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am watching the videos of the nintendo direct cause my internet sucks balls and couldn’t watch the direct full :frowning:


Smash confirmed horror game. Or hunger game.


fits well with the Splatoon Octo Expansion that looks like an horror setting too…

I mean, little girl find herself lost on an abandoned place with no memory and things aren’t what they appear + secret underground experiment labs…



both, it depends in what part of the bus you are xD

I love how my experience of the game this year has been a really stressful and sad rush against time to actually get on the game and play it :sweat_smile:

Tree of Savior: A Series of Unfortunate Events




not a fan of Adventure time :neutral_face:

don’t dislike it, but always found things I liked more

EDIT: Good news everyone… not really but…

also since I want to laugh at my misfortune and see it on a fun way…

Lets Play::::

What un-fortunate event will happen when I finally get into the game

  • All my Orsha Characters are gone
  • All my Klaipeda Characters are gone
  • Lost my Klaipeda team name (DrRM)
  • Game crashes and forces me to download everything again
  • The universe implodes

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Which ever is higher team level stays I think.

Bought the new Kirby game~


Welcome to the Poyo family :3

and that’s the problem, I cant remember what my highest team level was :expressionless:

my highest lvl is on klaipeda but Orsha has more characters :\



Leave for a couple days and some threads got locked.


I wonder why they keep deleting our beloved threads :frowning:



They’re planning to make an rpg~



am going to a place with the specific mission of updating ■■■■■■■■■■■■ windows 10 updates and the game…

for the 100000000000000x time and now I know what I must have done from the start…



All I have is bad luck.


I got enough of that on my own, maybe if I need to make a universe collapse…

I can cuddle you and 2x our bad luck :3

EDIT: image

am scare, the last time I was this close it was monday 11pm T^T