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I don’t like monster hunter, monsters are ugly :frowning: and I would never kill cute things in a not-cute world…


After watching a lot I kinda wanna play it. The only thing that might stop me is the price and being a neet ;-;


I don’t have a PS4 to play the beta. :sad:

I’ve always been a fan on the Monster Hunter series. I’ve spend too long on the older installments, but I feel like I’m going to be rusty when World comes out to PC.

The three weapons I used the most are Hammer, Great Sword and Charge Blade. It’s always so satisfying using hammer and KOing a monster~


It’s ok, I don’t have PS anything :smiley:


Great thing, guess I will work on unlocking Nak Muay tomorrow.


I think I have not even played more than 1 hour of MH (any game), not knowing english at the time made it quite difficult to actually understand what I was doing; because of that, I am expecting that I sill play the game quite a bit.


Do you know which weapon you plan on using?

A moment of silence for dungeon silver farming.



Oh, and, the show item name thing.
They finally implemented… geez.

Honestly, no idea, I am not quite familiar with them overall. I might research about it for some time, but, only when it is actually close to the PC release (or in case I decide to buy the console version).


Spoilers, I haven’t seen the update yet :smile:

What I know is that it will prob add another 10 years to my download :joy::sweat_smile::smile::smiley::neutral_face::expressionless::persevere:



Sadly, this is the final doughnut personification. :broken_heart:

The left(green) is female and the right(red) is male.


Poke, Poke, Poke, Hop, Repeat. Lance or GO HOME!


And then you’re grouped up with a Long Sword user and get constantly tripped.


Am thinking of starting a Manga all over again from chapter 1, so…

which one should I restart:

  • One Piece
  • Pokemon Adventures

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who wants to join me :confused:




Here are some better options.

  • Houseki no Kuni Manga
  • Houseki no Kuni Anime
  • Both

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Seems legit.


I just level up one of my klutz skills by opening a frozen soda litter and have it blow up :expressionless:

I was untouched by the cap luckily, but the kitchen and my clothing got filled with soda everywhere :sweat_smile:

I masterfully achieved a new level and cleaned all :blush:


Too cute~ :purple_heart:



Why does my ToS download have from 0 to super little disk usage…