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Post ur Pied Piper PVE experience

I thought of a really simple mechanic that could work well (as a passive art maybe for the last skill you are able to take from the tree or inserted any better way):

[NAME: Catchy song]
IDEA: Since your attack songs have really high CDs and low status duration, everytime you play a song, you would be endowed (by, dunno 20s) with a small chance of causing again the same status of your last attack song when dealing damage to foes (aa’s and skills). The chance could be increased by the number of targets your skill had hit (shows are better when crowded, just see LoL’s Seraphine passive as an example). This would synergize mostly with mergen and falconer (that hit several targets), but also with one target classes (making you a 1v1 status machine) but would also encourage you to try and hit as many enemies as possible when playing songs (so they would not be used just “when you want, but cause you need to”) and make you need to come in and out of battles — as performers usually have to.

The time and the chance would definitely need to ne balanced numberwise, but I think it would bring an interesting “I’m still under the effect of what you performed” aura to the class.

P.S.: do developpers read this forum to take ideas from? :pensive:

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