archer1 (filler_class) Sapper2 Wugushi3 Piper2 seems really nice too

i did thee same build and i was a bit lost with the amount of skills together, and no singergy, its like a piano build, btw haveee any video of him playing this

u play like A S D F G H 1 23 4 5

It is bad. All of piper’s channeling skills get interrupted on hit which makes it really hard to use in PVE when there are many monsters around (which most of the time are situations where CC is actually needed).

Pipers have synergy with minion based classes or installation type classes. The former type we have Hunter (which is lacking pve wise) and Falconer (being rank 6-8 makes it hard to pair with piper2, and it is only during C3 we have auto falcon skill usage). Installation type we have Sapper and Wugushi, which allows the piper to continue deal damage while they perform the channeling skills.

Problem of the current installation type is, there isn’t something to help take the heat away from piper. With channeling skills being interrupted most of the time, it is kind of close to useless, might as well just lure the monsters normally.

A fix for piper in PVE is to change the cute hamsters from a passive 1 time bite on command to a normal minion (like zombies). In this way they can help distract the monsters while the piper sets up for channeling and other skills. This will make piper a whole lot more playable in the PvE scene.


I thought the buff skill of the piper should’ve remedied the interruption problem.

I tried rotating my piper skills on Dungeon 300, and it seems some of the skills do not distinguish between friend or foe (i swear i saw my partymate dance the cossack dance).

The stun and sleep feels pretty good IMO.

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Some adjustments could be done like u said

-hamster attack all thee time likee zombies, and when we activate the skill they could have some atkspeed or dmg increased

-Channeling could not bee interrupted ( At least at piper 2)

-All the songs could do a inicial dmg, or a a debuff dmg likee dissonanz

-Have sinergy with other classes but sw, since this game is all about wizzard/ Magic Dmg like songs to increase AOE RATIO, or somethings like this

We look back and we see how strong,useful,and need artists were on ragnarok for buff songs, and here we just get a stun/sleepy that get interrupted after the first hit

I have another idea for a piper skill though (stolen adapted from MH). Why not have a skill that buffs allies based on the notes played by the player?


Piper C1 skill Performance (can change to a german sounding name)
Max level 10.
25 seconds cooldown

When the piper uses this skill, he/she will enter performance mode with 3 note buttons. Press A, S, D to form combinations of a 3 note sequence (tune) and a corresponding buff/debuff will be bestowed to the party or surrounding monsters. Buttons cannot be repeated so there is only a max of 6 buffs.

Buffs can be +crit rate, +physical/magical damage, +physical/magical def, +hp/sp regen, so on and forth. Each level adds 1 sec to the buff (and also more bonuses), starting from level 1 at 6 secs buff. Level 10 gives a 15 sec buff total.

What this skill does is it gives piper a more PvE style skill and allows it to have synergy with archers classes other than the minion/installation types. For example, it is good for burst style classes as they can spend 1-2 secs to perform/boost up their damage before they use their burst attacks. Having to manually perform makes this a hard skill to utilise in pvp.


loved !

wich game is that?

Monster Hunter, check out Hunting Horn.

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Ancy for changes in the skills of Pied Piper.Skill of the hamsters should be of invocation of the maximum 5 hamsters would be much more util.C.3 could have a passive of 30% of invoking black hamster that would cause a debuff of black plague around him or whom he attacks. The skill that causes sleep could in C.3 cause damage due to a new passive nightmare that during the nightmare the target can not wake up and take an amount of damage. These are my ideas for improvements at the moment.

