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So… yeah. The other one was deleted, and, it is such a pity to leave a fun topic out of the forums.
Anyway, have fun here, it is not the original, but, we still have a lack of polls around.

Use it as you see fit. (Not sure why the other was deleted, so, don’t do it again? I guess)

(I have no idea how it was the original name, Loli’s did amazingly big and random titles, so, it can’t be a “(pt. 2)”, sorry)

A big thanks to Doc, for saying the name of the old thread.

  • Inside
  • Outside

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Always inside… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



previous title was: What kind of person are you | A Thread of Great Importance | A Thread for the People | A Thread of Polls | Come Join

I don’t get why they kill the threads specially the big ones, kind of a scumbag move if you ask me


Okay, going to change it. Thanks!


Do you think it will live up to its predecessor?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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not that big fan of what I have heard so far (music/effects) but I like everything else


I only hope it will give the same fun and enjoyment to others that I have had while playing it’s predecessor.


What is your opinion of the Justice League Action cartoon…

  • Good
  • bad
  • fun
  • boring
  • ok
  • am a derp and haven’t watched it
  • Other

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Do you have snow where you live?

  • Yes.
  • No.

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I have never ever seen snow in my life.


you guys really need to see the new justice league cartoon, on 2016 the year of crabby shows and reboots…


Ah, Lingering attachment. It’s funny when someone has that but calls it something else~


Where i live is hot af but there are christmas snow decorarions everywhere xD In winter the most close thing to snow that we have is hail, but it hails once every 5 years or so




After the poll gets deleted, I’ll remake with multiple choice!

  • AAA.
  • AA.
  • A.
  • B.
  • C.
  • D.
  • DD.
  • DDD.

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What to do…

I want to trade the full shade set to my archer, but am unable to get the shade runners cause of the materials is stupidly non existent…


#Token Time Trade

  • Use token and trade what I have and forget about last part
  • Not use token until I have the last material needed

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The site is in read only mode unstable as ■■■■. Interactions are disabled.


I still don’t get why I cant see the images from hitomi now :confused:

not that I miss anything or… whatever…

*runs away *


I’m sure it’s not much.

No running in the halls!!