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Please REbuild the Weapon Upgrade system


yes i agree with you


I agree. Not only my friends who never played ToS anymore, but also myself have the majority of frustration based on the upgrade system. Actually any MMORPG which have upgrade system based on RNG made me frustrated to the point of quitting.

The only reason I stick to ToS and sometimes RO is because they are the are the only games in the MMO market that have the aesthetic that I love. But much of the gameplay don’t.

I would also agree to that, but I think it is important to preserve the path of having more effort in order to erase RNG. My problem is the RNG part >_<


Man this is just what i think everytime i see enhancement…You and i got same thoughts about it!


HAHAHAHAHA, you just still childish, delusional and pretty dense til the end, i see. Well, you can thank me that i preserve your right mouse button because I never leech nor suggesting leech to anyone.

It is you who started to write leech anywhere in this thread, based on your low comprehension level

Go report yourself please, because in the middle of the war/feud you still have time to peeking at everyone’s equipment to check if they are naked or not, ergo you are the one who afk/leeching for millisecond there

see? i told you chivalry is dead in there, those kind of geared people doesnt have gut to kill the same geared enemies, they were too depended with their gear (bonus: they also tend to spam picking teammate’s crystal too )

well, it is clear enough that debating with you is a waste of my time, i wont feed the troll anymore!


People have records of players from that specific guild in touch with the guy behind hook. He intentionally leaked a list of ‘customers’ and they didn’t even tried to use dummy accounts or hide their nicknames - At least 2 of them are still playing. So, as a player of Silute, I can confirm what OP is saying. Is openly knew in our server that some ppl are exploiters/hackers. IMC don’t care.


What proves you even need. Go google and you will find a whole site dedicated to hook64, with paid subscriptions and etc. And believe me, crashing channels for enhance abuse is not the most broken thing the hook64 allows you to do. But who cares lol.


Hei, I’ll never understand how a corp like | MC can not control his own game. How can they allow hackers to master the game like that? The IMC should think of something to remove this enhancement system and bring new armor sets to level 390, with a new strengthening mechanic that only the IMC can modify. This current enhancement system must be destroyed and never come back.


I hope they rework the system, so you can stop reporting random people only because you’re envy of their items.


If the Tree of Savior had a 100% enhancement system protected from manipulating hack programs, you would never have seen a publication about it or about any player made by me. Unfortunately we know that this is not the case, and even though he is the most honest guy in the world, when he comes up with something that is almost impossible to do, it is not wrong to see if it was done fairly. If you are offended by this, it only shows that you favor hacks and that you do not mind multiple suspicious items running through the server. Players like you are game cancer. People like you never post anything, live in comfort, regardless of whether the player on the side is using a hack or not. Yes, i ask for an inquiry when something escapes from reality, it is my right as a player, to watch over the game that I like, to combat corruption within the game. I made a topic about this player in the photo its true, and I would post many more if I saw and think the player are cheating somehow! This has nothing to do with envy, just precaution against cheaters.

All players of all servers deserve a fairplay, and if i could do something to fight this corruption, i will do everything i can. Dont like it? Deal with it.


I think people need to keep in mind this thread is about Silute.

Do some people see other’s with legitimate highly enchanced gear and get salty and just assume they cheated, yes.

That being said there are known hacks on Silute that were never cleaned up and Hook 64 is still rampant on that server like it was on the NA server in 2016 and 2017.

Before attacking people on either side of the topic id try to keep the above information in mind.


What’s wrong with that guy’s gear in the screenshot?

I’ve seen +29 and +26 and +31 items. It’s high, but it’s not like all you see are people are +10, and then only his at high +. People can get lucky in this game too, just like how people can get unlucky. The upgrading is basically coin flipping. His +11’s on his armor is nothing out of the ordinary.

I have full +11 armors, and a +16 nepa neck, and +14 ring.


At Silute, there is not much Swords enhanced to the level of the guy of the Photo, so i just ask to IMC team see if it was made by fair enhancement. Just this nothing more ! But this is from another topic, i would like to focus on main topic from now on. If you want to know more about the guy of photo, just go to that topic.


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i never leech, i farm the monster at feud peacefully, never pick other people crystal, i have dignity. Dont accuse someone if you dont have proof, unless you are an idiot


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if i am a burden why i become mvp many times? you and your baseless accusation, delusional as always, hehe

leech is if i steal other people’s dropped crystal, which fortunately i never did. Why are you still delusional until now? please go see medic

edit: the problem is you can’t counter my statement about why anvil is for cosmetic without retard answer (the question is why A? but your answer is not A not B, meanwhile not-idiot person only answer not A), you go out of topic from there, and the more you reply the more you look retarded, accusing out of nowhere leeching and afk which is based on your own delusional world. Your blessed gem calculation isnt up to date, and you cant even read that i never pick up other player’s dropped crystal, hence all my gem feud was through hard work, doesnt matter my team win or not (randomized teammate), not a shameless T10 velco player who stealing crystal and can only brave enough to kill anyone who is weaker than him, like go back to gladiator era bringing bazooka, chicken~


I stand corrected from Cloves.
For this reason I’m taking out my wrong numbers, this way nobody can get confused.


Your formula doesn’t seem to be correct.
Actual formula is image

If we test yours with 10 heads over 20 shots, which shouldn’t be too unlikely since it’s peak probability, we get a 0.019%, while with the above one it’s 17.6%.
While your formula holds on 1 head over 1 shot, it actually gives a 112.5% chance of 3 heads over 3 shots, which makes absolutely no sense.

With the standard formula 23 success over 37 tries results in 4.4%, which is still really low and also extremely expensive.


Lucky me I said it was poor :smiley:

I understand your formula and it makes sense.

Now that thanks to Cloves we have more or less a number that represents luck.
In the best case scenario, which includes 37 Diamond Anvils, you have 4.4% to make the magic happens.

That’s abysmal and takes into account a neverending supply of Diamond Anvils.