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piper’s mice really should passively auto attack, similar to bokor zombies or necro skeletons. a fixed skill factor instead of scaling off a stat would be needed though to make it viable. giving them an auto attack of 200% factor per second per mouse once c3 is out would be fine, surely? i mean it’d be a rank 10 class after all… it needs something. maybe make it so the mice combine their skill factor instead? so having 1 mouse = 100% factor per second, and 5 mice = 500% factor per second. also it’s meant to be a bard-style class, but the only things it can do is sleep enemies but they wake up after 1 hit, stun enemies for a worthless 3 seconds on a huge cooldown, and make enemies follow around behind you - but only 10 enemies and the channeling can be interrupted :confused: why not make it a debuff instead of channeling? use the skill and 10 enemies follow around behind you for 10 seconds - you’re having to sacrifice your r8/9/10 for this crap… it needs to be better than it is right now. as for people saying it’s a pvp class, archers aren’t viable for serious pvp either way so if that’s the case then the entire concept was flawed from the start.

It’s pretty ok, I think. The cooldowns are kinda long but still easy to fit skills between, I haven’t tried c2 though.

I went with pet build! :>
Ar2-Hunter3-Falc3-Piper1. Really great cc, …not much else though! I’m pretty bad at playing with support builds, but I wasn’t too sure how else to build it either.

My original theorycrafted idea was Ar3-Wugu3-Appr-Piper2, but then the new wugu skills didn’t wind up being as strong as I expected (at least not jincan or miasma), and I figured people would still love Falc more anyway.

I think that Falc3-Piper1 is better as a support for pve though, and then maybe x-Piper2 for pvp (but I don’t pvp, so I could definitely be wrong about that).

I just really wish hamsters could target flying mobs, which are like 80% of the mobs in Sausy CM. I find it weird they could hit them if a ground target is nearby, I don’t understand why they programmed it to do this.

@Tankhime saw you in klaipeda earlier :smiley: same build as mine. i have other builds for proper dps so wanted to have an ultimate cc build. aiming+growling is hilarious. also snatching is incredible damage vs flying enemies with its attribute.

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By biggest problems with Pipers are that
a) Channeling skills can be interrupted. Especially considering PP can only charm a limited amount of enemies this is really fustrating. Imagine Psychomancers Rise or Pyros Fire Pillar go away once the skill user get hit even for 1 damage, it’d render those skills almost useless.

b) The mice are not really practical. They remember all targets that were in aoe range when you cast the skill. Then they run to each target and bite it once. Once they have run to and bitten each target once they disappear. And sometimes they don’t rotate to their targets properly and their attack misses. Right now they are very very unreliable and extremely slow “aoe damage skill”. Imagine Elementalists Meteor, but instead of hitting all targets at once it, after hitting the ground, deals damage to one target per second, one at a time.
I too wish they’d behave like zombies, with small melee attacks that can hit several enemies if they are close to eachother, stay there, fight with you.

c) The mice can’t hit flying monsters. Instead, they’ll just disappear. Disappointing,especially since the skill icon shows a leaping mice, indicating that it can hit flying enemies.

I love this class because it’s so cute and relaxing, but right now they are very unreliable and not really up to par compared to other R8/R9 classes and not even R5+ classes when it comes to support, crowd control or damage.

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The new skill of C.3 that plays one of the songs of the pied piper random should be changed to a skill that random elementary secret songs. Ex: random tunes. fire melody, ice melody, earth melody, wind melody, dark melody, electric melody.Each of these random melodies with an attack in area around the pied piper.I think it would be much better than how it is at the moment copying skills that already exist and they are not strong. I think there was a bit of creativity left for this C.3 skill.

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Seeing some videos of Pied Piper C 3 on youtube noted that nothing has been improved on the skill of hamsters.IMC to change it to a fixed summom and that the hamsters attack flying monsters. Changing this skill for me would be great. Archer is the only class line without a decent summoner.

@phebodelfos archer is the only class line without decent summon?! I don’t believe swordsman have any summon is there…? Shinobi clones maybe?

My experience with pied piper is, it is quite underwelming as a Rank8 class. I think pied piper is better suited as a rank3 that supports/CC for the higher ranked classes.

In my opinion, the best pied piper2 build is arch-ranger-sapper3-wugu2-pied piper2. Ranger has critical shot and high anchoring to help broom trap’s high crit rate. Wugu’s DoT combos quite well with piper’s crowd control.