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Am going to cry, finally reached the eye of the storm T^T

what glorious nonsense will screw me over next :distinguished:

EDIT: AAAND am stuck on permanent 0bytes download loop




yay me


now I know the game count you as playing from the second you finish it download…


Thanks for letting me know I have been staring at this image for 4 hours :sad:

@STAFF gimme back my youth and dreams :tired:


Plague Doctor x Hogma.



those who said I would get an error that would make me download all again were 80% right :smiley:

oh! and a universe imploded, but that’s not important :expressionless:


BY MERLIN’S NON-EXISTENT BEARD cause he disn’t like it…

I think I have done it, after that weird error after using black magic and the files from a bloody future self…

I have finally reached the door am so… soo…

AM SCARE :sob:

I will let know what happens next


My have things changed.


The more things change…

I manage to get in and not loss all just all I had in Orsha T~T and had to pay a ransom for 3 characters and it seems the kidnappers got all my character naked and sold some of their stuff to the market that I had to go and get D:

@STAFF_Letitia was that someone fetish?_?

but I guess the thing that annoys me the most is the freezes and crashes but I guess that’s mainly my fault and luckly by tomorrow the internet derps come and install a better one than I have now (cell :expressionless: )

also, when I left Orsha town had like 20 channels and now it has 2 like WTF with that D:

people like me love orsha, stop looking down on us U klaipedan derps D:

you darn city folks looking down on us T^T


Loud sound warning.






So lewd :3


I think the meme thread died a long time ago, so have a thing I made as a joke like 5 minutes ago.


And that just made me remember this.


what a perfect recreation of how it truly looks like :smiley:

it great great great descendant is proud of that image :3



RIP Ronald Lee Ermey.


finally got actual internet :expressionless:

but a problem has come up…

ToS vs Anime :confounded:




May the goddess bless roundness :3

Edges are an evil invention…

also I did ToS, then TV series and then will read a manga…

so anime has lost so far xD mainly cause there are too many :expressionless:


Cute new character they drew for someone as a reward.


I wonder how much people will leave ToS for MS2.