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#Which Class would you like to see in ToS before 2018 Xmass?

  • Samurai: (Swordsmand)Dual sword wield and some sort of SPR build bonus .
  • Shepherd: (Cleric) “Agroer” class of cleric plus ultimate “item finder/farmer”
  • Astrologer: (wizard) Do some impressive shiet with some of the star constellations.
  • Engineer: (archer) Ride a death-steam-punk-machine
  • Rooster: (AllClasses) No ability, no skills. BE a badass, turn into a giant Rooster and play “Alice in chains” song “Rooster”.

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Hard to decide between engineer and samurai for me, but I picked samurai, for reasons.

Samurai would be nice, but making it based off of a stat only one rank in the whole tree uses is questionable.


I see the problem now…

Since I was thinking in Hoplite INT buff (if it still exists) and Final Fantasy Tactics Samurai Job. . . I did not see the problem with stat oriented class.

P.S. Why is nobody voting for Rooster Class!!!?


Make a poll for that.


First time in a while I had a hamburger.


Hyrule Warriors already did that with the cucco and we all know cuccos are better than roosters :smirk:


My mandatory “PC problems in the first 3 months of the year”, now my PC doesn’t boot.


this the the best post in the forum these days… meh


only 3 months?_? WOW!!

rub me some of your luck :smile:

Rub-mor please :blush:


That… pun…

Well, last year it was like 500$ worth of ■■■■ going down the drain, so… I wouldn’t really recommend such luck for anyone.



Is it still broken?


Yep, it definitely is.


Seems fixed. For now.


:purple_heart: :two_hearts:


am getting overly insistent on getting into the game and I don’t like it D:

specially the stress of wanting to see how my teams are doing and all the stuff they have on team storage, collections, levels…

I hate it and the clock ticking with uncertainty makes things worse :confounded:


I played the demo and did not expected that to happen.


Staying up late playing my Switch instead of sleeping.


the fuck I just watch :expressionless:


the fuck I just watch :expressionless: