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Please REbuild the Weapon Upgrade system


the pounding echoes that your heart make everytime you try to anvil beyond +15

↑king’s engine

new player can go gearless at gem feud and still get badge, but it is more fun if you use your best equipment. Thank god i never suggested it, just wrote an FYI about that obviously common info.

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First of all I would totally remove the current weapon system, since it doesnt synergy well with the concept of having many classes with different weapons. Swordmans are especialy prone to that problem due to weapon restrictions on skills.

IMO the best solution would be introducing some kind of goddess given item, blessed artifact, that can take a shape of any weapon at user will. Meaning no more weapon types, the artifact give you the power to wield any weapon at any time, shifting automaticly inside battle.

Then just add some gems/crystals/whatever you name it, which you can find everywhere in order to slot them into the artifact to modify it: boosting stats, choosen skills, playstyle and even appearance of the item when it shapeshift etc.

With this you automaticly resign from +'s and trascendence system, since it doesn’t fit something like that. Also it will add more depth into the game because you get possiblity to customize your weapon.
Additionaly it will reduce the budged needed for animations - if your weapon shape shift to anything, you dont need to do seperate skill animation for different weapons or restricting yourself to create animation that will fit every weapon.

It’s WIN - WIN solution.



Had to fix that. :tired:



“Gonna stop at +11 this time”, doesn’t go past +7, throws it away.



Nice idea!..



Seriously guys, do not put yourself through the headache, your weapon is still going to be massively OP at +6 and trans 10, if you can get +11 awesome but other then that unless your a whale or jus farm 24/7 its not worth it.

I recently got my bow to trans 9 and got another t8 gem in it, its only +6, look below, idk how much more you really need for normal content unless you are trying to TBL against the people with +23-28s.



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literally me here

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I have to agree. Those items can be easily mass produced. Now if he had a full set of velcoffer wep/armor/ everything with +20 or higher on anything id be suspicious



I would say that WB and other DPS ranked competitions are affected by every single damage you can add, which would make it relevant on PVE. Although I don’t know how much getting last place actually doesn’t help you get what you want.

But it is important that PVP being affected by it is still a problem, it is not hard and it is certainly doesn’t make IMC earn less by simply making upgrades totally irrelevant.



I imagine you’re talking about lvl 1 items… endgame gear, either Velcoffer or raid drops, are all but easy to mass produce…



+40 cap is ridiculous even with the adjusted base values.
PLEASE rework RNG heavy systems that are truly detrimental to your game and only increase player frustration.
Please stop designing those systems with cash shop items in mind.

  • Upgrading? extremely high cap and very limited amount of potential which is need for other tasks. Diamond Anvils where mostly removed (except for the DLC) but the system has remained the same, why?

  • Legend cards? insanely high requirements to upgrade with the highest enhancement cards ONLY obtainable via leticia cubes, to nobody’s surprise. not to mention the legend card selection box.

:moneybag: It’s pretty clear why you are so reluctant to change those parts :moneybag:
But I’m still disappointed that it appears to get worse.
Did the majority vote for more P2W on the survey or something?



I remember when everyone was suggesting on adding an enhancement cap back in the day, then Kim decided to add one. I laughed so hard when they announced it was going to be 40.

Legit hilarious. The devs have no shame.

At least enhancement isn’t as important as it used to be…



do u know ? imc lazy for read our post

:slight_smile: cuz imc abandoned mine item and they dont’ reply me anything haha

that mean , it’s dream if they fix RNG enhancement system…



Time to revive the thread.

and kill my gear

edit: how surprising


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