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I feel like someone on the dev team has an expiration fetish cause even the homunculus expires at a ridiculous rate :expressionless:

so it must love your images @Yandere

this is attempt 135432132412133i43uosdfdgs of posting >.>


Sees UQ Holder anime on list

“YAY I will watch asap, this will be great”

3 episode later

Fork this shirt D: this is giving me pokerus am going to check last chaper of the manga so far…

“I need an adult… wait I AM the adult…YAY!!”

and that was my day :distinguished:


:frowning: am ashamed to admit this…

I cant remember the name on the anime I haven’t finish watching and I need to finish them for my honor as a neet T^T

What is more shameful is that I was forced to triple post D:






I will finally watch the final part of Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito or I hope part 5 is the last part D:

it only took me 3+ years :confounded:


Breast day but…


Small breast are still breast :3

Flatness is Fun :3

first time I watch this scene dub :expressionless: its… umm… ok-ish

I feel dirty D: so much added trash :expressionless:




how did you manage to resu, it was lock for me :frowning:




umm where is the other hand :smirk:


Monster Hunter World PC hype.


Sorry but the Smash hype doesn’t let me think of anything else…

PRO TIP: Using their dead ones as bait always works :blush:

@Aoi_Kanashi the image I was going to make and forgot

Some quests NPC are just mean…

Original images I took like 6 xD

That one looks like the monsters are trying to wake me up xD

“Hey wake up, you are suppose to fight us”


pfffffffffffft XD

yeah XD that’s what it looked like on the second image X3

de fishing thing Owo how even owO?


Any good complete anime recommendation?_?

am watching banana fish it it is. . . ok :confused:

need an anime I can watch at least more than one episode a week :expressionless:


currently watching backstreet girls XD