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Please REbuild the Weapon Upgrade system


As has been said many times, this system of current improvement is ending the balance in the game. Many people on the Silute server have already figured out how to give +16 (Safe) enhancement on all sorts of items that can be equipped in character. In fact, they can go much further than +16, but as I’ve been posting suspicious equipment here in the forum, players who are using hacks to upgrade their items, are giving + 16- + 21 in Velcoffer and Solmiki items and accessories, and placing the equipment with potential 1 to avoid suspicion. The Guild of Paradise name (Silute Server) is the most suspected to use Hacks of improvements, all members of this guild have velcoffer and Solmiki items with exorbitant refinements in both armor and accessories. Unfortunately the Game Masters do nothing about it.
It is necessary to develop a new system where the upgrade of equipment is free of manipulations, because the current state that the game is, is horrible. My suggestion is that they bring a new set of equipment, which are stronger than all of the gear that already exist, and make the improvement of these new items, with a new mechanic, without these Anvils that already meet tons of Hacks on the internet to safely upgrade. Something needs to be done to end this legion of hacked + 16- + 3x equipment because the game is totally disproportionate due to these hacked enhancement items.


How do you get +16 safely?
Asking for a friend of course


Man, its so serious, why IMC dont care about it? Im so Upset.


Do you have proof? Video or something? You see a lot of people with high anvil and high pot stuff.

Last time I saw a anvil hack, they have a record of it where it errors out when the anvil fails.


Are you serious? Do you really want me post here proof of hack tools and how it works? do really want me to write here the site who provide it? Are we havent enough proof since many players reach enhancements above normal?? Just make a search on google and you will find Hook69, Hack ehancement tools, And alot more. I cant show it here, probally i could be banned.


Ya dont post it, thats how they finally banned my original account @jchsc32, was complaining about people using hook64 and other hacks back in 2017 and they claimed I was promoting them or some nonsense b/c I had named one.

They dont address problems, they jus get more moderators to delete posts and ban forum users until only the white knights remain.

This method worked until Re: Build, the majority of the players that returned actually had opinions and did not settle for this complete absence of stability and staff support hence the large uptick in forum negativity the last month.


Yeah man, some players are no sense asking me to post it here. Look, IMC need to create a new set of gear lvl 390 yellow, stronger than all gears we got until now, with a new enhancement system that couldnt be manipulated for users of their game, just by imc tree of savior team . This is the only way to fight these hack tools that is working inside the game.


@xgearbladex I’m agree with you completely, this system of the weapon upgrade system have to change urgently…the way it is today can broke the game. Hope IMC can do something about this in the future. Maybe a limit of overgrade could help it as well…


No, but the last time I’ve seen someone with an anvil hack. They posted a video of someone upgrading an item and it errors out every time it fails, so they only get it on succeed.

I didn’t ask for you to post a tutorial, I’m asking for proof of them actually hacking. Learn the difference. Everyone knows there were hacks and cheats back in the game, hell we had a silver hack not even a year ago. Even this silver hack showed a video of a person outright buying everything from the market with the hacked silver.

Right now, you’re accusing players of cheating because you see high upgrades with high pot, do you not see the issue with just that accusation alone?


Look guy, i will not show proofs here, becouse the game itself is the living proof that you are searching for. The ammount of +16~3x Gear inside the market itself and the numbers of players selling this inside Silute, and wearing all this so easyli like it was an iten sold by an NPC, is a proof more than enough! I do not know how it is in anothers servers since i was a player of Silute (I stop a litle to play becouse im so tired of Crash, Hacks, And many problem imc never fix), but i know Silute is so corrupted right now in this enhancement thing, that i could beg for a Staff make a search on all accounts there just to see if they catch some. Anyway i doubt someone will make anything…


Keep in mind OP is talking about Silute which is literally the wild wild west. Over there the majority of stuff that has been cleaned up on Klai. and Fedimian still runs unchecked b/c its basically an abandoned server in IMC’s eyes.


Omg how many posts crying without any proof you pretend to do? First of all a +11 velcoffer weapon and a +16 velcoffer weapon are not so different in damage, people just try to put it +16 because it glows. Second of all if you can’t prove that a hack exists or if there is someone using just don’t say it. Accusing someone without any proof sounds like envy to me. People on silute have a glowing weapon and you don’t, só instead of farming you came to the forum crying. Go farm some gear. Create 3 equal velcoffer weapons i really doubt that one of them wouldn’t make to +16. There is no magic it’s just hard work.


That’s just rude. :tired:


Nice edit^^

The entire sentence was a bit different, I just feel bad for people on Silute, its why we have a massive Hispanic only guild zerging everything that moves atm on Klaipedia. People would rather roll on the NA server then their native server b/c its been left in such poor shape for so long.


correction: it’s just pure luck.
Anyway, i am agree with you, the people who still envy other’s +16 ARE the old&envy generation who cant move on from the past and cant accept the new fact that anvil at rebuild is only for glowing cosmetic effect.


Meanwhile even after 2 Golden Anvils my Velcoffer Pants still failed to get +6. FML
I wish I knew an exploit such that I can at least get to +9 or something. Would make me happy enough…

Personally I am very sure that there still exists at least one exploit. It’s always the same people with ridiculous high upgrades even on new gear with just some potential loss. As someone who is into statistics - it’s possible but it’s so unlikely that I don’t believe that it’s legal.

In the end if one does the math it’s unlikely to get higher than +8 as the moment you are in 50/50 you still need twice as much success than failure to move on. Maybe one item gets high because of sheer luck. Maybe two. But not every new item.


This is not true for new players that do not have a transcended weapon.
Try to farm end game content with a +0, trans 0 weapon.


I am not aware of a specific method, I know there have been many in the past. I played during beta and through founder’s early access when Jace and Nulight discovered the original Druid trick to crash channels that let them upgrade all the Desu weapons they could get their hands on plus let them dupe as many world boss cube drops as they wanted, best part is 1 of those guy is still playing LOL.

I am sure hook64 has or had something to do it but I was never familar with the specifics, I just remember all the people that used that crap to force d/c other players.

The reason I do honestly suspect something is still around myself are the shady people with +21 velco, asio, wastrel or 380 primus weapons with full, yes full potential left. The odds of that would literlaly be equivalant to winning the powerball lottery so its hard for me to believe when I see them over and over on the same people that its pure rng.

With all that being said though, I wouldnt obsess over the anvil system unless you are forced to pvp/gvg vs people, which sadly, is the new trend atm. I myself stay at +6 b/c ive been there and done that, I know how it ends, +11 quickly becomes +6 and 0 potential anyways so ill stay as is.

Is it +26 and Trans 10 no but its pretty legit and I busted my as* farming the silver it took,works just fine for me.


Thank god you can’t farm end game content without ANY effort. New players shouldn’t try to farm end game content. They need to progressive grow on the game so they can continue evolving. In my time we had Grynas ser first, after that lolopanther and them solmiki. Today you have primus stuff that already make it easier.


are you seriously challenge me or just exaggerating without thinking first before writing?
and your reply doesnt have connection with what you are quoting, at all. We can farm end game content with +0 T10 berthas/primus 380. Compared to transcend, Anvil doesnt really matter anymore. Ergo, only for glowing effect (eat that, pride!)
I never wrote dont transcend in the first place